Chapter 1

It's not that the truth about Toby Logan was some mysterious, well hidden secret. All it took was a keen eye, and an open mind to the socially unaccepted myths of the unknown. Whether it be the ability to see ghosts, feel others emotions, levitate objects, or read minds, people often would scoff at the idea of these things existing, and then come up with reasonable excuses for why these things do not exist. Thankfully, this worked to Toby's advantage. And it worked for all the others who had abilities that also wished for their secret to stay exactly that;

A secret.

But even if the outside world chose to be oblivious to all the signs of Toby Logan's incredibly apparent gift, it did not go unnoticed by everyone. Of course there was the occasional best friend, lover, detective or psychologist that would eventually figure it out after gathering enough evidence and finally coaxing the truth out of the gifted individual…but it usually took someone of the same caliber; someone with a similar secret, to see the unseen, and the obvious reality that stood right in front of their eyes that nobody else would accept existed.

The reality, that nobody was willing to believe.

Toby Logan was in for the shock of his life. Seriously. Not just like, "whoa this is really strange!" But more like, "No way…no friggen way should this be happening!…..holy mother of Jesus Christ!" sort of way.

And it was this initial shock that would begin a close bond of friendship for Toby. And not a friendship like he had with Oz; his best buddy ever that would talk about girls and alcohol and all that stuff best buds are for…But a friendship that would create an incredible team when it came to saving the world; one mind…one person, at a time.

"Dude…Y'know what you need?" Oz said as the sirens of the pumpkin (aka the ambulance they drove) echoed through the streets as they zig zagged pass cars, busses and the occasional old lady with a walking stick. Toby sat gripping the sides of his seat for support as the pumpkin would jerk side to side. His heart was pounding hard as he realized that his life probably shortened everytime he rode shotgun with Oz driving. The stress and tension it caused him was too much sometimes.

By the way...Oz nearly ran over the old lady. But luckily another pedestrian…a man with really cool dreadlocks pulled the lady out of the way just in time. Her hearing aid wasn't working so she didn't hear the ambulance coming. And her eyesight?Well...y'know how it is with old people and their eyesight.

Toby took a deep steady breath in a vain attempt to lower his heartbeat which was beating way too fast. "Why don't you enlighten me Oz?" Oz snorted which signified his amusement with the question.

"Don't mind if I do!" He replied, taking a hard left. Toby slammed his hand into the window as he was thrown into it. And yes, he was wearing a seat belt, but when driving with Oz it turned out that the tiny thin piece of whatever the seatbelts were made of were not enough to keep you safe from injury.

"Well ok…I've been thinking—"

"Non-stop," Toby added dryly. Oz rolled his eyes.

"And as I've been thinking, I've decided that since you're a super hero and all…and I'm like, you're totally awesome sidekick, all you need now is to find a few other people like you…and BAM you've got your own superhero league goin! Y'know, like the Justice League, or the x-men or something? Just think about it man. We totally need to do that!"

Bwahahaha imagine us in spandex...

Toby grimaced at the mental image Oz projected of him in spandex. He shivered. In an attempt to get rid of the image faster, he pushed the conversation in a different direction.

"Oz, how likely do you think it is that I'm ever going to find someone else like me? I mean, it's not like there are thousands of mind readers out there. If there were, you would think I would know, right?"

Oz shrugged.

"Well it doesn't have to be mind readers. Maybe a couple guys with superstrength...x-ray vision, flight, invisibility...telekinesis...y'know that sort of thing. But seriously we should try and find others with a secret like you Toby. I mean, with the totally cool spandex to look forward to—"

"OK, got it Oz…" Toby said as he shivered again in despair at the stray thought from Oz that landed in his head. It was NOT pretty. Oz chuckled.

"Oh c'mon Oz! Cut it out!" Toby said as the image oh him in spandex lingered. He tightly shut his eyes as his mind grimaced with the realization of his best bud practically harassing him during work.

Abruptly, the image changed to Olivia in spandex.

Ok. Change that to sexual harassment. Ok...well...sexual harassment that Toby didn't mind.

Toby opened his eyes and they widened as the image traced Liv's curves; her long brown hair draping over her shoulders seductively, as her eyes stared straight at Toby.

Oz smiled mischievously.

The next image was of Oz in spandex, and all the arousal that had started to build up in Toby quickly dissipated.

Toby sighed deeply.

"Y'know this is practically abuse right? I could report you," Toby said glaring at Oz. It was an empty threat.

Right. And you'll just walk up to Ryder and say, "Sir...Oz has been sending very distracting thoughts of Olivia in spandex…"

"Olivia in spandex is not the problem," Toby said with a grin. "It's when you decide to send images of me and then YOU in spandex…Remind me…Why are we talking about spandex?"

"I said you needed to find a band of merry men to join. Y'know, like a Justice League?"

"Oh yeah," Toby muttered as he sank deeper into his seat.

The pumpkin took another sharp turn left and Toby was suddenly very aware of his mental barriers, which were being bombarded with very emotional, distressing thoughts.

The pumpkin came to an abrupt halt.

"This is EMT number 1022274 calling in to say we've arrived at the scene on NewYork Boulevard…please standby," Oz said calling in their arrival.

In front of them was a school bus that had been tipped on its side by a large truck, which had its cargo of Ramen Noodle packages all over the street. The bus wasn't just tipped over. It was completely cut in half with the truck protruding through the middle of it.

"My god…Oz…" Toby said under his breath as Oz took in the sight. There were 3 other ambulances already at work on the children that had been pulled out by firefighters. Polices officers were blocking off onlookers from approaching the scene.

Toby's mind reeled at the onslaught of thoughts that attempted to break through his mental barriers. A few succeeded.

My god they're just children…Damn't this kid's leg is completely shattered…C'mon kid don't give up on me now…How could something so terrible happen? What the hell was the truck driver doing!...

Toby closed his eyes and breathed deeply in a quick attempt to strengthen his barrier. A second later he shared a quick glance with Oz who nodded in return, and together they exited the pumpkin with their gear on there backs. It was only a few feet between the pumpkin and the tipped over school bus, but the two sprinted the distance anyways.

There was no time for a liesurely walk.

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