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It had been a week since everyone had arrived at the mansion, during the day, the six stars attended their own separate (sort of) schedules, but at night, they all lived together. Dinner was over with and the girls were in their suite and the boys were in theirs.

Sakura sighed softly as she french braided her own hair in the bathroom mirror. She had left the door open as she always did when braiding her hair for bed and brushing her teeth.

"Could you do that to my hair?" A soft voice reached the rosette's ears and made her jump slightly. Hinata was wearing a simple lavender knee length tank top night gown, her hair left down to fall over her shoulders.

Sea-foam green met lavender and there was silence for a split second before a loud blond walked to the bathroom door.

"Yeah, seriously, you're the first person I've met who can french braid their own hair..." Ino said, genuinely impressed, as she took a drink of her bottled water. She wore a pair of dark purple shorts and a black tank top. Her hair was up in a high ponytail. "Could you teach me?"

Sakura looked between the both of them, biting her lip as she quickly wrapped a hair tie around the end of her braid. "Um..." She mumbled before turning back to the sink and wetting her toothbrush, putting toothpaste on it, and then brushing her teeth. She still felt the eyes of the two older girls on her as she finished her night time ritual. The pink-haired fifteen year old put her hands in the pockets of her dark pink hoodie and looked down at her baggy pink pajama pants. "I guess I could." She said softly, answering both of their questions at the same time. She led them both to her room and opened the door.

Hinata looked around in awe as she stepped in after Sakura. "Wow..." She said softly, smiling.

Ino chuckled. "I did not expect this."

Sakura turned and glared at them. "Speak a word of this to anyone, and I'll make sure neither of you can talk ever again." She said as she walked and plopped down onto her queen size bed (that was the size of everyone's bed in the mansion). The room was painted pink and stuffed animals were all around the room. It was if a little girl lived there, not a fifteen year old rising super star.

The two older girls nodded. "Of course." Hinata smiled. She ran her fingers gently through her long hair and sighed softly. "So, could you french braid my hair?" She asked softly.

Sakura nodded and grabbed a brush and a hair tie. "Sit in front of me, Ino, you'll need to be beside me if you're going to watch and learn..." She said softly as the two listened to what she said. As she brushed Hinata's hair back and made sure all the knots were out, she began explaining the technique to Ino. She carefully began braiding, making sure each of the three chunks were even with addition of hair. As she finished, she wrapped the hair tie around the end and smiled softly. "And that's how you do it."

Hinata looked into the giant pink trimmed princess mirror and smiled. "Yay!" She giggled as she jumped off the bed. She turned around to face the other two and blushed. "Sorry, my hair hasn't been french braided since my mother was..." Her eyes went wide and she got silent, looking down.

Sakura looked at her with sympathetic eyes. "I understand how much it hurts to lose a parent..." She whispered softly.

Ino bit her lip. "Siblings are hard too..." She said quietly.

Hinata smiled softly as she climbed back onto the bed. "My mother was a kindhearted person who cared for animals, plants, and humans... Any living thing, she loved and tried to take care of..." She said softly. "She's the reason I take care of pets and own an animal shelter..." She chuckled sadly as Sakura handed her and Ino a silky pink throw pillow, grabbing one herself. The purple haired girl bit her lip before continuing her story. "When I was eight, my mother died..." She said quietly. "She had brain cancer, we didn't expect it to take her so soon..." Tears brimmed the pale girl's eyes, but she didn't let any fall. "I was at the mall with my cousin when she passed. Father was with her at the hospital and Hanabi was at Cheer practice..." She shook her head. "When Neji and I got the call, I broke down in the middle of the mall..." She didn't look up as the tears broke through the dam the girl had tried to keep up. She felt two pairs of arms around her and she chuckled. "I haven't told anyone that story before..." She shook her head. "I guess this means we're friends now." She looked at the two and smiled softly.

Ino smiled back and nodded. "I guess so..." She said, looking between the two younger girls. "Sakura, you said you had lost a parent?"

