Chapter 7: Consequences

It was the next day at school that everyone was buzzing, not just the students, but the teachers, ghosts, and portraits as well. It was just pure gossip that Hermione Granger and the Harry Potter were dating. It all started very quickly, the night before when Harry and Hermione were coming back from the Room of Requirement. They were holding hands, with goofy smiles and blushing cheeks. After walking Hermione to the girls' staircase, he kissed her on the lips, before they went to their separate ways to their rooms. As it turned out, a blond by the name of Lavender Brown was coming back to the Gryffindor Common room after studying in the library for her transfiguration essay. She watched the couple kiss, before running to their rooms. She must of stood there for hours before going to her room, when by that time, her roommates were sleeping.

The next morning, bright and early, Lavender was out the bed, and telling everybody she bumped into what she saw. It didn't take long for it to be overheard by Hannah, who told Susan, and Justin. Both who happened to mention it to a few Ravenclaws. One just happened to over here it was Cho Chang, who quickly told her boyfriend and his friends, and spread it to her group of giggly friends. One of her friends happened to mention it to a girl in Slytherin who was her older cousin. By the time both Harry and Hermione woke up and made it to the great hall, even the ghost mentioned it to each other.

Of course, like all gossip and rumors, they all came with varied reactions. Most thoughts it took long enough. To them, Harry and Hermione had always been going out but they had been the last to know. Ronald Weasley was just plain pissed. Others like Ginny Weasleys was disappointed that they missed their chances. There was still a few that was happy for them, Neville Longbottom for one, Luna Lovegood, Professor McGonagall was another, and lastly Headmaster Dumbledore himself.

However, since the newly couple never knew they had been seem, didn't know what to expect… Mostly, Harry who had woken up first and decided to go the breakfast and met Hermione there. Harry didn't know when he ever felt so happy. He knew that he didn't really know what he was feeling, something he also blamed on the Dursleys, but he knew what he felt about Hermione was real. He couldn't stop smiling as he got ready, and left out the common room.

Harry however was greatly confused when the odd few people he bumped into on his way to the Great Hall were acting as they first did on his first day of school; pointing, whispering, smiling, and giggling. He felt like he was in the middle of a big joke. It didn't help that when he opened the door to the great hall, it went silent for a few moments with everybody staring at him. Than like an explosion went off, everyone was talking to each other. He eyed everyone warily as he walked over to where Neville was. He sat down, reached for his plate, and started filling his tray, only to look up and see nearly everyone was looking at him as if they were waiting for him to say something.

He reached over and bumped into Neville. "What's going on?" He whispered. Neville smiled at him.

"Everyone found out about you and Hermione. Congrats on the way, I knew you to would make a good couple," He said. Harry starred. How in the world did they find out so fast? He asked himself. So, that's what they were all talking about.

"Oh, how did everyone find out? We just agreed to go out last night," Harry said to himself however, Neville shrugged.

"Who knows? You know how gossip travels fast at Hogwarts. However, most didn't really find it surprising. They thought you must have been dating when you went to the Yule Ball together," Neville told him before taking a bit out of his breakfast.

Harry didn't know what to feel. He, of course, knew how fast gossip carried throughout the school, but really. Weren't they the only two up last night? The common room had been empty when they had got back… It wasn't as if Harry was ashamed that everyone knew he and Hermione were dating, quite the opposite... He really liked Hermione and didn't care if everyone knew, he felt like shouting it out last night so what difference did it make to him? The thing that really worried him though was Hermione's reaction… Did she want to go public with him? They didn't talk about it last night, what if Hermione didn't want everyone to know just yet. She was a private person for the most part, so it would probably be awkward if everyone knew their business. He bit his lip in thought as he started to eat; waiting to see how Hermione would react before confirming or denying anything.

