Name: Mira Raphaela

I walked the streets of Japan taking in all the differences it has with Italy. The streets were much cleaner that's for sure, and it seemed much more peaceful. Maybe this whole transfer student thing won't be so bad? After all it's not the first time I switched schools, it shouldn't be too different, right? It's only a whole other country that speaks an entirely different language, eats different foods, and…maybe I should stop making myself nervous.

I took a deep breath, the school was just up ahead. It looked fairly normal, maybe I would fit in after all. The only thing that could really stand out about me, besides being from a different country, is my blonde hair. I self consciously pushed my layered golden bangs out of my eyes. Once I saw the students the nerves started to set in. Normally I would be completely fine, but due to having to wear a uniform, and the fact that I haven't perfected my Japanese, I grew a tad nervous. After another deep breathe I tightened the hair tie that held my medium length hair in a half pony tail and boldly walked to the opened gate of the school. There was nothing at this school that I couldn't handle.

As soon as that thought plagued my mind a boy about my age landed behind me…in his under wear. However before I even had time to process the weird fact into my brain another boy came flying at me. Apparently the underwear boy landed with so much force that this other guy was pushed back. I ducked just in time to avoid his crashing into me, however he was caught by a kid in a sports uniform. Thank you reflexes! I looked back to the underwear boy to see that he really was in nothing but light blue boxers. Boxers and…a flame on his forehead? Everyone in the school, including me, watched with curiosity as to what was happening when the boy spoke.

"Kyoko please go out with me!"

A date? This kid flies out of the sky, lands in front of the school in his underwear, screams at the top of his lungs for a date? Where I come from they give a flower, while fully clothed might I add, and say I like you…maybe I'm not in a different country…maybe I entered a Twilight Zone. The girl that he 'asked' out was obviously scared and ran behind another girl. Now lets be honest with ourselves, can you blame her? Looking back to the now rejected, practically naked boy, it looked as if the flame on his head was gone. Was I just seeing things? Just then another kid punched him in the face while insulting him and walked away. Once the underwear kid sat up he looked totally mortified at what he had done. I decided it best not to bother him, although I couldn't help but feel a tad bit of sympathy for him, Sympathy…and a little creeped out. I walked into the school, feeling a bit better, now everyone had something else to talk about besides the new girl. I should thank the underwear boy someday. At that thought I gave a small smile. After I got my schedule and was shown to my class. Alright Mira you can do this, I thought. Just have to get the awkward greeting out of the way and then you're home free.

I walked into the room to see everyone conversing about some event that is going to happen, when the teacher cleared his throat.

"Class this is Raphaela Mira, she's a transfer from Italy. Everyone show her respect." I gave a small smile and wave to the class, not really paying much attention to their reactions. I sat in the seat that the teacher was pointing to, and took out my notebook when a girl on my left whispered to me, " You're in luck, it's your first day and a fight is happening after school today. Isn't that exciting?"

I blinked not really sure what to say to her enthusiasm about this, "Why are they fighting?"

"No good Tsuna insulted Kyoko, so Mochida is going to beat him up and defend her honor. Isn't it romantic?"

"No good Tsuna?" I asked confused, that name alone is rude. I'd insult anyone who called me no good too. The girl shifted her gaze to boy on my right, and as I looked I saw him again.

"Underwear guy?" I asked. The boy gave a disgruntled look and hid his face in shame. Kyoko…the girl he asked out! Was that how he insulted her? Sure it was creepy, but it wasn't that insulting. Maybe he was just the dramatic type? He must not be well liked around here with a name like that, not to mention it's a crime for him to like someone. He didn't look like a bad kid, the opposite in fact. He looked innocent, he had brown hair and eyes, had light colored skin, and seemed a bit on the short side. He was kind of cute and he honestly looked like a trustworthy kid.

I looked down at my notebook, ignoring the girl on my left who was talking about how Tsuna would probably chicken out. Poor guy…no one likes him do they? I looked at the embarrassed boy and gave a warm smile.

