Chapter 27

"Are you crazy?!" I shrieked as I stood on the edge of a very tall building looking down at the concrete covered entrance below, but then again any building seems tall when you are standing on the freaking edge of it!

"Don't tell me you're afraid of heights?"

"I'm not afraid of heights," I glanced over my shoulder at my tutor with an irritated expression, "I'm afraid of falling off of them!"

"You won't fall off."

A small relieved sigh left my lips before I quickly sucked it back in as he continued, "You are going to jump off."

"I repeat: Are you crazy?!"

"You have already practiced your parkour rolls that allow you to be able to jump from a high distance and not feel any pain, until now you have only been practicing from a standard height of ten feet, now you are you going to practice from a height of fifty feet."

"But parkour frowns on jumping from buildings unless it's an emergency!"

"If you do not jump, I will push you. There's your emergency."

I snapped my head to the right to see him smirking and as of now a little too close for my taste, "You wouldn't dare..."

"Remember we are doing this until you feel absolute no pain, then after we are going to free run."

I stared at the ground below me, but kept a watchful eye on the male making sure he keeps his distance for the time being. I slowly tilted my head glancing between the man and ground as I nervously asked, "Free run?"

His smirk grew.

As I rounded the corner and entered the front gate of Namimori I saw that Takeshi, Gokudera, and Ryohei were already here and waiting. I walked over to the small group and smiled as we stated our greetings.

"Mira-Chan you should ask Jax to let you come to school tomorrow, it was weird not having you there today." Takeshi all but pouted as he threw his arm around my shoulders.

"You just miss having an arm rest...freaking skyscraper." I muttered the last part in annoyance when I noticed my lack of height compared to the athlete.

Gokudera snickered obviously over hearing my mumbled complaint before glancing at me with a small smirk.

"Hm? You say something Mira-Chan?" Takeshi blinked down at me curiously which triggered a small smile from my lips. His eyes showed off a small impish gleam, as if saying that not only did he hear me but he was going to get back at me for it.

"Nothing at all." I grinned up at the athlete before turning my gaze towards the boxer, "So what did you tell Kyoko? She called me earlier to ask about what's going on."

"Did you answer?" Gokudera asked crossing his arms around his chest.

"Nah, I let it go to voice mail, wanted to make sure my story would back up Ryohei's."

The boxer nodded his thanks and smiled, "I told her we were training for an extreme sumo tournament!"

I swear if I had anything in my mouth I would have spit it out at the mere thought, "She bought that?!"

"What do you expect? She's related to lawn-head here." Gokudera scoffed jutting his thumb in the direction of Ryhoei.

"What was that octopus-head?!"

Takeshi's arm retreated from their position on my shoulders as he held his arms up in a weak attempt to calm the two down, "Hey now, save this energy for when everyone gets here."

Noticing someone jog through the gate I smiled, "Speaking of which."

"Everyone!" Tsuna's voice called out, making the other three turn towards the brunette and offer our own greetings.


"You came Sawada."


"Hey Tsuna."

"Sorry for being late. Lambo started playing hide-and-seek." Tsuna explained with a small smile as he held up said cow by the horns on his head, which would have been a cute moment had Lambo not been picking his nose. I glanced behind Tsuna to see Reborn walking over to us calmly, and sent the baby a smile to which he nodded.

"How dare you trouble the tenth!" Gokudera growled out his eyes sending daggers to the oblivious cow.

Takeshi smiled, "But there are some who aren't here yet."

"The holder of the mist hasn't shown himself." Ryohei commented.

"Hibari's not here either." I added as I crossed my arms over my chest.

"It's so quiet." Tsuna started as he scanned the area, "Was Nami-Middle the right place?"

"Are they not here yet?" Takeshi questioned as we all looked at our surroundings.

"They've been on standby for quite some time." An impassive feminine voice stated from behind us. Forcing our group to turn around and find the pink haired twins standing ion the small ledge above the front door of the school, only they weren't alone...behind them stood even members of the Varia. After a quick scan I concluded it was the leader that was missing.