Hermione woke up with a smile her on face that could've out done the sun. She was so happy, and couldn't wait to tell her mom and see Harry. She wasn't sure about the order, but whatever. She threw the cover off her and went to take a shower. Unlike yesterday when she rushed, she took her time. She dressed in some jeans, and a black and white tank top. She put on her white flats, and put her untamable hair in a ponytail, or the best ponytail she could put hers in. She also did something she hadn't done before, she put on a little mascara, and some clear lip-gloss instead of her regular chap-stick. She didn't put her robe on; as it was going to be an hour before her class and by that time, she would have to come back to her room to get her books anyway.

She walked out her Common Room, and made her way to the Great Hall. She hesitated before opening the door. What would happen? How will she greet Harry? On the other hand, how will Harry greet her? Did he want to tell everyone about their relationship? How will this all play out? She wondered all of this before gathering what Gryffindor courage she had and opened the door. However, anything she might of felt all vanished the second all heads turned to her it seemed like. She looked behind her and looked down at herself, but couldn't see anything wrong. She gulped slightly before walking slowly to the Gryffindor table, seeing everyone still looking at her. She made her way to where Harry was sitting, next to Neville. She paused slightly before sitting down next to Harry, not knowing what to do after last night. Everyone was now starring harder as if they were wondering what she was going to do next… What was going on?

Her questions were soon answered when Lavender brown moved herself next to Hermione. "So, why didn't you tell me that you and Harry were going out? I thought we were friends?" She asked Hermione. However, she said the question so loud that everyone was now listening, waiting for her answer. She shot a panicked look at Harry who shrugged sheepishly. Hermione knew that he didn't know how everyone found either. She bit her lip, before deciding how to answer.

"Um…. Me and Harry," She trailed off, looking at Harry for support.

Harry bit his lip to, before scooting closer to Hermione. He could tell she didn't know what to see, so it was up to him. "I just asked Hermione to be my girlfriend last night," He told everybody at the table. It was quiet before everything went back to how it was at first. A lot of questions were asked, and they got congratulated by a few people.

After a while, it went to normal as people quieted down. Harry's arm moved down from Hermione's arm, and went to grab her hand putting both of theirs on top of the table. It was something that didn't go unnoticed, but people didn't make a big deal about it. Harry and Hermione ate in peace, wondering how the rest of the day was going to go.

It was a little after Dinner did Hermione finally talked Harry into talking to both Professor McGonagall, and Professor Flitwick. Well, actually, it depended on what you think you when you say talk. It you can count threating to hex, curse, and physically harm someone as talking than you can defiantly say talking. Harry moved towards his Transfiguration teacher class room, frowning hard. How could he explain this? Would she believe him? What to do if she didn't? How was this going to go? Hermione seemed to think they both would give him lessons or something to improve him or something since he could be better than most of the students. He gulped as he knocked on the door to her room.

"Come in," A Scottish voice said. Harry hesitated, wondering if Hermione would do half the things, she said she would if he would run away. He turned the knob, and walked in. Professor McGonagall was sitting behind her desk, her glass high on her nose, grading papers when he walked it. He smirked mentally this was his excuse.

"Oh, Sorry Professor. I didn't know you were busy, I'll come back later," He said before trying to walk out.

"Nonsense, Mister Potter. Please, come in. Do you need to talk about something? I would guess you do seeing as you are here, instead of working on your homework like you should be doing," She said, a little mirth in her eyes. Harry gave a short laugh.

"Um, it's a bit important. Hermione said if I didn't talk to you, she would hex me five ways from tomorrow, than drag me here when i got back," He admitted. She seemed to scan him with her eyes before nodding and standing up.

"Well, if this is important, please follow me to my office, Mister Potter, and we can talk there," She said moving from behind her desk. She walked to a door all the way in the corner of the room that connected to her office. Harry followed after her grudgingly. They walked inside, and she closed the door behind her. She walked over and sat down behind her desk, and motioned to a tan can on her desk.

"Biscuit, Mister Potter?" She asked. He shook his head.

"Um, no thank you, Ma'am," He replied. It was quiet for a few second before McGonagall spoke up.

"Mister Potter…" She prompted wondering what he wanted. He bit his lip.