"Tsuna, right?" The boy looked up at me and nodded, completely mortified at what was happening around him. "I'm Mira, it's nice to meet you," I said holing out my hand, still smiling, "especially with clothes on." I giggled. Tsuna took my hand and blushed obviously still upset.

"Well I just want you to know, I'll be rooting for you." I gave my best smile and turned back to the teacher, who was still going on with his lesson. I may be new and not know much about this Tsuna kid, but no one deserves to get beaten up because they like someone. Even if they show it in weird ways…

My blue eyes glanced to see Tsuna still upset, he looked…like a beaten up puppy in away. Everyone needs a friend, and seeing as how no one here is going to bother, I'll do it. He seems nice…and has a good taste in underwear, I smiled. Why not, I'll be his friend.

School went by quickly with nothing out of the ordinary. Students would introduce their selves to me and invite me to meet their friends, and some boys actually asked me out. I said no of course, but I actually met some nice people. Finally it was time for the fight, I was waiting along with all the other students, when Tsuna walked through the door. Everyone looked shocked at the fact that he had shown up, I was shocked that his opponent wanted to make that Kyoko girl the prize. I swear if Tsuna didn't kick his ass, I would. Some kid threw a wooden sword thing to Tsuna, I really need to learn more about this culture, anyhow the dumb idiot got the fist point when he knocked down Tsuna. I was about to cheer Tsuna on when the Kyoko girl did it for me. Tsuna looked like he had seen an angel but then for some reason he fell backwards and there was a flame on his forehead and his clothes burnt off of him, leaving him in his boxers…again. Tsuna then jumped on the boy and started to pull out the guys hair until he had won and the boy was bald. The entire room burst into cheers and laughs as Kyoko made her way and talked to Tsuna. I was about to leave when I had bumped into someone. "Sorry about that." I apologized.

The boy looked down at me and smiled happily, it wasn't until then I noticed how cute this guy really was. Was about an inch or two taller than me, had short black hair that spiked a bit, and beautiful ebony eyes. He was a little on the tan side, and had a really nice smile.

"It's nothing." The boy smiled showing off his pearly white teeth, "You're the new student right? I'm Yamamoto Takeshi."

Quickly remembering that the Japanese put their last names before their first I answered, "That's me, it's nice to meet you Takeshi." I smiled back. The boy looked taken back for a moment then laughed. I was confused for a moment and then remembered. The Japanese only use first names when you're EXTREMLY close, like married or related.

"Oh sorry! I forgot about the name thing. Sorry I'm not that great with the whole Japanese custom thing yet." I blushed, slapping my self in the forehead. Great and I was doing so well at the language too.

Yamamoto laughed, "It's alright, it must be hard." I gave an appreciative smile and nodded.

"Well I have to go, maybe I'll see you tomorrow Raphaela-Chan." He said then dashed off.

Well at least it was only a minor fail, right? I say I still get a gold star for the day, however, I also say if I don't get better at the customs I'm going to be the one who ends up in a fight. And I don't think I can win by pulling hair. I left Namimori and made my way home, my dad was working so there was no one waiting for me. There never was, my mom is long gone and my dad is never there. He's either working, or away on business, I didn't mind. Just sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to have a real family. Once I made it home I did my homework, and decided to study the culture a bit more. Soon after that I simply ate dinner then went to bed.

Turns out I wasn't the only transfer from Italy, a boy named Gokudera also transferred here. I didn't know him, but our class mates never stopped asking if I did. He had silver hair that came to a little above his shoulders, _ eyes, and was pretty tall. Why are almost all guys so freaking tall, honestly? Any how he was about as light skinned as me, which is my nice way of saying we were as white as milk, and he never once smiled. He seemed to hate everybody, especial Tsuna, he also needed an attitude check. But who am I, another newbie to Japan, to judge? He seemed popular with the girls though, in fact most of them reminded me of those silly cartoons. You know the heart beating wildly out of their chest, hearts in eyes, and jaw hitting the floor with drool coming out? Yep say hello to the female race. I still say that the attitude check is needed…due to the transfer walking over to Tsuna and completely kicking his desk and chair over. But again the bad boy attitude was a sign of utter coolness to the female brainless zombies, but again maybe he's just acting cool cause he's new? I looked behind me a couple seats back to see him stile glaring daggers at Tsuna's back. Nope, I think he's really that mean, I thought with a sweat drop.

