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She watched as everyone filed into the main room of the mansion. She had been the first to arrive. She thought the whole idea was stupid, but her manager and her company had wanted her to participate. As everyone arrived, introductions began, starting with the males.

"Hey! The name's Naruto Uzumaki, hot ass actor and ramen connoisseur," the blond man stood in the middle of the room and grinned as he introduced himself. Bright blue eyes stood out from his naturally tanned skin. One look at him and everyone knew it was Naruto Uzumaki, the three marks on each cheek gave him away. Yes, he was a pretty amazing actor, and he thought rather highly of himself. It was obvious from the black pants, black tank, and opened orange tux jacket that he wore, along with a pair of Converse. The blond stepped out of they for the next male to introduce himself.

"Yo, Sasuke Uchiha, model, that's all you need to know." Who wouldn't know pale, skinny, tall, dark-haired Sasuke Uchiha? Oh yeah, a hermit living under a rock. His white button up, unbuttoned halfway, hung loosely on his torso, contrasting with the black skinny jeans and fashionable black ankle boots. The black-eyed male moved out of the way and stood next to Naruto so the next male could introduce himself.

"I really don't need an introduction..." The last male said with a smirk. He looked a lot like his twin, except his hair lay flat, not spiked up. Though his brother was a model, he was not. He was, in fact, a member of a boy band, a rapper in a boy band, actually. He was clad in seemingly comfortable enough black pants, a white button up with a black jacket over it, and what seemed like very nice black sneakers. "Sai Uchiha." He said, smirking before swooping into a deep bow. He went and stood next to his twin and let the girls introduce themselves.

She watched as one of the other girls went first. "Ino Yamanaka everyone, the party can start now." The blond female flipped her long ponytail and grinned brightly. The thigh length purple dress clung to every curve of her body and tied around her slender neck and a pair of matching purple pumps adorned her dainty feet. She was there because of the many things she had done in the film industry, including music videos. She designed costumes, sets, themes, computer programs, etc., all in the name of film.

A shorter girl introduced herself next. A white beret sat atop long purple-tinted black waves framing a pale heart shaped face. Light lavender eyes showed innocence and a certain shyness that said that she was confident beneath her exterior. She wore a simple pair of white slacks, white flats, and a white tank turtleneck top. She bowed at the waist formally and smiled kindly. "I am Hinata Hyuuga, artist and animal shelter owner, along with animal sitter for the stars." Her voice was soft, but showed authority.

She sighed softly as she walked to the middle of the room where everyone else had introduced themselves. A couple of them looked at her with confused expressions and others with knowing expressions. "Uhm, I'm Sakura Haruno..." She murmured. She felt the room tense with crushed expectations. She knew what they were expecting, they were expecting her persona, not the real her. She was the music industry's rising talent. She was able to sing in English, Korean, French, German, Swedish, Latin, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish, along with her dancing techniques. She could speak conversationally in most of them as well. The girl that stood before them was not the rising star they were expecting. The girl in front of them wore baggy khaki shorts, a dark pink hoodie, and knee high combat boots instead of flashy clothes like her persona when singing. Her shoulder length pink locks were pulled back into a ponytail instead of styled to make it look like she cared, which honestly, she didn't.

As introductions ended, the six were led to a dining room and sat with girls on one side and boys on the other. A full three course meal of appetizer, entree, and desert was laid out before them with plenty for everyone.

Naruto grabbed a rather large sized bowl of ramen and simply stuck to that. Sasuke set equal portions of meat, vegetable, and bread on his plate and ate rather meticulously. His twin, Sai, was the complete opposite; there was way more meat than bread and way more bread than vegetables. Ino placed equally sized tiny amounts of vegetables and emat on her plate, but no bread. Hinata simply ate the recommended portions. Sakura put only vegetables on her plate. It was a little known fact that the young star was a vegetarian.

"So, Sakura!" The words came out through a mouthful of noodles that made said rosette cringe.


"Tell us about yourself, I mean, if we're all going to be living together, might as well get to know one another." The blond male grinned, he even got a few mutters of agreement. "We'll do it too, of course, but you first since you're the newest to the fame."

Sakura swallowed the bite of salad that was in her mouth. "Well..."

"Oh come on, don't be shy... I mean, you're already not what we expected, what more can you do to dissapoint?" Ino smirked.

The rosette narrowed her aqua eyes at the blond girl before speaking. "Mon nom est Sakura. Je suis age de quinze ans, et je parle neuf langues differentes." She smirked at the baffled looks on most of their faces.

Hinata laughed quietly to herself, she too had seen the expressions. "She said that her name is Sakura, she is fifteen years old and can speak nine different languages."

"Et je suis vegetarien," the pink haired girl smiled, glad that someone had understood her.