"After an official conference, the battle order for tonight's Ring Conflict has been decided." The girl in the skirt started, leaving the girl wearing the pants to finish.

"The first battle will be between the Guardians of Sun."

"Guardian of Sun...that's..." Tsuna mumbled as we both looked at the determined boxer.

Hearing movement I looked back up to see the flamboyant green haired male walk closer to the edge of the hanger and stare down at Ryohei.

"So my opponent is that boy."

"So that's him." Ryohei spoke evenly, clenching his fists.

Before anymore could be said one of the pink twins stepped forward, "We will now begin the Ring Conflict over the position of the successor."

Both twins simultaneously pointed to our left while putting their other hands on their hips, "Please look over there."

As we did lights came on showing a giant caged in boxing ring with four giant lamps lighting it up from the top corners to allow proper sight.

It's like it was made for Ryohei...

"What is that?!" Tsuna exclaimed as we all studied the caged boxing ring.

One of the girls answered, "A special ring that was prepared for the Guardians of Sun."

The other girl continued, "This time, we have made a ring that benefits the specialties of the Guardians of Sun. Likewise, we will be setting ups a unique combat area for each battle."

"What?! That huge thing?!" Tsuna yelled gripping his hair as if he was about to rip it all out.

"It cost a pretty penny." The blonde Varia member said calmly.

The smallest member agreed, "But since we know who's going to win, it was a waste of money."

"These aren't bad conditions for you, senior." Takeshi stated with a small smirk, his competitive side beginning to show.

Ryohei gave a smug smile while throwing a small punch into his other hand, "The ring is my territory!"

"If anything else, we at least have a home field advantage." I added earning a nod of agreement from the bomber next to me.

"The battle is about to start." Tsuna muttered before a grimace made its way to his face, "Ah I'm so nervous!"

Ignoring the commotion from the Varia on the other side of the ring, I gently put my hand on Tsuna's shoulder.

"Relax, you really think Ryohei will let himself lose in a boxing ring?"


"Look at him." I said softly gesturing to the determined boxer, "Does he seem nervous to you?"


"If he's not worried than you shouldn't be either," I smiled at Tsuna and added softly, "for now at least."

He hesitated for a minute before a small smile slipped and he nodded, "Thanks Mira-Chan."

"Now, Guardians of Sun, please come to the center of the ring." The pink haired twins spoke simultaneously.

"I'm going, leave it to me." Ryohei smiled and began walking towards the ring.

"Big brother..." Tsuna mumbled nervously.

"Hey Tsuna, aren't we going to form a circle or something?" Takeshi spoke up with an easy going grin.

Both Tsuna and Gokudera deadpanned at the statement but I just smiled and shook my head, should have expected that from him, that's what they do before and after every baseball game and practice.

Ryohei must have heard Takeshi's idea because the boxer suddenly turned around and smiled excitedly, "That's a great! I've always wanted to do that, especially since boxing is an individual sport!"

"Idiot!" Gokudera yelled and threw his hands up, "I'm not going to do anything so lame!"

However no sooner than those words left the bombers mouth, Takeshi grabbed his shoulder while Ryohei did the same to Tsuna and dragged them into a huddle. I smiled as both Takeshi and Ryohei held their unoccupied arms out for me to join.

I wrapped my arms around the two athletes and had to bite my lip from laughing at Tsuna and Gokudera's defeated expressions.

"Ryohei!" Ryohei exclaimed as we all bent our knees slightly instead of a clap, "Fight!"

Takeshi, Ryohei, and I bellowed a cheer together as Tsuna and said his in a slightly more awkward tone while Gokudera just stayed quiet. We all broke away from the huddle, except for Takeshi who kept his arm around my shoulders, and watched as Ryohei began to amp himself up.

"Alright! I feel my extreme power overflowing!" He stated excitedly and walked over to the ring.

"This is why I hate jocks!" Gokudera scowled causing me to snicker.

"He said 'Ryohei fight' by himself..." Tsuna deadpanned.

