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Chapter 22


"Hello, I am Aruto. I've heard a lot about you, Amu Hinamori." Aruto said in a deep voice, extending an arm out.

I smiled and shook his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

He laughed a low rumble and held out his arm for me to link. "I'm glad that Ikuto has finally settled down. He'll finally be happy. Thank you for everything." I didn't answer but took his arm as answer. I think he understood enough. "Let's go."

Before we started to walk down the aisle, I whispered. "Let the show begin."

Amu's POV

I took a deep breath and started walking. I'm sure it would be pretty bad if I started to hyperventilate and fainted or something. Aruto must've felt my nervousness seeping out of my core, because he gave my hand a reassuring squeeze.

"Don't worry." He murmured. "Just stay calm."

I tried to nod. "It's hard. I feel like I'm just gonna fall on my face."

"It won't happen."

I sighed. "No promises."

Aruto chuckled and we stayed silent for the rest of the walk down the aisle, letting the wedding music dance in our ears. The minute I saw Ikuto, my heart skipped a beat, my breath stopped, and I lost all my nervousness. He looked so . . . sleek. And handsome, of course. His hair was combed down in an attempt to retain the wildness, but I could tell it was soft as usual. He wore a black suit with a pale pink rose to match with the ones on my dress. Ikuto looked amazing, stunning, incredible. He looked like the man of my dreams. I kept my eyes on him the entire time, almost skipping to be beside him.

When I reach the stairway, Aruto smoothly guided me up the stairs. He gave me quick kiss on my hand and swept back to his seat up front.

I smiled and joined hands with Ikuto. "You look beautiful." He whispered, making me blush a bit.

The next series of minutes was agonizing. The priest just kept droning on and on and on. Ikuto started flashing glares at him as a sign to hurry the hell up, but the old priest paid no heed. He just kept reading from the huge, rusty book. I swear his eyes were barely open, as if he was straining to keep awake, too. Yup. Very romantic.

And FINALLY, the moment of it all came. The priest could tell, too. He cleared his throat and straightened his back. (a/n: ain't nobody got time to go through every single wedding vow. ;-;) "Ikuto Tsukiyomi . . . do you take Amu Hinamori to be your lawful wife? Please answer with an "I do" or an "I don't"."

"I do." Ikuto smiled. A real one, not a smirk. A smile that made me melt altogether.

Ikuto's POV

"I do." The moment I answered, Amu's face lit up. Tears filled the corner of her eyes and she gave me a sweet, little smile. I couldn't resist smiling back. This was Amu at her most beautiful. I couldn't believe I was finally marrying her. I wanted to be with her all my life.

"Alright, you may kiss the bride." The priest announced, happily.

I leaned in and my lips met hers. Amu responded eagerly, wrapping her arms around my neck and twirling her fingers through my hair. I put one hand on the small of her back and the other on the nape of her neck. Some wolf-whistles were scattered among the audience. After a while, I heard someone clear their throat. I ignored them and embraced Amu tighter, sliding my tongue into her mouth. A small moan escaped her soft lips and I felt a small, arousing shudder ripple through her body.

"Hey, we haven't got all day!" Kukai shouted.

Amu pulled away, blushing like crazy. And everyone erupted into cheers.

All the girls ran up to Amu, clasping her arm, hugging her, doing things girls do.

"Congratulations, Amu-chan!" Yaya cried, giving Amu a long, hard squeeze.

"You're my sister-in-law now!" Utau squealed, grabbing a hold of Amu's hands. "We have sooo much to do!"

Rima pushed Utau out of the way, clasping Amu's thin waist. "Even so," she said in a superior tone. "Amu loves me more."

Utau glowed with anger. "Ahahaha, I don't think so, Rima-chan. Amu loves me a lot more, since I'm her sister." She said in a sickly-sweet voice.

Rima seemed to rise fifty feet. "I'm sorry to inform you, Utau, that you are very wrong."

Utau rose even higher. "Oh really? I don't think so. Let's ask Amu whose right!"

They both turned toward Amu, who grew very pale, very quickly. "I-I … I don't…"

I thought that would be a good time to intervene.

"Time to cut the cake!" I announced loudly, and everybody jumped up on their feet and looked eager.

"Isn't the wedding cake supposed to be cut at the end?" Kukai called loudly.

Uhm. No. Shut up. "Why not have a change?" I shrugged.

Amu skipped to my side and grasped my arm. "Well then, let's cut the cake!" Her sparkling smiled shined bright like a diamond in the entire room. One of the servers came up to Amu, holding a long, sharp knife on a pristine cloth while another wheeled the cake over to us.

"Be careful." I murmured in her ear as she grasped the shiny handle.

