Hey guys! So this is my first story, I'm really excited to write and receive criticism from you, I do not know exactly how long this story will be, but this is a Delena story, so much Delena :) Please, try to be as positive as possible , and please write what you think, if it is bad or good, if there is anything I should change or if you have any requests. My English is not the best so let me know if there is anything you don't understand. The first chapter is pretty boring, it's the beginning of the story so that you get perspective on what's happening!


XoXo Alicia


I looked down at the test in my hands, that now was chaking. I felt a tear fall from my eyes down on my cheek. This can't be happening. I was pregnant! I began to panic. How would I explain this to Aunt Jenna? Or Bonnie? She already hated Stefan, it would not make it easier for her to accept him when she finds out that her best firend is carrying his child, who also was a half vampire. Then I started to think of Stefan, what if he didn't want the baby? I've never thought of it but we never talked about children in the future, maybe because he never thought he would get the chance to be a father someday. I was interrupted in my thoughts when I heard Jenna and Alaric was back home from their five-week honeymoon in Costa Rica.

''Oh, hi Elena, didn't know you were home. Where's your car?'' Jenna said when she saw me coming down the stairs.

''Stefan took me home, I felt sick when I was at the boarding house earlier today so he drove me to the house''

''Are you okay? You look a little pale?''

''I do? I'm sure there is certainly nothing wrong with me. I'm fine'' I said nervously, trying to avoid to look in their gaze. Trying to change the subject I asked ''So, how was it in Costa Rica? You don't seem to be so happy to be back.'' I said laughing to lighten up their worried faces. It worked. Alaric laughed and put his arm around Jenna. ''No, she isn't, I had to drag her through the airport'' I laughed and Jenna hit him on the arm. ''Anyways, where is Jeremy?'' Jenna asked looking around the house.

''He's in his room, with Anna''

After founder's day when everyone thought that Anna had died in the fire as all the other vampires did, apparently she had a ring like Jeremy and Alaric, but to protect vampires. So she came back to life again. I'm glad she came back in Jeremy's life , I don't know what I'd done otherwise. First our parents, then Vicki, he could not lose Anna, too. After Anna came back Jeremy forgave me for taking away his memory of Vicki. I did not think that me and Anna would be as good friends as we are, I mean she kidnapped me, but I'd done the same if it was my mother who was trapped in the tomb for over 145 years.

I went into the living room and sat on the couch, I breathed out a deep sigh and looked down at my stomach and put my hand over it. I thought I felt a slight kick, but strong to just be a few weeks old. As strong as his father, I thought in a laugh.

''Elena, did you hear me?'' I heard Jenna say in the background of my thoughts. I looked up and saw her look down at me with a worried look. ''Are you sure that you are okay, you look completely abcsent. Should I ask Alaric to drive you to the hospital, make sure that everything is fine?'' I sighed. ''No, you don't need to, I promise.'' She hesitated but turned around and started walking ''Okay then.'' A few seconds later I hear Jenna come in again. ''Oh I forgot, me and Alaric met Damon at the airport, he told me to say hello. He had apparently been ..'' I turned around and looked into the fire in front of me as soon as I heard his name. I know he was away, Stefan had told her that a few weeks ago. The day after that night. The night I would never forget.


I was on my way to the boarding house to retrieve my bag that I had forgotten in the morning. I ignored to knock, so I opened the door and went inside. ''Stefan'' I said, but got no answer.

I kept walking until I came into the living room and it was completely empty. I turned towards the stairs and checked all the corridors and looked quickly into Stefans room where I saw my bag hanging, I checked that I had everything with me, when I saw that my diary was missing. ''Where can I have put it" I whispered? I went out of the room until I got to the last room in the corridor, I opened the door and peeked in, then the first thing I saw was a large bed with Damon who was on top of it. Regular clothes as always. Black jeans and a black v-neck t-shirt that made his muscles visible. I hid myself quickly so that he wouldn't see me. Why did I hide, anyway? ''You know, Elena, you don't need to hide, I won't bite, promise.'' Damon said. I could feel his smirk through the walls. I opened the door again and was now standing in the middle of the room with my arms over my chest. ''Where is Stefan?'' I asked. ''Out. Draining some cute puppies, how would I know. I'm not his babysitter, Elena.'' he said to me.

I stared at him for a few seconds until I recognized a book that lay on his bed. My diary! How could he? But of course, this is Damon the self-serving psychopath with no redeeming qualities.

''DAMON! YOU READ MY DIARY! IT'S PRIVATE!'' I screamed as I ran and grabbed it and put it in my bag while Damon was just lying there with a smile on his stupd handsome face. No Elena focus.

''I couldn't help myself, it was too temting, laying there in baby bro's room waiting for me to read about how dashing, gorgeous and irresistible I am.'' he said. I can't belive he read that! I felt myself blushing so I turned to leave the room but in the next moment I was pinned up against the wall and Damons lips pressed against mine. I quickly gave up his grip and felt myself pushing closer towards kiss was amazing in so many ways, and the worst thing was that I did not feel guilty for kissing my boyfriend's brother. It felt right. I began to moan and open my mouth a bit and let him slide his tongue into my mouth. We took a break and looked into each others eyes. The only thing I was thinking at that moment was Damon Salvatore.


|End of flashback|

It was then I began to understand, this child was not Stefans, it was Damons. I started counting in my head how many weeks since I had sex and Damon, it was six weeks ago, and last time I had sex with Stefan was ... ahhh I do not even remember! What the hell do I do now? I have a mini-Damon that is growing inside me! Jenna will be disappointed, Bonnie will hate me, Caroline will freak, and Stefan will feel so disappointed and betrayed that I had sex with his brother, I am exactly like Katherine. I realised that Jenna had gone, I sat alone here in the living room and the tears just ran .. how can anyone love me? The only thing I do is hurting the people that I love. I crushed Matt's heart, I took away my brothers memory, cheated on Stefan. I started to sob for a few minutes before I fell asleep on the couch. My last thought was ''How would I explain this to Damon?''

What did you think of the first chapter? Should I continue? What do you think of that I have included Anna in the story? I miss her so much that I really wanted her in this story. I also thought about bringing in Lexi if you remember her, Stefans best friend? Then maybe Pearl (Anna's mother) comes with sometimes! Just so you guys know, I will not bring Katherine into this story, maybe her namne shows up, but that's all. Tell me what you think!