"Ryohei!" I called out after a split second decision and walked up to the boxer placing a soft peck on his cheek, "Good luck!"

The boxer slightly blushed and after a second of shock grinned excitedly, "I'm really fired up now!"

I smiled as the boy turned and made his way to the iron cage. I turned around to be met with three pairs of wide eyes causing me to blink stupidly.


"Did you just kiss big brother?" Tsuna asked curiously.

I nodded, "I'm sure Kyoko would have if she was here, but since she's not..."

Understanding washed through each pair of eyes along with small smiles, while a warm arm wrapped around my shoulders.

"Ma, ma. Don't scare me like that Mira-Chan."

I raised my brow at the athlete, "What do you mean?"

Takeshi shook his head smiling, "Just don't want to lose my armrest, that's all."

"Jerk..." I mumbled playfully and turned my attention back to the boxer.

He walked into the ring as the Varia did the same on the other side, one of the twins walked over to Ryohei and examined his ring, while the other did the same to the Varia member.

"There is no mistake." They both spoke simultaneously, "We have confirmed that these are the real Half Vongola Rings."

One of the twins carried on, "As a rule, the Rings will be hung from your necks."

The twin in front of Ryohei slid his ring on a silver chain and slid it over his head, letting the ring visibly hang around his neck.

Ryohei throw off his jacket exposing his bare and muscled torso, damn boxing does the body good, but apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed his 'awe worthy' body.

"Oh my! Now that I got a closer look, you have a pretty nice body!" The green haired man stated obviously eye raping Ryohei, "You're just my type!"

"What?" Ryohei asked clearly weirded out, but not understanding the situation.

Meanwhile the four of us gaped at the sight until Gokudera broke it first, "Ah...what did he just say?"

My left eyebrow twitched, "Did...that really just happen?"

"W-who knows." Tsuna answered as we all just stood clearly uncomfortable with the turn of events.

Ryohei lifted up his fists in the classic boxing stance, "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm just going to fight fair and square!"

Bless his innocence.

"That pose must be for boxing, not very trendy..." The man commented as he took off his jacket and threw it to his side while lifting one leg up so that his knee was raised at waist height. "I, Lussuria, will play with you using the ultimate standing fighting style, Muay Thai."

"So Varia's Guardian of Sun is a martial artist, as expected." Reborn observed from his position perched on Takeshi's left shoulder.

"As expected?" Tsuna pipped up as we all looked at the mini tutor.

"Looking back through history, the Guardians of Sun always had very powerful fists and legs. Breaking down adversity against the Family with their bodies and becoming the bright sun, these are the duties of the Guardian of Sun."

"The Sun Ring, Lussuria vs. Sasagawa Ryohei, battle start!"

As soon as those words left the twins lips, giant stage lights from the top of the cage turned on instantly blinding everyone in the area. I quickly closed my eyes and held my hands in front of them to block out the intense brightness of the lamps.

"W-what is this?! The ring is shinning!" Tsuna exclaimed.

"This ring was created for the Guardians of Sun. It is a solar coliseum created by a faux sun." One of the twins answered.

I felt someone gently grip my wrist and tug my arm away from my face, before I could react I felt something slide around my eyes, risking a glimpse I cracked open my eyes to find that someone slid a pair of sunglasses onto my face. Glancing to see the hand that was still wrapped around my wrist and following up the arm connected to it, I found none other than Takeshi smiling at me with his own pair of shades on his face. I was confused for a second until I found Reborn, perched on Takeshi's other shoulder, handing Tsuna a pair of similar glasses.

How did he know to bring these? Where the hell did he keep these? Why did- you know what...I'm not even going to bother. I sighed and slightly shook my head, earning a slight squeeze from Takeshi's hand as he still softly held my wrist.

I felt my face begin to flush until I heard a familiar grunt and snapped my attention back to the fight to find Varia had the first hit. Wait a damn minute...

Tsuna reacted before I could, "The person from Varia is wearing sunglasses, so he can act freely! He can't put up a fight! Give big brother a pair of sunglasses too!" Tsuna begged the twin closest to our group.

