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Chapter 1

Amu's POV

"YOU STUPID SLUT OF A DAUGHTER!" Papa yelled and kept punching me repeatedly on my face. I felt tears stream down my face and when I finally collapsed onto the ground, he kicked me on multiple spots on my chest and stomach. He then pushed or should I say punched me outside forcefully. "YOU BITCH!" Then he slammed the door shut, leaving me outside all alone with a countless amount of wounds.

I felt bruised and broken – like a trashed doll but I was used to it. Papa did this to me everyday – every morning and night – every time he could – ever since Mama died. Papa always blamed me for her death.


(7 years ago)

"Mama, I want some ice cream!" I yelled joyfully and Mama and Papa smiled.

"Sure." They both agreed and we went outside to get ice cream for me, Mama holding one of my hands and Papa holding the other.

I ran ahead, wanting the joys of ice cream impatiently. "Hurry!" I ran across the street but that's when I saw a car speeding towards me. I felt fear in my eyes and my body was frozen. I was going to die!


Next, I found myself next to Mama in a pool of blood and Papa grieving and cursing loudly for her. I felt tears flow out and I gently shook her, begging her to open her eyes and jump up happily like her usual wonderful self. "Mama. Mama. Mama. Please wake up. Mama. Please"

End of Flashback

I stood up, my whole boy shaking. A wave of nausea hit me and I leaned over, vomiting blood.

I, shakily, applied a great amount of foundation to my whole body. I didn't want to my teachers to find out. They would just call Papa and he would abuse me even more. And I didn't want my friends to worry so I just kept quiet. But they got sick of my quietness and not telling them anything so they eventually all left me except for two who were the only ones left who cared for me: Utau and Ikuto. What would I do without them?

I put on my long sweatshirt, making sure to hide every spot bruised or cut, foundation or not. I looked at myself with my little mirror I always kept in my bag and smiled a fake smile, trying to raise my spirits and not worry anyone.

"Okay," I murmured to myself and walked to school, earning myself some weird glances from strangers. When I arrived, I quietly walked through the halls when Utau jumped in front of me, wrapping me into a hug. I groaned in pain and instantly regretted it.

Utau eyed me suspiciously. "What's wrong?" she asked or more like, demanded.

"Nothing. Nothing."I said and continued walking through the halls, feeling Utah's stares pierce me.

I went to my locker and took out some books. I kept looking for some of my other books I hadn't found yet in my mess of a locker when I felt someone wrap their arms around my waist. I knew it was Ikuto but he didn't let go. Instead he hugged tighter. I blushed and I could practically hear Ikuto's smirk when he asked, "Miss me?"

"O-o-of course not!" I stuttered. Wait. Why did I just stutter? "I hate you, Ikuto!"

Ikuto chuckled. "But I love you Amu-chaaaan!"

Ikuto's POV

I walked down the hall when I caught sight of Amu looking through her locker. I smirked and quietly crept up behind her. When I felt the time was right, I wrapped my arms around Amu's waist, knowing that she was blushing the blush I loved so much. "Miss me?" I asked, hoping for some more blushing from Amu.

"O-o-of course not!" she replied. "I hate you, Ikuto!"

I smirked and chuckled. "But I love you Amu- chaaaan!" I said, hugging my little strawberry tighter.

She struggled some more so I let her go. She was still blushing (to my satisfaction) and turned away as the bell rang to go to her classes.

At that moment, I noticed that some parts of Amu's skin were darker or lighter than other parts. As I carefully inspected her, I noticed that it was foundation! Amu usually never wore make-up. Why didn't I notice this earlier?

I grabbed Amu's arm before she left and heard her grunt in pain. I instantly let go and watched her facial expressions: it was blushing a minute ago but now her face was trying to hold back a massive amount of tears!

I gently pushed Amu towards the boys' bathroom which she responded with a surprise and resistance but I had to find out what was wrong.

I started to tear Amu's sweatshirt off her earning little protests. "N-no! Ikuto! Stop!"

When I saw her skin, I gasped. Her once beautiful, creamy, porcelain skin was now reduced to a rainbow of yellow, purple, and black spots and lots of cuts and scars, poorly covered with bandages.

Amu bowed her head in shame and guilt for she didn't tell me but I didn't notice. All I noticed was the fury, anger, and grief swelling inside me.

There was only one thing that mattered to me: Amu was being beaten.

THE END . . . of chapter 1!

Amu: Awww, why was I being abused by Papa?

Catherineza: . . .

Amu: MEANIE! WAAAAH! *runs away crying*

Ikuto: . . . Poor Amu . . . *looks at Catherineza* I will save her, right?

Catherineza: . . .

Ikuto: . . . DAMN YOU! *starts fighting Catherineza*


Ikuto: *stops fighting with Catherineza and looks at her* so I will save Amu.

Catherineza: . . .

Ikuto: F*CK YOU! *starts fighting Catherineza again*

Amu: *comes back and sighs* Please R & R

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