"And she's a vegetarian." At those words, the girl's lavender eyes got big. "Really? I didn't know that... It's not on your Wikipedia page..." Her cheeks turned pink at that moment. "When I hear songs on the radio I tend to look up the artist on Wikipedia..." She looked down and then continued eating her food.

"Well, that's one thing we know about Miss Hyuuga," Naruto smirked, winking at the blushing girl. "You next then, since you gave us that random tidbit." He chuckled before shoving another huge bite of noodles into his equally huge mouth.

Hinata fiddled with her fork as she felt everyone's eyes on her. "Uhm, well, I... I'm seventeen years old and I... I take in abandoned animals and care for them until they are either picked up by their original owners or are adopted... And I also watch dogs and cats for other stars." She said softly. "That's mainly what I'm known for. I also illustrate children's books and horror novels..."

Sasuke looked at Hinata and smirked slightly. "By the way, thank you for taking care of Shredder the other day, he really enjoyed the company of the other dogs." He nodded to her and then took a bite of the meat on his plate.

"I enjoyed caring for him." Hinata smiled. "Though, my own Pomeranian got jealous of your Great Pyrenees when he insisted on sleeping with us." She chuckled at the memory. "I can tell you really care for him by how friendly he is and how much he missed you when you walked in to pick him up."

Ino smiled. "Next time I go for a set design conference, I'll have to get you to watch after my Persian..." She smiled slightly. "If you are as good with cats as you are with dogs."

Hinata nodded. "I have three cats of my own..." She said confidently. "And they get nothing but the best."

Ino chuckled. "Good." She shrugged. "I guess I'll go about my story now." She grinned. "Most of my life can be found on Wikipedia, however... My father being an actor and my mother being a model... Anyway, I'm eighteen and I design movie and music video sets, costumes, make-up and hair concepts, and dances. I've worked with Sai's group, Style, as dance coordinator. Currently I am working on a few set design's for our newbie's music videos." She shot a smirk at Sakura, who was eating her salad and therefore didn't see, and she also didn't seem interested in the conversation.

Sai sighed softly, he was already finished with his food. "Since my name was mentioned, I shall go next." He sighed softly. "I am the rapper and main dancer of the five member boy group Style. I am mostly only found out about because of my twin and that makes me the most well known member in our group, which annoys the other boys sometimes. We've been around for about two years now and we're just now getting major publicity, which rocks." He grinned happily. "Anyway, I think I'll hand it over to my dearest twin brother now." He said, there was obviously sarcasm in his voice.

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he took the last bite of meat off of his plate. He chewed and swallowed before speaking. "As my idiot brother forgot to mention, we're nineteen years old." He shook his head and sighed. "Everyone knows who I am and what I do. I model." He shrugged. "And I own a Great Pyrenees named Shredder who is more like a huge lovable teddy bear than a dog. Though he gets protective."

As the turn for more in depth introductions got to Naruto, the blond got abnormally quiet. He had finished his ramen. He bit his bottom lip and then spoke. "I'm twenty years old, apparently the oldest one here," he chuckled. "I live in an apartment with a pet frog, two goldfish, and my annoying little brother." He shrugged. "I act a lot, so when I get to see him we spend a lot of time together and do a lot of things, but when he can't be with me, he stays with his tutor. Our parents are gone, so we're all each other has." He smiled slightly. "You won't find that on any Wikipedia page, I try to keep my brother out of the spotlight, so I edit my own Wikipedia page."

The room fell silent as his story ended and then Sakura cleared her throat. "Looks like everyone is finished eating..." She said, standing up. "I'm going to the girls' suite." She began walking away from the table.

"Wait, we have to share a room?" Ino raised an eyebrow.

Sakura nodded. "Did no one explain the living situations to anyone else?" She raised an eyebrow and then rolled her sea-foam green eyes. "Girls share a three bedroom suite with a mini kitchen/living room and a full bathroom. Same with the boys." She shook her head. "Maybe you should learn to read the fine print, or I'll have my manager fire you... I don't need a ditz designing my music videos and costumes." She glared before walking confidently out of the room.

Ino's eyes were wide, as were Sai's.

"But no one has ever fire Ino Yamanaka... How could a newbie have the guts to even suggest it?" Sai looked like a hurt puppy. "All of our videos are amazing because of you, Ino. Don't listen to the spoiled brat." He said with a kind smile. He stood and bowed at the waist. "I think I will retire for the night as well."

Sasuke nodded and followed his twin in agreement. Naruto followed after them.

Ino was still in shock as Hinata stood and walked past her. "Come on, Yamanaka, beauty sleep, remember?" She chuckled sweetly, grabbing Ino's hand and helping her stand up. The blond female eventually just shrugged it off and moved past the shy dark haired girl, walking in front of her to the suite.


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