She simply turned towards us, "We can not allow contact with the Guardian in combat. If you do, he will lose, and we will take the ring." She stated before ignoring us and turning back to the fight.


"That's dirty!" Gokudera scowled interrupting the depressed brunette.

We watched nervously as Ryohei began throwing blind punches hoping for a hit, only to have the Varia member land another hit knocking him to the ground.

"You're getting closer to my ideal body type. My favorite is the wasted, cold, unmoving body." The Varia member stated licking his lips.

I shivered in disgust, "Freaking creeper..."

"Is that..." Tsuna trailed off nervously.

"What a pervert!" Gokudera growled clearly as disgusted as I am.

Ryohei then charged the creep and managed to get a hit, bringing an instant smile to all of our faces, unfortunately the creep purposely took the hit and when Ryohei went for a harder punch the creep aimed his knee so that Ryohei ended up hitting a metallic looking knee cap that the Varia member was wearing.

"Like the Guardian of the Sun should, I reflected adversity back at you." Lussaria stated, "My left leg has a metallic knee guard composed of steel. You won't be able to use that fist anymore."

"That's not all," Reborn voiced, "Ryohei's body is dehydrated due to the heat radiating from the lights."

"Stand up, hey!" We all looked up to see Colonello watching the scene with his arms crossed and his birds claws holding him by his shoulders, the birds wings flapping to keep them in place, each donning a pair of sunglasses.

"Colonello!" Tsuna shouted in surprise.

"VIO! That brat is Colonello, one of the Arcobaleno." Squalo explained in annoyance.

I furrowed by brows at the word, "Arcobaleno..." I murmured and glanced Reborn, "Rainbow...?"

I noticed Reborn turn his head to me and nod before turning back to Colonello, what the hell does Reborn and Colonello have to do with a Rainbow? They do a skittles commercial together or something?

"Kyoko caught me and made me late, hey." Colonello explained not taking his eyes off of his student.

This seemed to have struck Tsuna attention, "Were you playing with Kyoko-Chan again?"

Ignoring the question Colonello continued, "It's about time. Show him your real strength, Ryohei!"

Lussaria scoffed and placed his hands on his hips, "No matter who says what at this point, it's useless. This boy is done for, I'll be taking him."

Ryohei slowly brought himself into a crouched position, "Master Colonello, I've been waiting for those words!"

"He got up!" I smiled.

Gokudera threw a fist up in victory, "Yeah!"

"B-but is he alright?" Tsuna questioned.

"His sweats evaporating." Takeshi observed.

Lussaria continued as he examined his nails carelessly, "Between you and me, our bodies were sculpted differently. You won't hold out much longer under these burning lights." He then looked down at Ryohei and smiled, "Hurry up and join my collection."

"No, not yet!" Ryohei exclaimed lifting his head up to face Lussaria while still having his eyes screwed shut.

"Nothing good will come from standing up. Your punches won't work against me."

"Yeah it didn't work." The boxer agreed calmly before holding out his injured fist, "My left didn't!"

Reborn adjusted his glasses as we watched, "Now that he mentioned it, he's only used his left hand since he saved Fuuta."

"That's right." Colonello nodded, "He hasn't used his right hand even once, hey."

"But why?" Tsuna asked.

"First it's to let his cells rest and get them into their best condition. Second it is because he is the the Guardian of Sun!"

"This right hand is to reflect overwhelming odds!" Ryohei stated as he stood and began to grin, much to his opponents amusement.

"That's perfect!" The green haired man laughed throwing his hands out in joy, "That's hilarious!"

"What's so funny?"

"I don't know how strong the punch you've been storing could be, but it's pointless if it doesn't connect." Lussaria then began running in a circle around Ryohei so fast that it almost seemed that there were multiples of him surrounding our determined boxer.

"That's some amazing footwork." Gokudera commented

"Big brother!" Tsuna mumbled nervously, "He already couldn't see."

All of a sudden the man stopped and punched Ryohei so hard that he flew into the bars of the cage, bounced off and fell to the floor.