"Oh hush," She whispered back. "You're supposed to cut with me." I chuckled and enclosed my hand over hers. We brought the knife up and cut the first tier of the beautiful cake in half, revealing layers of delectable velvety cake and icing with strawberries. Then we cut it two more times, ensuring each slice a glittering, chocolate covered strawberry (a/n: edible glitter, guise.) on top. A server walked up and held a small, white plate up. Carefully, we slipped the knife under a piece of chocolaty, fruity goodness and pulled it out, placing it on the dish.

"This looks so good." I drooled, taking hold of the cake. The server quietly put the knife down and handed us two spoons before leaving in the direction of the kitchen.

Amu giggled and cut into with the spoon. "Say 'aaah'." I opened my mouth wide and she popped it into my mouth. I swear I had a food-gasm. The chocolate sponge cake melted in my mouth along with the sweet vanilla icing, leaving little bits of tart, cool strawberry. I took the spoon from Amu and cut a huge chunk out. I fed it to Amu and her eyes lit up. She took the spoon from me and licked all the small crumbs off. "This is good!" Amu set everything down and kissed me lightly, giving me another taste of the cake. She picked up the knife again and started cutting the other tiers. In a few moments, everyone was in a long line for a slice of heaven. (a/n: What can I say? I like food :3).

After everyone had a taste and was moaning over the deliciousness, two dozen servers came out of the kitchen, each holding a tray of appetizers. There was a huge variety of light snacks such as fresh mozzarella wrapped in salty prosciutto with a drizzle of olive oil and mustard seed, creamy goat cheese mixed with dill in a crunchy leaf boat, large mushrooms with a garlic ricotta stuffing, roast pork belly with apple puree and cider vinegar, prosciutto with melon kebabs, chicken salad tarts with basil, roasted pear with brie and chopped up pistachios, smoked pepper salmon on a thin cracker with honey mustard, herbed cream cheese and cucumber bites with a sprig of thyme, guacamole bruschetta on top of toasty French bread, and much more. Two chefs came out after them. One brought a huge silver dish of oysters with a side of lemon and mignonette sauce of red-wine vinegar and shallots. The other had a crystal bowl of jumbo, shell-less shrimp and cocktail sauce. This only gets better and better.

"Enjoy everyone!" Amu grinned. The guests started walking around, talking, and eating. Amu picked up an oyster and squeezed on a bit of lemon. Then she swallowed it, making a sound of satisfaction. "This is amazing, Ikuto! How'd you get all this yummy food?"

"Utau's the wedding organizer. You think she would settle for anything less?" I smirked, kissing her soft, pale cheek.

Amu dipped a shrimp into cocktail sauce and popped it in her mouth. "This is too die for." She moaned.

"You are, too." I winked, wrapping my arms around her thin, frilly waist and planting a kiss on her once again. I could feel her smiling lips against mine.

~Cocktail hours finish~ (They had dinner around 9)

Amu's POV

"Can everyone find the table with their name on it? We're gonna start dinner now!" I announced, clapping my hands together. Everyone walked around, trying to find their place. In a few minutes, everyone was sitting, looking attentively at the front table. Ikuto and I stood as a server brought us a bottle of champagne. Ikuto took the bottle and raised it up before popping it open. He poured two fizzy glasses of Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet (a/n: Pretend they somehow got a bottle) and handed me one. We cheered and then crossed arms, slowly tipping the drink into our mouths. The moment the crisp liquid touched my tongue, I tasted an amazing accent of mushrooms with sweet notes of honey. It made me melt and squeal inside.

"This is incredible." I mumbled, shocked.

"Just for you." Ikuto smiled, pouring some more champagne down my throat. Everyone started clinking their cups with a spoon. You know what that means. We untangled our arms and met again with lips. When we separated, Ikuto yelled, "Time for dinner!" Menus were handed out to everyone and I couldn't believe what was on them. There were five mind-blowing burgers; one made of different cuts of Japanese Wagyu style beef with aged Montgomery cheddar and salish, another with a foie gras patty and black truffles served on a brioche truffle bun, one had an American Kobe beef patty topped with caviar, lobster, and melted Gruyere cheese, slathered with BBQ sauce made using Kopi Luwak coffee, another featured ground sirloin stuffed with red wine braised short ribs and root vegetables on toasted parmesan and poppy seed with a dash of horseradish, and the last burger was filet mignon ground into a steak burger topped with Maytag Bleu Cheese crumbles, caviar, merlot gravy, and steak fries. (a/n: I don't own any of these expensive ass burgers) Talk about burgers.