"Well, you see. A few days before the Yule Ball, I went to Gringotts Bank, to see how much money I had left in my vault. I ended up taking an Inheritance test while I was there to see how many vaults I was there. It listed a few different things about my talents, and my magical abilities. Under my talents, it mentioned I was a Prodigy in both Charms, and Transfiguration, and a Master of Defence against Dark Arts, well, Light Magic basically," He started to ramble. Professor McGonagall straightened up a bit.

"I'm sorry, Mister Potter. I want to clarify something... You are a Prodigy in Transfiguration?" She demanded, wondering how she didn't see it herself. Harry nodded slowly. She sighed.

"I don't know who I'm more disappointed in," She said. Harry swallowed slightly.

"Um, excuse me?" He asked. She smiled at him sadly.

"Mister Potter, your parents were two of my favorite students. Odd as it might seem. You father could be a bit much at time, but he was the most gifted I ever seen in Transfiguration. Your mother, not so much, but she was so hard working, I wondering a bit myself why she wasn't sorted in Hufflepuff at times. It was after your father took his test when he was 17, did he find out he was a Master in Transfiguration. You mother took one a bit before she had you, she was a Master in Charms, nothing to do with Transfiguration, but she was still got them before most people. When you were born, I wondered how you would turn out.

I will be the first to admit that I held you're parents on a very high pedestal, and I was a bit let down when you turned out to be nothing like either of them. You didn't even manage to even change you match into anything. It was shocking, and I admit, I was very disappointed. I knew that though parents could be seen in their kids sometimes, their kids were not their parents, but their own person. It doesn't matter how smart, powerful, or talents one person is, their kids doesn't necessarily get them. I assumed that you were just an average student, and for that, I apologize. I let my thoughts and judgment of how your parents were effect how I saw you. If you say, you are a Prodigy than I believe you. I should've questioned you about you're grades sooner. Nevertheless, with so many students, and everything I have to do, sometimes, things get pushed back. In addition, I'm sorry; you were one of the things.

However, that doesn't change the fact you never showed anything in class. An inheritance test doesn't lie, and if you are a prodigy, which means you held back or was too lazy to do the work in my class. Now, I do care about the reason, but the fault could still be laid on you for not showing anything. Was the work boring for you, Mister Potter? Or did you find it to easy? I would like to know a reason why you never showed you're true potential," She spoke. Her accents at first covered her words, as she had spoken sadly. By the time, she stopped talking; she had taken off her glasses and was rubbing her forehead.

Harry looked down at the floor, not knowing what to say but to shrug his shoulder. What could he say? That he was just being lazy. How at first he just wanted to fit in, so he basically dumbed himself down, as he didn't want to seem different. How he didn't want to be talked about more than he was.

Professor McGonagall looked at him, how his shoulders were held down, how his head was tilted. She sighed.

"Mister Potter, I want you do something for me. I need you to do something. Get out your wand Mister Potter, and say the spell 'Snufflifors'. Will you be able to do this?" She asked. Harry's head lifted up and he nodded. He took his wand out his back pocket and stood up. Professor McGonagall stood up too, and moved to grab a book of her bookshelf. She sat it down in the middle of the table before stepping back.

"When you are ready, Mister Potter," She told him. He nodded and pointed his wand towards the book.

"Snufflifors," he said. A purple light shot out of his wand, and hit the book. The book in question turned into a pair of mice. Before they could start moving, McGonagall waved her room, causing them to turn back into the book. She picked it up, and put it back silently. She moved back to her seat, folding her hands on the table.

"Professor?" He asked. She sighed, looking him in the eyes.

"Mister Potter, that spell you just did was supposed to be learned next month probably… If I had to guess, I have a rough draft on what to teach mostly because sometimes you have to stay behind if more than two don't understand. You know I have been teaching you about turning in inanimate objects to animate things. However, this spell was a little bit harder than most because it turns things into more than one mouse. It turns it into 3 little mice as you saw earlier which is why it's harder than most. However, you just passed by it. You didn't do it correctly as they still the same dark brown as the book, and there were only 2, but you did it better on a first try than any of my older students did," She spoke, her voice drifting before sighing. Harry's eyes looked around the room, wondering where she was getting at.