At lunch I pulled out my brown bag, which apparently the Japanese don't use, and brought my turkey sandwich to my awaiting lips. Which again, most people didn't have, whatever Japan, I'm making a fashion statement. However just as I was about to take a bite of the taunting turkey, a girl slammed open the door, "Raphaela Mira!"

"Eh…yes?" I asked, confusion written all over my face. Her eyes targeted me as she ran toward me and grabbed my arm, "Hey what are you -"

"We need you for volley ball!" She stated determinedly, I sweat dropped, "Wha -"

"No time to explain!" She then pulled my arm and ran full force, honestly it was like a freaking express train. She knocked down anyone in our way, still holding my arm in a death grip, leaving me the one to yell out apologies. After about two minutes of running at her speed, which rivaled an angry cheetah, we made it to the gym where everyone was gathered and volleyball nets were set up. I was amazed at how cool it was. The grip on my arm loosened until it completely disappeared, I looked over to the girl to see she was talking to a group of girls, some I have already met. They all smiled at me when one asked, "So Raphaela-Chan do you know how to play?" I nodded, "I was on my school team back in Italy." This pleased them because they all smiled and handed me a gym uniform and pointed the way to the locker room. I changed into the shirt and was about to change my pants when I realized they didn't give me shorts, they gave me underwear, I blinked in confusion then blushed when I realized, this WAS the girls shorts….they were just as short as underwear. You see it's not the fact that I got dragged into the game, I honestly don't mind, I love this game plus I'm a go with the flow kind of person. It's the fact that I'm so self conscious that this is going to kill me…I have to wear it or I cant play…and I really want to play. I groaned and began changing, at least I shaved my legs.

I walked out of the locker room, with pink tinted cheeks…until I change into normal clothes that isn't going to change. I saw some people looking at me, guys included, making my blush grow, but I tried as hard as I could to ignore it. I made it just in time to see Tsuna's game, he and Yamamoto, and Gokudera all on the same team…interesting. Everyone grew silent as Tsuna missed the ball and got hit in face, sports just isn't his thing is it? Maybe he's more of a creative person? Yamamoto looked heavily into sports, in fact some girls were even saying he's the captain of the base ball team. As for Gokudera…he still looked pissed off at the world. I watched as Tsuna continually missed and got hit from every angle, his team was losing 3 to 21, and they looked pissed about it. Except Tsuna and Yamamoto, Tsuna looked guilty and then grew a determined look. I wondered what was on his mind, and then looked toward Yamamoto. He also seemed determined, but also wore a smile. My guess is he's a naturally happy person. The whole team looked beat up, even from the beginning, they must have put a lot of hard work into their practices. I smiled at the thought, it's good to know people aren't afraid of a little hard work.

The girl who dragged me down here and my team started talking to me about strategy when the room started cheering. I turned back to the game going on to see Tsuna doing amazing! He made every block and spiked the ball from ten feet in the air! I was awe struck, after that the whole team made a come back and won the game. I cheered as loud as I could, and couldn't help but feel inspired. I'm defiantly going to play against him someday, I thought smirking.

"Alright Mira-Chan we're up next!" a girl on my team said. I nodded and we got into our positions on the court. I couldn't help but feel a little at home. I loved volleyball ever since I was a kid it was the only thing my mother ever taught me…

"Mira-Chan it's your serve." I came out of my thoughts and got ready for to serve, alright Japan, get ready for this! I threw the ball up in the air and hit it with all my might. The other team couldn't block it, resulting in a point for my tem. I smirked, this is going to be fun.