Now if you wanted something raw, you could order five pieces of sushi covered in a leaf of edible gold or four pieces of sushi with Japanese rice in balsamic vinegar and virgin water, Muscovado sugar, Norwegian pink salmon, foie gras, smoked, pickled, and steamed sea cucumber, genuine crabmeat, and local Palawan pearls.

There was also just normal foie gras with mustard seeds and green onions au jur. And a bunch of normal dishes with ingredients of extreme quality: Like salads made of caviar beluga, young leaves of Florette, polished truffle, a potato decorated with gold leaflets, Cornish crap, lobster, and a balsam vinegar of thirty years; soups of abalone, quail eggs, and shark fin, with scallops, ginseng, and gold; and sashimi with Japanese pasta, baby corn, and snow peas, prepared with a creamy sea urchin sauce.

I gaped. In the end, I ordered a sesame seared blue fin tuna with vegetable slaw. Right after the servers went back into the kitchen, they came back out with the dishes. The taste lived up to the price like you would not believe.

After everyone finished eating, dessert menus were passed out. There was a dish of banana bread, banana ice cream and vanilla parfait topped with crushed pineapple and Marcona almond tuile; fried Oreos with a mini vanilla milkshake chaser; a waffle buried under mint parfait, chocolate, pistachio, and Chantilly cream; red velvet cheesecake with rich icing and thin patties of mint; Gruyere donuts with fig jam, hazelnut mascarpone, and wild flower honey; and an almond joconde cake with espresso custard, chocolate ganache, and an orange garnish, with a paper thin, chocolate brittle on top. They all looked amazing but what really caught my eye was the $1000 Sundae (a/n: I do not own.). It was three scoops of rich Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream covered in 23K edible gold leaf, drizzled with the world's most expensive chocolate – Amedei Porceleana and exotic candied fruits from Fauchon in Paris, gold dragets, chocolate truffles, and a tiny bowl of Grand Passion caviar.

"I want this." I told Ikuto, pointing at the mouth-watering picture.

"I think I might get the fried Oreos."

I laughed, "You love anything with Oreos."

"And strawberries." Ikuto whispered, biting my ear.

I blushed and gently pushed him away. "Not at the wedding.."

"I can't wait to ravish you tonight." He blew a puff of warm air into my ear.

I turned into a shaking tomato at that moment. "Excuse me!" I called over a waiter and he reappeared with my astonishing dessert. I took a bite and had an orgasm in my mouth. "This is so good!" I moaned. The ice cream and chocolate melted in my mouth while the candied fruit gave it a crunchy tartness. I finished it so quickly, I had a brain freeze. Ikuto popped each Oreo into his mouth like they were nothing. He looked extremely satisfied.

Ikuto's POV

My wife is so freaking adorable. When her dessert came, she looked so happy; it reminded me of the time I proposed.

Amu quickly picked up the spoon and attacked her ice cream sundae. She licked each scoop off her spoon with such satisfaction like a kid in a candy store, but actually getting to eat the multitudes of candy. By the time she finished, I had just gotten my dessert. Fried Oreos … what could be better? I ate them quickly as well, sighing with pleasure as the sweet crunch exploded in my mouth.

I peered over at Amu to see her laying back in her chair with her eyes squeezed shut.

"What are you doing?"

She didn't answer for a moment, then choked out, "Brain freeze!" I reached out and started rubbing her head. One eye peeked open. "What are you doing?"

"I'm unfreezing your brain." Amu laughed and with the quickness of a cat, stole one of my Oreos. I was silent as Amu threw the Oreo into her mouth, looking proud of her accomplishment. "Can I have some more Oreos?" I called out. "My wife is stealing mine!"

"Ikuto!" Amu stage-whispered, trying to hide a smile. "Don't do that! It's embarrassing." I could hear Kukai and Utau laughing beside us.

I smirked and bit the last Oreo in half. I placed the other half into Amu's mouth. "On second thought, can we have a crème brulee?" Servers arrived in moments. They placed a medium sized porcelain cup of custard with sugar in front of us. Then, a chef came out with a blowtorch and torched the brown sugar, creating a beautiful crispy sunset orange. I picked up a spoon and broke into the crunchy surface. I brought it up to Amu's waiting lips. "Bon appetite."

"Mmmm, this is delicious." She said, her eyes closed as she slowly munched on the creamy bliss.

Suddenly, a bonbon came shooting past our faces. I dodged with extreme reflexes and watched as it exploded on Kukai.

"What was that for?!" Utau shrieked, shooting up. You can guess who she was glaring at.

"Did you see what he was doing with his orange? That's disgusting." Rima scoffed.

"He made a smiley face!"

"With an orange? That's not classy. We're at a wedding, you know."

"Who's the one throwing food? You got some on my dress!" Utau growled, picking a blackberry out of her parfait.

