Chapter 17: Flashbacks & Secret Meetings

Minerva, Severus,Belle & Albus sat on his study as they discussed how they came about the pairings as they drank their tea.

"I can't believe its been a month since this project began "Minerva stated as she sipped her peppermint tea .

"That is true my dear, and we did not expect that we will get an aid from an old foe as well." Albus chuckled as remembered that fateful night.

" I almost forgot my dear , when are our young ladies starting their debutante class with you ?" Albus asked with a sparkle in his eyes.

" Yes, Minerva , when will you teach the ladies since I have already began teaching my most dreaded class" Severus spoke up from his sit and glared at the Head of House for Gryffindor .

"The ladies begin their classes tomorrow, we can announce it after breakfast as well I might add." Minerva stated as she tap her fingers by the side of her teacup.

"Yes , that is indeed a splendid idea!" Dumbledore spoke .

" I still cannot believe who helped us with the pairings ." Belle spoke remembering that night .

" I did not see that one coming ,I am still in shock until now about that " Snape shook his head in disbelief of the memory.

~Flashback ~

It was a cold rainy night and Dumbledore just received a disturbing letter from the Ministry.

"I already have the list on what the ladies like in their men Albus, but finding their respective partners would be extremely difficult." McGonagall said and passed on the girls list to Dumbledore and Snape who is helping her on her new project.

"Ahhh… I see, yes you are indeed right Minerva, it would be difficult to find the ladies partners looking at this list of qualifications they are looking in a suitable mate." Dumbledore said

But before Snape could voice his opinion Voldemort apparted at the Hogwarts Gates and told the guards he wants to talk with Dumbledore . Minerva , ,Belle & Severus rushed to the gates to back up the head master and have their wands ready .

"STOP! Don't kill me! I come in peace fellow comrades from the wizarding world" Voldemort said

"And why should we not kill you?" Snape asked suspiciously.

"I um… read on the prophet the new marriage law ,and I think I might have the answers regarding the matches

"Really?, Pray tell how can you aid us in our disposition " Albus spoke as he looked at the dark lord with curiosity. He may be the enemy but he will get all the help he could get no matter the person.

"Dumbledore knowing you would like to form some house unity if ever these ladies are paired right? " Tom Riddle asked the headmaster

"Of Course" Dumbledore said happily


Lord Voldemort, a dark lord feared by all is pacing back and forth in the quarters of his home because he has a huge unsolved problem that is staring him in the face and if hears one more thing of such an issue he will certainly go mad and join forces with Dumbledore so that this problem will finally come to an end.

You all must be wondering now what has driven Voldemort 's insanity was caused by his seven well trusted wizards in his circle. They would be Lucius Malfoy, Alexander Zabini, Ernest Parkinson, Brendan Pucey, Cyn Higgs , Stefan Bullstrode and Jacque Flint, and all have one major problem and that is marrying their children off , but they don't want to marry their offspring's from the people from their inner circle so therefore this seven men have asked for the Dark lord's help an finding a suitable match for their children .

Tom Riddle was sitting on his study venting out his anger the stone cold walls of his office and drowning away his confusion with five cases full of fire whiskey sitting beside is dark oak desk.

"Why me, why me, why me… What on earth did I do to deserve such a problem" Voldomort said to himself. He sat back , relaxed , pulled out his pensive from his black trench coat and extracted the memory on how he got himself in the sticky situation he is at now.


Tom Riddle was holding his regular hallow's Eve meeting with his seven strongest and powerful death eaters, and with their children being at the right age of marriage and he just has to ask them when will the weddings be…., and that very question cost him his problem today.

"Welcome my fellowmen come and sit with me at the table" Voldemort said, and when the rest of the men heard this they sat on the table to begin several discussions of the raids that will be held and their children.

"Lucius, Alex, Stefan, Cyn, Jacque and Ernest, I want to congratulate you all now that all your children are of age now for marriage." Voldemort said.

"You are correct there Tom." Cyn Higgs answered for the rest of the group. Grinning like a cheser cat thinking that the Dark Lord could help him and his fellow parents about their children being of age to wed.

