There, I fixed it...sort of, there are really only tiny differences but I feel better about this chapter now. Much better. *Inhales deeply* Also, I feel like I lost a lot of people along the way. Where did everybody go?

Shot Me Down

Feeling better in real clothes, jeans, shirt and a casual but dressy button-up sweater Gillian had a moment as they entered The Lightman Group that everyone would know just by looking at her that she and Cal had gone at it like rabbits last night and that morning. Her self-consciousness must have shown on her face because Cal placed his hand on the small of her back to reassure her. It didn't work.

"Never wanted to keep it a secret." He said and ushered her down the hall. "Oi, Torres!" He called when he saw the younger woman. She stopped instantly and looked a little nervous. Which Gillian thought was good because then the 'Natural' wouldn't be focused on her body language. "Is the plunker that shot Foster still here?" He asked but his eyes brows were up, already knowing the answer.

"Uh, n-no." Torres answered, also knowing Cal already knew. "I didn't call because I didn't want to disturb Dr. Foster." She continued, looking at Gillian for the first time. "You looked pretty wiped before you left." There was a pause as Torres considered her. "You look a lot better now." She said slowly, and Gillian let Torres search her face, keeping eye contact.

"That's enough, Torres." Cal said, bringing Torres's attention back to him. "Did you get 'im to give up the gun?"

Torres shifted on her feet, sticking her hip out in a self-assured kind of way. "Oh yeah. He tossed it under a dumpster just around the corner from his apartment, along with the clothes he was wearing."

"Well don't go getting too excited now. Loker already got a raise, can't afford two." Cal replied.

Gillian gave Cal a look suggesting he not put Torres down for doing a good job then turned to the younger woman. "Did he say why he was there?"

Torres nodded. "Yeah, had to do with the girl, the one that gave him up. He said it was because she made fun of him on the internet. Cyber bullying, or Facebook, I don't know." She wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Anyway, the guy was a nut job. He apologized for shooting you, though, he was worried that he'd killed you." She tapped her hand against the other and gave a clear apologetic, 'go figure' expression.

Gillian felt Cal's hand start to rub her back and she shook her head at the nonsense of it all.

"You know you look really good. Did you sleep well?" Torres asked, fishing but Gillian didn't call her on it.

"No, actually I was up all night." Gillian answered, she felt Cal go still through his hand on her back, and Torres's eyebrows almost disappeared into her hair line. "Nightmares." She finished, her voice even, shrugging her good shoulder. It was a half truth and she knew Torres would see it.

Torres nodded, slowly and was about to open her mouth when Cal cut her off. "Right, well, off you go. Back to work." He shooed her away and she left without arguing.

Cal returned his hand to her spine and led her towards his office. "Are you alright, Love?" He asked when they were alone in his anti-office, out of earshot.

Gillian nodded and continued into his office, taking a seat on his couch. She tucked her legs up under her bum, putting an arm on the back of the couch and leaned her head on it. She watched as Cal sat next to her, close like he usually would have but now the closeness didn't feel like an invasion, but comfortable and normal. His stare, though also normal, was uncomfortable. "Please, don't read me, right now." She asked quietly, not looking at him.

"I wasn't…" He replied and her head shot up, giving what he wanted. She looked away again. "Hard to make sense of something that doesn't." His tone was imploring and soft. He inched in a little more, his thigh under her knees, his arm draped over the couch, fingers gently rubbing her bad shoulder, not hard enough to hurt. "But, it's not all bad." He continued and she met his gaze, questioning. "Got you in my bed, didn't it?" She couldn't help the small smile from curling her lips. He moved his hand to cup her face, his thumb stroking the skin of her cheek. She tilted her head into his hand, closing her eyes to simply enjoy his touch.

"Mmmm." She murmured. "Maybe we should have stayed there."

"Aye, aye. I'll get the door, shall I?" She opened her eyes when his hand left her face. She reached out and grabbed him, stopping him from getting very far.

"You'll do no such thing." She stated, a small grin on her face that she couldn't stop.

"I bet I would. And." He paused to add to his point, resettling on the couch. "I can see that you liked the idea." Gillian tried to make her face go blank. He grinned, pointing to the corners of her eyes and mouth. "It's right there, no use hiding it. You're a bit naughty aren't you?" Her chin went up slightly, not in anger but a touch of pride. "Ah, see. This just gets better and better. How about I tie you up in the park and have my way with you?"

Gillian shook her head, but she couldn't even try to hide that the idea excited her. Not that she really wanted it to happen. It was just a fantasy. "And what about you, Cal. What turns you on?"

"Everything about you, Love." His voice was low, as he shifted in his seat, his tone stoking the fire in her belly. "I am completely and totally head over heals in love with you, Gillian Foster." She smiled at his words, seeing the truth on his face. She leaned in, her hands on his chest as she pressed her lips to his.

"Well, holy crap!" Came from behind her. Startled, she turned around to see Loker standing in the doorway, a file in his hands, complete shock on his face.

Gillian had thought that she would feel embarrassed when the others found out but she found that she didn't. Actually, she noticed that once Loker got over his shock at what he had walked in on he didn't look at all surprised. She decided then that everyone already thought she and Cal were together. She smiled politely up at Loker. "Can I help you with something, Eli?" She asked, raising her eyebrows expectantly.

"I uh." He held out the file, looking confused to be holding it but there was a small hint of a smile on his face. "There's a case." He used the folder to gesture behind him. "Should I come back?" He added, already turning his body to leave.

"Now that, Loker, is a great idea." Cal piped up. "Go on, tell Torres what she wants to hear. Foster and I are banging. Well." He stopped, waving his hand in the air, and Gillian watched as Loker started to blush. "Not at the moment, as you can tell."

"Uh yeah. I'm going." Loker jutted his thumb over his shoulder pointing behind him and left, quickly.

Gillian turned to Cal, exasperated. "Really, was that necessary, Cal? The poor kid will never look at me the same way again."

He shrugged and pulled her to him so she landed in his lap. "Suits me just fine, I don't want another bloke looking at my woman."

"You are impossible." She smiled and let him kiss her.