My team won the girls tournament and I was asked to join the girls volleyball team, which I gladly accepted. I happily changed back into my uniform and began to leave the school when I saw Tsuna up ahead, I decided to congratulate him on his game and began to jog over to him when I saw he wasn't alone. Yamamoto and Gokudera were with him. Perfect I can congratulate all of them. Just as I got about two feet from Tsuna something bumped into my foot. I looked down to see something that looked like…dynamite? It was lit! Isn't this bad a bad thing? Wait maybe it's a fire cracker? I mean I've been wrong about their culture before…

Yamamoto picked up a lit one, "Hey is this a game? It looks fun can I play?"

Tsuna looked as if he was about to piss his pants, so wait this wasn't a game? So these are real? Just then there was a blinding light and Tsuna feel back. Did one go off? Oh my god what do I do? Just when I was about to put out all the lit dynamite Tsuna burned his clothes off…again, and grew the flame.

"Extinguishing fires with my dying will!" Tsuna then snatched the explosive out of Yamamoto's hand and put out all the flames. What the hell is happening? I looked to Gokudera only to see him throw a bunch of lit ones in the air. Is he crazy? Tsuna jumped in the air and moved like a mad man extinguishing every one and yelling 'Extinguish' every time he did. Maybe Tsuna is weirder than I thought…I looked to Gokudera to yell at him for this whole thing when he dropped more lit ones by accident…right in front of him. Tsuna once again jumped into action and took care of it all…like a crazy person. Once he was done the flame on his head went out and Gokudera got on his knees.

"You are the one fit to be the boss. 10th I will follow you until the end of the Earth. Ask whatever you want of me!"

…Is this some kind of joke? Is this one of those freaking macho things? I was about to give all of them a piece of my mind when a baby walked over to the scene wearing a black suit, "The one who loses becomes the winner's subordinate, that is this family's rule."

Family? Rule? What is this the freaking Mafia? I decided to keep quiet and listen, maybe understand all this madness going on around me.

"Actually, I never had the desire to become the 10th. I just wanted to see if the 10th really had the strength to become a suitable boss." Gokudera stated in a serious manor. Then he looked up at Tsuna like he was Santa Clause, "But you proved me wrong! You are much more than I'd ever expected! You even risked your life to save me, even though I was your enemy! As Gokudera Hayoto, I will give you my life!"

Nope, nothing clicking in my head, this is too weird, is school always this eventful?

"Wait, that's troubling! Can't we just be regular classmates?" Tsuna asked apparently scared at Gokudera's bold statement. Finally! Someone who understands that this is crazy!

However Gokudera did not approve and gave a strict glower toward the half naked boy, "I won't let you do that."

Tsuna looked positively taken back and frightened. Who can blame him, I'm at a loss of words here…and I don't even get what happened!

"Good job Tsuna." The baby spoke, "It's because of your strength that Gokudera became your subordinate. You've passed for today and you didn't need the Dying Will Bullet."

Ok that is not a normal baby, these are not normal kids…I'm going back to my Twilight Zone theory, at least THAT makes sense. Yamamoto then laughed and swung his arm around Tsunas' shoulders, "Tsuna, you're really such a funny guy! Let me in the group too." Tsuna looked at him confused, "You're the boss right?"

I looked at Gokudera who had anger veins and looked as if he wanted to kill Yamamoto on the spot. "Hey you! Don't get so friendly with the 10th!"

"Huh what's up with him. That underwear guy is such a loser!" A voice spoke, we all looked to see three older boys who looked to be in high school. I gave a small glare, weird or not, Tsuna is my friend.

"Third year delinquents!" Tsuna said shocked and a bit embarrassed.

"Looks like it's time to make myself useful. " Gokudera spoke darkly. "I'll totally annilate them." He said walking toward the three, dynamite in hand. Sure enough, he did.

This is one weird school…do I really want to be apart of this? I looked at Tsuna and Yamamoto, then glanced back at Gokudera taking care of three dimwits. I let out a sigh, why not? It could be fun. Besides…it beats homework.