"Big brother!"

Ryohei pushed himself up, "I'm fine!"

The boxer then stood in another boxing position with his legs stretched in almost a lunge like form and his arms held in front of him, "Here I go."

"That's his right." Gokudera commented as we all watched the intense battle.

Lussaria held his arms up but to the side of his body as if framing his torso and neck and had the leg with the metallic knee cap slightly bent, "The moment you miss will be your last."

The Varia man then repeated his actions of circling Ryohei producing the appearance of multiples, however Ryohei swung his arm in a right hook successfully hitting the Varia man cracking his glasses and sending him back.

The man landed on his feet with a smile and a shrug, "That would have been bad if it were a solid hit."

"No he was so close!" Tsuna muttered weakly

"No," Ryohei spoke calmly, "I did hit."

At that I heard an unusual cracking sound and looked up, gasping at the sight, "The lights!"

"What?" Tsuna questioned turning his attention to me.

"Look up, tenth!"

"He couldn't have!" Lussaria exclaimed in an almost frightened tone.

We all watched amazed as the lights began shattering and the boxing ring began to dim, Ryohei began punching wildly at the lights until each one was shattered.

"Now we can finally fight on even terms." Ryohei stated as he opened his eyes, "Behold!"

"He can see!" Tsuna smiled as we all took off our sunglasses.

"That turf-head..." Gokudera smirked approvingly

Takeshi chuckled happily while I threw a hand in the air and cheered, "Go Ryohei!"

"He was going for the lights from the start." Reborn explained with a grin.

"It doesn't matter if his eyes are opened or closed. I simply can't believe that the pressure from his punches broke the lights!"

"Lussaria." The blonde boy from the Varia called out gaining both the males and my attention, "Take a good look at his body."

The man did as instructed curiously while I watched the blonde for a few more seconds before looking away.

"Salt crystals!"

"Salt?" Tsuna repeated in confusion.

"Right. That was the trick that broke the lights." Reborn replied calmly.

"Oh, I see." Lussaria sighed in relief, "The sweat from dehydration...only the liquid evaporated from the heat. Just the salt remained, and you put the salt on your fists and shot it like a shot gun."

"It's too late, even if you've figured it out!" Ryohei stated and lunged at the man for a punch, only to have Lussaria jump and land on Ryohei's head.

"Don't make me laugh too hard. My abs are going to split even more." The man joked and jumped off of the boxers head just as Ryohei was about to grab the mans leg, and landed in a crouched form facing away from Ryohei.


"What made me shiver was the force of your punches, because I thought you broke the lights with their pressure." The man explained as he stood up from his kneeling position, "The only one who has done something like that before, the one who unleashed punches shining with light, was the original Guardian of Sun!"

The man then turned to face the boxer with a smirk, "But I can do such low-level things as that."

He then dashed behind Ryohei and made a swipe at his face, followed by more glass breaking from above them.

"He scraped turf-heads salt and..."

"Did the same thing." Tsuna finished for the bomber.

"No it requires more technique then that." Reborn began explaining, "The pressure from his fists blew away the salt on Ryohei's body. He is, indeed, Varia quality."

Lussaria grinned smugly as he put his hands on his hips proudly.

"Varia quality?"

"What is that?" Takeshi questioned in a serious tone.

"Varia is an assassin group that has perfectly accomplished missions said to be impossible for mere humans. No matter when or where...and these abilities used in assassination, the devils work...people call these the 'Varia quality' in fear and awe."

"As expected from Reborn, well said!" Lussaria grinned happily and turned back to Ryohei, "Do you understand now? Between you and us, the difference in skill is so great that this is becoming a game, not a fight."

"Tell me this is a game after you take this right fist!" Ryohei growled as he held out his clench right hand.

The green haired male responded by stomping his feet like a child throwing a temper tantrum, "You just don't get it! I copied that punch that you just threw! I know all about it."

"You never know until you try."

"Well said Ryohei." Colonello piped up, "That's why your my student, hey."