"I see, so when are the weddings?" The Dark Lord asked

"Weddings! What Weddings! There will never be any wedding to either of our children because until now they haven't found their match yet" Stefan said.

"Yes that is true Tom, you see they seem to be very picky with who they want to be with, and they don't want to marry within our circle" Ernest said with a sigh

"I see, can I help you gentlemen with this situation?" He asked and on his mind he keeps saying 'please say no…. say bloody no …'

"Actually you SURE can" Lucius said with a grin on his face

I am such an idiot! Why did I ever ask that! Voldemort thought

"I probably can't help you with this situation gentleman? " Voldemort spoke hoping he can still get himself out of this mess .

"Actually you can help us find the perfect match for our children "Jacques asked

You have to be kidding me Voldemort thought

"You are joking right? " Voldemort asked.

" I am sorry to say this my Lord, but we are dead serious " Alex spoke and his fellow parents simply nodded in agreement.

I brought this upon my self,because I just have to open my big mouth Voldemort thought as he looked up to the men and dreads his own reply.

"Very well, I will see what I can do, You may leave now" Voldemort responded but deep down he is thinking on how he will get out of this situation as he watch his men exit his hall.

After his men leave he walks to his office to think, and as he glances at his table he sees the Daily Prophet open to the page about the new marriage law and grins mischievously as a thought came to mind.

I hate to ask the goody- goody two shoes Dumbledore for help, but desperate time calls for desperate measures Voldemort thought as he apparated outside the gates of Hogwarts


"So pray tell how shall we talk about our situation? Belle asked the group she is with as she lowered her wand and curious on why would a dark wizard like Voldemort would come to their aid.

"Hold up Belle, before this discussion goes any further, I would like to know why Voldemort would like to help us" Minerva spoke, as she slightly lowered her wand but still pointed to the dark wizard before them.

"Wait, before you answer that Voldemort, you will take a truth potion if you are truly honest on helping with this matches "Severus spoke as he produced a bottle of truth potion to the dark lord, everyone else in the group watches to see what will happen next.

"Very well, if this is the only way to prove my intentions" Voldemort responded and took a drink of the potion. ( AN: I know this is very not like Voldemort but this story is set in an AU story line)

"Okay, what do you get out by helping us with the pairing ?" Albus spoke as he kept a close eye to the dark lord now that the serum has kicked in

"I get my sanity back and a peace of mind" Voldemort responded as he told the truth and felt that the potion is now running through his system.

"Sanity? Peace of mind ? Please enlighten on your meaning? Minerva asked with a raised brow curious what can drive the already insane wizards loose his sanity .

" I would to expand on my cause , but I don't want us to be overheard by the children, what do you say to a trip to the Three Broomsticks where we can continue this discussion ? Riddle asked as he looked around his fellow wizards and witches .

A few minutes later the unlikely group has entered the well-known establishment and found a secluded and private room for the group away from curious faces and eavesdropping ears.

They found their seats and sat comfortably as they awaited Madam Rosetta to give them the menu .

Inside the Three Broomsticks …

"So Will you tell us or not?" Snape asked impatiently as the five unlikely people sat in the private meeting quarters.

" It all started when I simply had to open my big mouth, and asked the dreaded question to my men about the up and coming nuptials of their children now that they are of age, and that is where all hell broke loose" Riddle confessed as he took a bite of his blackened pudding.

"And how did you think we can help you with your cause" Belle giggled after she hears Riddle's confession under the influence of the truth serum as she takes a sip of her nettle tea.

"Why I came across the article in the prophet about the new marriage law and knew this can be my way out." Voldemort responses as he takes a jug of his fire whiskey.

"And I'm guessing that you would like to pair up the Gryffindor girls with Slytherin boys and the Slytherin girls with Gryffindor boys" Minervea spoke as she took a bite of her roast beef.

"Of course, after all Dumbledore here is simply itching for some house unity, and what better example than pairing the two most opposing houses of all times, so will you help me?" Tom spoke as he held his breath and awaited their response, praying to Merlin that he would grant his wish. "You are truly right there my boy! That is actually a wonderful idea!" Dumbledore said as he nibbled on a lemon drop doughnut.