Sakura nodded. "It's not as touching, honestly..." She chuckled. "I was five, my father was an idiot who drank a lot. Him and my mother fought a lot, and ignored me..." She shrugged. "One night, my father gets drunk to the point he's not angry, he's morbidly depressed, I walk in from being at a friend's house, he sits be down on the couch and makes me watch him hang himself..." She sighed. "At that time, I still loved my father. I sat there in that room and I cried until my mother came home from work. She didn't seem phased by it..." She chuckled dryly. "Shows how strained their relationship was... I was bombarded by police because I was the last one to see him alive... It caused years of therapy..." She sighed. "Even now that I'm getting famous and everything, that memory still affects me..."

Ino's eyes were wide and Hinata looked frightened.

Sakura sighed softly, she was staring at her hands, picking at her fingernails. "Anyway, Ino, what about your sibling?"

Ino sighed softly. "It was a big thing in the news about seven years ago... I was twelve and my little brother was seven..." She sighed softly. "Our family was at our house on the lake, I was in the house changing out of my bathing suit and into actual clothes and my parents and brother were outside. My parents were thinning the weeds growing with our rose vines and my brother was swimming. One second, he's near the shore and having fun... The next, he's gone..." She sighed softly. "Never found the body... And he never came home..." She sighed and wiped a stray tear from her cheek. She smiled as Hinata placed a hand over hers and Sakura gave her a sympathetic look.

Sakura smiled and slid off of her bed. "I think it's time for a us girls to sneak into the main kitchen of this mansion and snag us some late night ice cream." She smirked playfully, the first true emotion she had shown since their arrival the previous week.

Ino chuckled and nodded. "I think you have a very good idea there, Sakura-chan." She slid off of the bed as well, followed by Hinata.

Hinata smiled. "I do love ice cream." She said softly.

The three girls left their room and crept down the hallway to the kitchen. They quietly opened the freezer and pulled out the gallon bucket of chocolate ice cream. Sakura opened the container while Ino silently turned on the light and Hinata grabbed three spoons. They were giggling and trying to stay quiet as they ate the ice cream as the boys walked into the kitchen with confused and drowsy looks on their faces.

Sakura was in the middle of a bite of ice cream when the boys walked in. Their appearance caused her to laugh and, luckily she covered her mouth, laugh/cough her ice cream into her hand. She was still laughing as she went to the sink to wash her hand off and wipe off her face.

Ino and Hinata were giggling at both the appearance of the boys and Sakura's ice cream mishap.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Uhm, what's so funny?"

"You mean, you didn't realize that you're wearing footie pajamas with frogs on them, Sai is wearing boxers, and Sasuke is wearing a tank top and briefs?" Sakura laughed, stabbing her spoon into the ice cream. "I mean, really guys? You couldn't put something acceptable on before coming out here?"

"You talk a lot for being the youngest one here..." Sai muttered in a half asleep voice.

"And you're eating ice cream at this time of night," Sasuke added, yawning.

Hinata laughed loudly and then blushed, looking at the ice cream. "You three are funny when you're half asleep..."

"Je me demande si ils etaient vraiment dormir ou simplement faire semblant," Sakura mumbled with a giggle. Surprisingly, Ino understood her along with Hinata and the three of them laughed together.

"What did she just say?" Naruto asked.

Ino rolled her eyes. "She said that she wonders if you three were really sleeping or just pretending..." She chuckled.

Naruto's eyes widened. "Well, you caught us I guess..." He smirked. "We were just really bored and wanted something to do... OW!"

"You weren't supposed to tell them you baka!" Sasuke growled.

Sai chuckled, glad it wasn't him being hit on the head this time.

Hinata giggled as she held out three spoons to the boys. "Ice cream?"

Naruto grabbed a spoon, and as his fingers brushed Hinata's, it seemed as if the two were frozen in time for a split second. Bright blue eyes locked with pale lavender and everything seemed to disappear except each other... Until Sai bumped Naruto out of the way, grabbed a spoon, and began eating some ice cream.

Sasuke politely took the last spoon and took a bite of ice cream. The nineteen smirked at the fifteen year old rosette as he watched her eat a bite of ice cream silently. Her personality had changed since the boys had walked into the room. He was very observant and wondered why the new rising star kept changing her outside persona. He shrugged and sighed as the six gathered around the tub of ice cream and ate almost all of it before going their separate ways and going to bed.


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