The Trials of Torchwood:


. . .

Steven looked at Uncle Jack with trust; though he could hear his mother shouting something, he couldn't hear what she was saying. Something about running? But from what? Uncle Jack would never hurt me…

He could see his Uncle standing behind one of those control panels, running between two laptops, while staring determinedly at the keys with an emotion Steven couldn't quit figure out.

Suddenly Uncle Jack stopped running, and standing in front of the laptop, he looked up at him and Steven saw tears in his eyes as he looked, and a devastating, heartbreaking sadness.

For the first time, Steven felt fear.

His foot twitched as he suddenly made up his mind to get away.

Uncle Jack flipped a switch.

And Steven's mind went blank, and all he could hear was a slow-building, high-pitched sound that was almost like singing, coming from his own throat.

All he could feel were waves of searing heat as they rushed through his mind, building and building until he thought he would explode.

Steven began to shake uncontrollably, unnaturally, as the constructive wave blasted through his mind with the force of a boiling tsunami.

The only relative comfort he felt from the heat was a slight coolness running from his ears and nose, which, unbeknownst to him, was blood flowing from ruptured brain cells and veins.

Suddenly all of the strength left him, and he collapsed.

As he sank into darkness, in the distant corners of his mind, he could hear scary voices screaming in terror and pain, and then there was nothing.

Steven was gone.