So Dumbledore, McGonagall, Belle, Snape and Voldemort went through the list and paired the girls with respective partners. With this thought in mind this strange group of wizards and witches began to brain storm .

"I would like to let you all know that acceptance letter of propels are set, and the letters will now be owled to the men" McGonagall spoke as she drank her tea.

"Yes, but you know that these women will hate their partners and vice versa right?" Snape asked

"I am glad you mentioned that that is why you will teach the men their new class" Voldemort said as he sat more comfortably and looked up at Snape with a smile.

"Do tell me what is this new class I will be teaching them hmm?" Snape asked with a brave face.

My new class cannot be that bad, right? But why do I have a bad feeling about this Snape thought and hoping that Voldomort has not loss his marbles yet.

"Why with Valentine's Project on going, you Professor Snape will simply have teach the men on how to woo and win the hearts of their future brides "Voldomort grinned as he said this.

"Are you insane, I have no idea about courting women, so tell me how will I teach the wizards this "Art of Wooing "Snape asked

"Now Severus, don't be too modest, I still remember our time at Hogwarts when you were trying to win Nymphadora's heart" Voldomort reminded him and Snape simply groaned his response

"It has been years, and you will never let me forget this huh? Snape glared back

"Nope, after all you keep complaining that she was the one that got away, especially when she started to date Lupin" Tom responded back.

"I can't believe you still remember that!" Snape groaned as he slouched on his seat and took a drink of his Red Current Rum .

"But don't worry we will help you of course Voldomort and Dumbledore pointed at themselves" Dumbledore said.

"You two giving me dating advice?!" Merlin save us all Snape groaned and bowed his head as he start to hit his head on the table

"I am doomed! Snape thought

"There, there Severus, it can't be that bad" Belle spoke

"How is this not bad, these two buffoons will be giving me dating tips?" Snape spoke and glared at the two crazy wizards before him.

"Tom, you mentioned that Severus here had a crush on Nyphadora, during your younger years?" Albus questioned.

"Yes, he did ,and I think that flame is still burning since I caught him watching Nymphadora's, at the gardens when she last visited Hogwarts" Voldomort spoke and smirked

"That flame is no longer alive! And I did no such thing ! It simply a coincidence since I was in town to pick several potion supplies I am out of stock off "Snape spoke in his defense.

'What ever makes you sleep at night Sev" Voldemort responded using his nickname for his friend.

"This is indeed valuable information Severus, you simply must set an example for our young gentlemen on the proper way of winning a lady's heart" Belle spoke as she took a nibble of her carrot cake

" And how will I be able to do that , hmm?" Severus asked

" Why you simply must use your charms and court Ms. Tonks of course!"Belle clapped happily

"Sure..I'll bite, but that task is simply hard to accomplish since no one knows where that which is" Snape responded with a smug look on his face .

"Oh it won't be hard at all , we know where Tonks is" Albus responded with a twinkle in his eyes

Dammit ! I hate it when the Head Master gives me that look, nothing good ever comes out of this situations Snape whimpered dreading the next few words and hoping no one will ask the whereabouts of a certain witch he secretly still yearns for .

"Where can we find her Albus?" Riddle asked with a curious brow

Those two will be the death of me ! I swear they are simply doing this to grate my nerves and annoy and embarrass me to no end Snape thought

"Did I mention that professor Flitchwick has been summoned home for a family emergency and he will be in sabbatical for the entire year, therefore Ms Tonks will be teaching Charms on his behalf" Albus answered with a grin reaching his eyes.

AN: I know Voldemort's is way out of character , but this story and all my future HP stories are set on an AU setting so I like to add some quirks and it is nice to see a different side of him .I am glad to say I am slowly getting back in to writing so for sure I will try to write new chapters and updates.

To all my readers , new and old thanks for your patience and your wonderful comments, they are truly appreciated . This chapter is dedicated to Alan Rickman who portrayed and played our beloved Potions Master.

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