"Mister Potter, you did indeed just prove to me you, on some level, are a Prodigy. However, there are consequences to coming to me late with this. As you know with the tournament going on, you will need to be training for that, but however I have already made plans to help a few students who are falling behind catch up. Therefore, I have most of my days and nights planned with school, and tutoring. I don't seem to have to time to help you go over what it means to be a Prodigy. Though I have, no doubt Ms. Granger helped you looked it up… I still would need to make sure you understood, and I would've loved to advance you outside of class. I simply do not have the time right now," She explained to him.

He nodded; he thought something like this would happen. He knew she tutored kids who needed help and were failing. He did however hope he probably would be able to advance some; it would probably help out with the tournament. He looked up and smiled at her.

"No problems, Professor. Don't worry, I understand perfectly. Thank you for talking to me," He said standing up. She nodded stiffly as she watched him walk out. Before he could leave, and idea popped in his head.

"MISTER POTTER, WAIT!" She cried. Harry froze and turned around swiftly, wondering what happened. McGonagall was standing up, and she motioned for him to sit back down. He did so pondering what could have changed her mind possibly.

"Sorry, but as I was saying. I just thought of something that could help you, both of us, and probably some other people. How would you feel about being a tutor? I know you are probably very busy with everything. However, I understand that being a tutor, you will be able to advance yourself by reading the books before hand, and would be able to go over it with teaching someone else. You got the spell very easy, so I think you could help the kids falling behind about how your technique to learning how to do the spells," She said excitedly. Harry starred at her, a bit dumbly.

"Huh? Tutor? Technique?" He asked. She nodded.

"Yes, Mister Potter. How I teach magic is one way, but not the only way. Most people have a different way of learning. The way I teach is the most common way that nearly everyone gets, however, there are still quite a few that don't. Tell me, Mister Potter. When you did the spell, what do you think off?" She asked. Harry shrugged.

"I don't know. I just wanted it to work," He said. She smiled brightly.

"Yes, there are only a few people who will's their magic to work. I think that's what you do," She said, she wasn't even talking to him. She was in deep thought. Harry's eyebrow rose as he gave a little confused frown.

"Will my magic to work? What does that mean?" He asked. She looked at him with an eyebrow raised..

"Exactly what I said, Mister Potter. One way to learn magic is by the most common way; visualization. That means you think about and picture what you want to happen, and sometimes if you're lucky, it happens. This however, is not the same as willing your magic. When you will your magic to do what you want, you are forcing your magic to work, so to speak. You're making it do the things you are trying to do. You are willing the magic through your body, to go through you wand, and do what you are trying to do. Most people who will their magic are very good at Wandless, and Speechless magic, because they control what their magic do. I believe you are one of those people," She explained. Harry raised an eyebrow. So, he was always different. He didn't notice he wasn't doing the same as everyone else.

"Oh," He muttered. McGonagall looked at him with an eyebrow raised to.

"Well, Mister Potter. Are you going to take me up on my offer?" She asked. Harry smiled at her and nodded.

"Yes, thank you, Ma'am," He said sincerely, knowing she could've just turned him away.

"Okay, than… I'll will draw up a list of students you'll be helping. I'll also give you a list of books you should read, so you can order than," She said. Harry smiled at her again.

"Okay, thanks again, Professor," He said as he turned to leave.

"Oh, and Mister Potter… Tell Ms. Granger I said thank you, and Congratulations to both of you are in order, I believe. Though, I do you made me lose a bet," She said with a sly smirk on her face. Harry blushed, and started a little shocked at his teacher. Who know she had a sense of humor? Who know teachers actually paid attention to gossip. Who knew teachers bet?

Harry shook his head as he hurried to get out the office, McGonagall's laugh echoing behind him. He walked away from the office and looked at his watch. It was only half past 8. He had been talking to Professor McGonagall for about an hour. He had a few hours before his curfew became intact. The 1st years curfew was at 8:30, 2nd years was 9, 3rd years was at 9:30, 4th years had to clock in at 10, 5th years followed the pattern of going thirty minutes later at 10:30, and Lastly 6th years had the last curfew at 11. 7th years didn't have a curfew simply because they were adults, who were usually taking NEWTs, so they didn't really have to worry. However, they weren't allowed to all around the school.