"Hey! Are you alright with this Colonello?" Tsuna questioned the hovering blonde.

"The maximum cannon is an attack that unleashes the power of all his cells. However, the energy hasn't completely transferred into his fist."

Ryohei looked up, "Master?"

"If there's a chance at victory, that's it. Condense all of your energy into your fist, hey."

"Here I come. Extreme!" Ryohei shouted and dashed to punch Lussaria, however just as he threw the punch the Varia man disappeared. Ryohei quickly jumped back and got into a defensive position as Lussaria ran around him in a circle again causing Ryohei to look in every direction to try and locate him.

"I'll show you an obstacle you cannot overcome!" Lussaria threatened with a smirk increasing his speed.

"He's faster than before!" Tsuna observed.

"It's almost like a split-form spell." Takeshi commented.

I watched silently as Ryohei closed his eyes and focused before they snapped open and punched, "Maximum Cannon!"

However his punch hit Lussaria's metallic knee, causing Ryohei to fall to the ground grunting in pain and cradle his hand to his chest.

"That sounded wonderful!" Lussaria laughed merrily shaking his hips comically while watching Ryohei's painful state.


"His right hand, too!"

"This isn't good..." I mumbled biting my lip nervously.

"How long are you going to make us wait?!" Squalo called out angrily.

"So impatient..." Lussaria commented looking over his shoulder at his team behind him, "You don't have to tell me, I'm about to!"

"W-what do we do?! What can we do?! Reborn! Are you going to leave him like this? Colonello!" Tsuna bombarded looking between the two baby's who kept silent watching the match.

"This is the end!" Lussaria stated as he rolled his shoulder getting ready for his last hit.

"Big brother!"

Our group froze at the sound of a familiar feminine voice called out. We looked behind us to see Kyoko, Hana, and I-pin all standing there.

"Kyoko-Chan! Why are you here?" Tsuna asked nervously and backed up only to bump into his father who was calmly standing there with Basil by his side.


"These little ladies were looking for Colonello. We escorted them." Tsuna's dad explained with an easygoing smile.

"Hey Kyoko, this seems dangerous." I heard Hana whisper to Kyoko and give me a look that clearly said 'you will explain this later'.

I hung my head and let a depressed sigh leave my lips, "I hate being a girl..."

Kyoko ignored her friend and ran towards the boxing ring, "Why big brother! You're all over!"

Lussaria crouched down next to Ryohei and looked at Kyoko, "Are you this little boys little sister?"

Kyoko didn't say anything but tightly grabbed my arm for comfort.

"You came at a good time. Your brother is about to lose to me, and I'm about to deliver the final blow." Lussaria stated and stood holding out his arms for emphasis.

"Stop, big brother! You promised me that you wouldn't fight!"

I swear I felt a sweat drop form and my left brow twitch at my orange haired friend. Glancing behind me to see the others reactions mirror my own, I sighed.

Its times like these you see a resemblance between her and Ryohei.

"Big brother!"

"Stop Kyoko! It's dangerous!" Hana ordered as she came to stand a little behind us, at a safe distance away from the ring, that Hana...always so smart.

"Big brother!"

At the sound of her voice we watched as Ryohei's arm twitched.

"He moved!" Takeshi exclaimed gaining all of our attention.

We watched as Ryohei turned his head to look at his sister, "Yeah, when those delinquents split my forehead in elementary, I did promise to stop fighting. But I also said this: I'm still a man! There may come a time when I have to fight. If it's going to make you cry, I...I won't lose again!" Ryohei stated as he got up with a determined expression.

Tsuna gasped, "H-he stood!"

"His feeling towards his sister have raised his energy transfer rate to 100%, hey!"

"Let's end this!" Lussaria yelled and lunged at Ryohei holding his knee out to block Ryohei's punch.

"I'll show you! This is the real Maximum Cannon!" Ryohei yelled and threw his final punch, and I swear I saw a light radiating from our passionate boxer.

His punch collided with the metallic knee and sparks were surging between the two pressured forces until the steel knee cover cracked and shattered as if it were glass.