"Utau, don't—" Amu started, but then a berry was flying right by her ear into Rima's face.

It hit her face and slowly slid down, leaving a dark purple streak. All was silent as Rima slowly stood up, wiping a bit of the juice off her face. All hell was about to break loose. She took a deep breath and quietly picked up her plate of a half-finished piece of red velvet cake. Then with precise aim, she almost nailed Utau in the face, but my sis ducked at the last minute, allowing the cake to hit Yaya. Yaya was giddy with happiness.

"Yaya loves cake!" She licked the remaining icing off her plate and chucked it at Nagi. His eyes widened and scrambled away for his life. The shiny crystal plate shattered into a million pieces as it hit the white column. Things were silent again.

"Goddamn, Yaya." Kukai coughed out.

Someone in the crowd decided that wasn't enough. "FOOD FIGHT!" And a cherry tartlet was thrown at Kairi. He dodged it with his ninja skills and simply looked annoyed. All of a sudden, there was a full-out food battle. Everyone was getting hit or throwing their desserts. It got to the point when people started storming into the kitchen to bring out more delicacies to be thrown. Did I get hit? No, I'm too smooth.

I ducked under the table with Amu and we hid most of the duration of the fight. "Wanna get out of here?"

She smiled mischievously. "I thought you'd never ask." Amu grabbed my hand and we tried running out of there.

The moment we were at the door, someone screamed, "The bride and groom are running away!"

Everyone started chasing us, even the chefs. I scooped Amu into my arms, ignoring her protests to let her down, and started running. I quickly pounced into the hotel we were staying in and let Amu walk by herself. We nonchalantly walked into the elevator and I pressed our floor. As the thick metal doors were closing, I caught a peek of Kukai and Utau rushing toward us. "Stop! Don't—" But their words were chopped off.

As soon as we reached our destination, I pulled Amu into the left hallway. "Ikuto, our room is that way." Amu said, pointing to the right. "What are you doing?" I didn't answer as I swiped the key into the lock. Pushing the door, I pulled Amu in. She gasped, "Ikuto . . . this is amazing! Look at the view!" We had the whole skyline to admire. This room was our honeymoon room. I had booked it so I could have private time with Amu without our friends bothering us. It was a spacious room with a kitchen and bathroom, including a hot tub. The living room had a couch and a flat screen TV that led to the bedroom.

I took Amu's hand and showed her the bedroom. I wrapped my arms around her waist and whispered, "I can't wait."

She blushed fifty shades of red (a/n: if you know what I mean) and sputtered, "L-lets watch some television! I think Miss USA is on today." She pried herself out of my grip and skipped over to the shiny leather couch. She grabbed the remote and took a few moments to change the channel.

I pulled a bag of Hot Cheetos (a/n: I do not own) out of the pantry closet and plopped down next to Amu. I opened the bag and put my arm around Amu's shoulders. She snuggled close to me and interlaced her legs with mine, stealing a Cheeto. I pouted and lightly knocked tickled her knee. "You love stealing my food."

"It's fun." She tittered as she took another spicy snack.

~Some Time Later (11:45)~

"Baby, wake up." I breathed, lightly tugging her hand. She mumbled something garbled and turned her head away. I sighed and gently lifted her up. I took Amu to the bedroom and laid her down on the king-sized mattress.

Her eyelids fluttered open and met mine with surprising clarity. "Are we still doing it?" She croaked.

I flushed a little bit, "It's alright. You're tired. I want you to rest up."

Amu sat up. "Ikuto, if I'm going to lose my virginity . . .I want it to be to you. Now."

"A-are you sure?"

She smiled and nodded. Amu sprang out of bed and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door shut. "I want to shower first!" She yelled as I heard the faucet turn on. I was stunned as I sat down on the soft bed.

Half an hour later, Amu came out of the bathroom with a fluffy towel encasing her and flushed cheeks. She sat down next to me and we were quiet for a few seconds. ". . . Can you go shower?"

A small smile graced my face as I got up. "Of course." I entered the misty room and closed the door behind me.

Amu's POV

When Ikuto went to wash up, I let out a long breath. My heart was pounding so hard. I closed my eyes for a second and let out a giddy, trembling chortle. I shot up and started walking around the bed, letting my thoughts wander.

It's going to happen . . . He's done so much for me and asked for nothing in return except my hand in marriage. I was surprised Ikuto never really tried anything. I guess he did it out of respect, but now . . . I'm ready. I want to love Ikuto fully, with all my heart and body. I wonder what it feels like?

Ikuto exited the bathroom wearing a towel around his waist, revealing his flawless, chiseled body. He had a face of happiness as he took my hands and pushed me down onto the bed.

~End of le Chapter~

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