Harry walked the long way to Flitwick's office. He let his thoughts wonder. He would have to get in touch with Sirius, um, Snuffles. He always hinted that Hermione and Harry would be a good couple, how he didn't notice it, he didn't know. Sirius was really blunt with his stuff. He wondered how he was holding up in that place. Sirius told him how much he hated his childhood home, and in turn Dumbledore for forcing him to stay there. Harry felt some kind of growl in his throat at how his godfather had to be locked up, for nothing. Harry wondered what it would take for the ministry to admit they were wrong in imprisoning Sirius. Something Hermione said rang a bell in his head. If they looked up to him like a savior, and he had a lot of influence… Did that mean he could use his fame to getting Sirius a trail? Or getting the Ministry to look at his facts. Harry pursed his lips; this was something he would have to talk to Hermione to. She would know how to work it to his advantage probably after she either kissed him for coming up with the plan, or yelled at him for the same reason, either or.

Harry reached the classroom and knocked on the door. It waited a few moments before knocking again.

"Coming," he heard the squeaky voice of his Charms Professor yell. Harry waited patiently, no longer nervous about confronting him.

The door was opened and the small Professor looked up with shocked eyes. "Oh! Mister Potter? What made you stop by? Did you forget something?" He asked his eyes going around the classroom. Harry shook his head.

"No, Professor. Not really, I was hoping I could talk to you for a bit?" He asked. Flitwick's eyes were wide as he nodded.

"Oh sure, sure. Come on in," He said. They walked to room in back of the classroom. It was smaller than normal, but Harry was slightly expecting it.

"Um, well. You see before the Yule Ball I took an inheritance test," Harry started. Flitwick smiled brightly.

"Oh? Really? I took one a few years after you Mister Potter. I had always known I was good at Charms but when I found out I was a Master, I had stepped away from Gringotts, and moved to start reaching my full potential. Of course, after I got my Mastery in Charms, did I realize I wanted to help people reach their potential and became a teacher here… Oh, sorry for rambling Mister Potter... You were saying?" He asked. Harry smiled besides himself.

"Well you see, I just took a test. As it turns out, I'm a prodigy in both Transfiguration, and in Charms. I've already talked to Professor McGonagall. She has me doing tutoring now and helping other kids in Transfiguration… I was wondering if I could do something similar or different to help me get better in Charms," Harry told him. Flitwick starred at Harry with wide eyes.

"Really? Well, of course. I haven't met a prodigy in a year or two. Of course, it would make sense, your mother was a Master in Charms, you would get a little of her skill. I'm afraid to say though; I have no tutoring going on like Professor McGonagall. So, instead of making you help people, I believe I could schedule you in on…hmm, let me think. Oh, yes! On Tuesday's and Friday's. You come back to me at 5 p.m., after dinner, and I work with you for an hour or two. I think I could even help you learn a few things for the competition," Flitwick went on happily.

Harry was a bit happy too. He didn't have to go on a lot as he did with McGonagall. Harry thought it probably was because Professor Flitwick wasn't as close to his parents or him as McGonagall, or he was just too happy to be asking any question. Either one suited Harry.

"I would like that Professor, thank you for the opportunity," Harry said standing up. Flitwick stood up too.

"Don't thank me, Mister Potter. Just do your best, and don't hold back," He said. Harry gave him a smile and a nodded and walked out the office.

Harry contemplated his thoughts on the task in a few days. He figured out the task, but has yet to find something to help him stay in the water for an hour. Hermione suggested he find Gillyweed, a plant that basically made a person half fish for an hour. But he didn't know where to get them. Harry to the Fat Lady's Portrait. He quickly said the password and walked in to the common room where his girlfriend, he would never get tired of saying or thinking that, was pacing a whole into the floor.