"His punch! It hit!" Tsuna shouted happily.

Lussaria landed on floor with a loud thud and snapped his neck toward Ryohei, "I don't believe it! The metal knee was shattered!"

"There's no way he can block Ryohei's punch now." I smiled brightly as I placed a comforting hand on Kyoko's death like grip on my arm.

"I saw your fist shine, hey!" Colonello smiled proudly at his student, "Good work, Ryohei."

"Now let's go home Kyoko." Colonellos bird flew him lower so he was eye level with us and flew in front of Kyoko.


"W-what's with this baby?" Hana questioned

"Wait my big brother!" The girl started but Colonello grabbed her other hand and began pulling her along with him, forcing her to let go of my arm.

"It's over now, and I'm sleepy, hey."

"Kyoko!" Hana called out and followed after the two.

"That was a good fight, full of tension. Now, hand over the Ring." Ryohei said calmly and held out his hand for the small trinket.

"No, no! I'm Varia! I'll win, even with one leg!" The man said desperately as his body began to shake. "It'll be easy!"

"What tenacity..." Tsuna commented

"That's not tenacity," I furrowed my brows watching as the Vaira man stood in an awkward position full of pain, "that's desperation."

"But why?"

"Let's go! Let's continue!" The men yelled anxiously.

"Why are you s nervous?" Ryohei asked in confusion.

"Hurry!" The man shouted before he was blasted from behind, forcing a gasp from our group.

"You pull it off when necessary." A small voice said turning our attention to the smallest of the Varia, "As expected from the boss's assistant, Gola Mosca."

We watched as smoke came from the mechanical Varia members hand, as the rest of the Varia stood there smirking at what we all witnessed.

Tsuna reacted first, "He shot.."

"What's going on?" Takeshi asked in shock.

"Kill the weak." Reborn's voice answered, "That is one of the reasons why Varia is one of the most powerful organizations. Lussaria panicked because he was afraid of that."

I glared at the Varia across from us as they began to chuckle at the sight before them, I clenched my fists and lowered my gaze to the ground, "This isn't right..."

...But this is the mafia.

"Hey! Hang in there!" Ryohei called out to Lussaria and was about to help him until the purple haired twins cut him off. One stood in front of the boxer with her arms held out in attempt to block Ryohei's path while the other checked on Lussaria.

"Please stay back."

"We confirm that Lussaria can no longer fight. Thus Sasagawa Ryohei is the victor in the battle over the Ring of Sun. This is the end of the battle for tonight, and starting tonight we will regularly announce the following nights battle."

Tsuna's eyes widened, "We get to find out already?"

"We will now announce it. Tomorrow night's battle will be Thunder. The battle between the Guardians of Thunder."

"Thunder is Lambo!"Tsuna turned to look at Lambo who had been sound asleep on the ground through out the entire battle, "Can this little guy fight?"

"We shall see you tomorrow night." The twins said before jumping out of the ring. As soon as they were out the whole caged ring collapsed and I felt Takeshi's arms pull me into our group who was huddling to keep safe from the falling debris.

"They're terrible!" Gokudera scoffed as we watched the men walk away.

"I can't believe it." Takeshi added helping me up while the others stood as well.

"Tsuna-kun!" Kyoko's voice called out making us turn our heads to see Kyoko and Hana rushing over, "Tsuna-kun, tell me the truth. What was my big brother doing?"

I sighed at Tsuna's stuttering form, the boy simply can't lie. That was just a low blow Kyoko...


"It was a sumo contest." Gokudera, Takeshi, Reborn, and I all said in unison causing Tsuna's head to snap back to us.

"It's a hybrid sumo contest that's held in a ring." Gokudera explained with a straight face.

"It's actually pretty popular. That was a pretty good match, kid." Takeshi added gesturing to Reborn who was still perched on his shoulder.


"What about you Mira-Chan?" Hana asked crossing her arms around her chest, most likely annoyed that Kyoko has been dragging her around late at night after a baby.