Harry coughed slightly behind her causing her to jump. Her hand flew to her heart, and she playfully slapped at Harry.

"God, Harry! Don't do that!" She hissed at him, but Harry could see she had a bit of humor in her face. Harry smiled and went to hug her. He hesitantly kissed her lips softly. Hermione hands flew to his shoulder to hold him there for a few moments before they both pulled back with smiles on their faces. Hermione blushed slightly and cleared her throat.

"So, um, how did it go? You did go didn't you?" She asked. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Yes, it went great I think. McGonagall is making me tutor, and Flitwick is going to tutor me every Tuesday and Friday," He told her. She beamed.

"See, I told you, Harry!" She said. Harry rolled his eyes but nodded his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, you did. But um, I was thinking… One, about the task… Gillyweed sounds to be our best option, but how could we get?" He asked. The first time in a while, Hermione had no answer. Than Hermione popped up.

"Snape! He's a potion master, he has to have some!" She exclaimed. Harry eyed her for a moment worried about her health.

"Hermione, we are talking about Snape here. The person who hates me and lives to make my life a living hell. The one who had no problem bring up dead people to insult them. The one who lives to tutor Gryffindor. Have you lost you ever book reading mind?" He asked. She gave him an insulted look for a moment, before thinking that Harry might be right about Snape probably not giving him.

"What we need is a person who would be able to get it from Snape for us, without giving us a way.. We don't know anybody like that…Wait!" Harry yelped. Hermione looked at him shocked. Wait, what?

"What is it?" She asked. He gave her a smirk, one she only seen on the Twins before.

"Dobby," He said. She gave him a blank look… What about Dobby? Then it clicked in her mind.

"Harry." She hissed. "You can't be thinking about stealing it from him."

Harry shrugged. "It's either get it from him, or you be left at sea with mermaid," he said simply. Hermione glared at him, but part of her could admit she was very happy that Harry considered her to be the thing he would miss most. After they starred at each other for a while without giving up, Hermione gave up.

"Fine, but I want nothing to do with this. And the only reason why I'm saying yes is because I know you will do it anyway!" She said, her voice lightly scolding. Harry gave her a smile and kissed her cheek.

"DOBBY!" He called out. Hermione jumped when Dobby appeared right behind her with a crack.

"Mister Harry Potter be calling Dobby! Oh, and his friend Misses Grangy!" He said happily. Hermione smiled at Dobby.

"Hello, Dobby," She said politely, before sending a glare at Harry with her eyes. She didn't like how he was using Dobby.

"Hello, Misses Grangy! What does yous and the Great Harry Potter be wanting?" He asked his eyes wide with excitement. Harry smiled at Dobby.

"Hello, Dobby. I was wondering if you could find us some Gillyweed." He asked. Hermione was still giving him looks saying she didn't agree.

"If Gillyweed is what the great Harry Potter be wanting, than Gillyweed is what the great Harry Potter will get," Dobby declared with his puffed out in pride that the Great Harry Potter called on him to do something. Dobby than popped out, making Hermione huff angrily.

"Aww, come on 'Mione! I didn't even tell him to steal from Snape or anything, I just asked if he could find it lying around," He tried to explain. She still turned around from him, her lips twitched though at the nickname.

"Harry, it's not that! Why couldn't you have tried to find it on your own! House Elves have lives too," She pressed. Harry, for a moment, had remembered that she had started that club: S.P.E.W.

"Fine, I promise not to call Dobby for anything that is not important," Harry promised to appease her. She turned around and looked him in the eyes before nodding.

"Okay…" She trailed off. Harry than looked at the time.

"I think it's time we go to bed," Harry said, not noticing how it sounded till Hermione's checks blushed red.

"I mean, got to separate, not that I don't want, I mean," Harry stumbled over his words. Hermione laugh was the only thing that stopped him from assuming the worst though it didn't get rid of his flaming red cheeks. Hermione leaned up and kissed his cheeks before leaving out the common room and heading to the girl's dorm. Harry shook his head and headed to his.

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