"Female division, figured it was a good physical activity to take place of volleyball." I lied smoothly and crossed my hands behind my back, sending a reassuring smile to Tsuna who stared at us in shock.

You know what they say, a family that lies together stays together...right?

"Then it really was..." Kyoko blinked

"I told you it was a sumo contest." Ryohei answered as he walked over to his sister and put his hands on her shoulders, "We're going home, Kyoko."

The girl smiled brightly and nodded, "Yeah!"

Ryohei then turned to us and held out his hand, "Sawada, I'm giving this to you!"

"The ring..."

"You put the two pieces together right?" Ryohei connected the two halves and Tsuna put the ring in it's original box.

"We're going to win them all!" Gokudera cheered excitedly, pumping his arms up in the air, "The futures looking bright!"

Takeshi smiled and nodded, "Let's keep it up!"

"One down, seven more to go." I smiled, putting my hands on my hips and winked at the group of boys.

"That's right!" Ryohei agreed grinning, "Let's go, Sawada!"

"Eh, uh...yeah!" Tsuna finished with his own smile.

"Big brother what was that ring?"

"Oh that was a trophy for sumo." Ryohei answered easily.


We all then said our goodbyes as we began our trip home, except Tsuna who stayed to talk with his dad, each of us separating after we walked through the front gate. As soon as the others were out of earshot I stopped walking and let out a deep sigh, placing one hand over my beating heart. I stayed silent as I stared at the ground sadly.

There's no way Lambo can-

"Mira-Chan? Are you okay?" A warm hand gently gripped my shoulder, lightly tugging me to turn and come face to face with a pair of concerned amber eyes.

I quickly dropped the hand that was over my heart to my side, "Takeshi..."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." I answered forcing a smile, hoping to drop the topic before it started.

"Don't lie to me, Mira-Chan." He replied softly as he placed both hands on my shoulders and stared me down.

I sighed in defeat and mumbled, "I'm worried about Lambo..."

Understanding washed through his features as he gave a small smile and pulled me into a hug, "You're not going to fall asleep tonight are you?"

"Probably not."

"Going to stay awake all night worrying?"

"Most likely."

The athlete gave a small chuckle and pulled away from the embrace, grabbing my hand and pulling me toward his house.


"It's not good to be alone when you're like this Mira-Chan. So you're sleeping over tonight and coming to school with me tomorrow." He answered sending me a bright smile as he continued to pull me.

After a small moment of hesitation I smiled back, "You'll do anything for an armrest won't you?"

"There's no replacing you, Mira-Chan."

"Feeling better?" Takeshi asked staring down at me with a smile.

Takeshi brought me back to his house and gestured for me to keep quiet to avoid waking up his dad. Doing as instructed we made our way into the boys room with out making any noise and shut his bedroom door. Takeshi dug out his warmest pair of sweatpants for me and an old tee-shirt telling me to change while he turned around and waited patiently, not even trying to peek. I smiled at his kindness and changed as quickly as I could and then turned around and waited for him to change. Once we were both settled he sat me on his bed and turned on his TV, turning it down to a reasonable volume as to not wake his sleeping father on the other side of the apartment. We both sat next to each other on his bed with the blankets over us and his arm right arm around my shoulders, his hand rubbing my arm comfortingly as we watched an old baseball game.

I looked up at the boy and smiled shyly, "Yeah, but you didn't have to do all of this you know."

"I don't mind, I planned on you staying over anyway." The boy replied closing his eyes grinning happily.

I furrowed my brows, "What do you mean?"

"I had a feeling you wouldn't want to be alone tonight. That's why I caught up to you to ask to come over." He shrugged opening his eyes but still wearing his grin.

I let out a small laugh, "You know me so well."

His grin grew as he looked at me, "I like to think so."

My smile widened and I quickly reached up and pecked his cheek before laying my head on his shoulder so he couldn't see my blushing face, "Thank you Takeshi."

After a moment of silence I felt Takeshi's hold on me tighten and a small kiss planted on my head, "Anything for my favorite armrest."