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Chapter 1: Teen Destiny

Pai and Kisshu exited the locker room. Pai's purple locks were matted on his head from the sweat while Kisshu pulled his back into a pony tail.

"Some practice today, huh?" Kisshu spoke.

"Yeah," Pai said, rotating his arm, "I think I pulled something."

"Hey, man" Kisshu laughed, "Don't talk like that. Homecoming is just around the corner. We need that arm Mr. Quarterback."

"Yeah, yeah," Pai brushed off Kisshu's words.

They proceeded to double doors that led outside. They walked past a field where a group of cheerleaders were practicing.

"Would you look at that," Kisshu whispered, staring at the girls.

"Really, Kisshu?" Pai rolled his eyes.

"What?" Kisshu asked, "I'm a guy, they're girls. It's natural, man." He nudged Pai, "Now the real problem would be if I didn't notice them."

The cheerleaders were stretching and getting warmed up, waiting for their red-headed head cheerleader to give them orders.

"Hey, Ichigo," A cheerleader giggled, "Isn't that Pai?"

Ichigo turned around as a smirk went across her face. "Take over, Meimi." Ichigo gracefully got to her feet and ran over to the two football players.

"Hey, Pai," Ichigo greeted him with a flirtatious grin. Pai turned around.

"Oh, hey, Ichigo," Pai spoke.

"Hello, my fair maiden," Kisshu smirked. He took her hand. "What do we owe the pleasure of this fine appearance?"

Ichigo pulled her hand away. "Nice try, Kisshu."

Kisshu's smirk widened, "Fiesty, like a cat. I like that."

"Any who," Ichigo ignored him, "So Pai, what's up?"

"Nothing, just leaving practice."

"Think, we have a good shot for homecoming?" Ichigo asked, grinning.

"With our team, of course," Pai answered.

"Hmm. Well just remember, I'll be cheering for you, Pai," Ichigo took a step closer.

"Okay," Pai eyed her, strangely then began to walk off. Kisshu winked at Ichigo, before following.

"Dude, that's not even fair!" Kisshu whined, playfully.

"What?" Pai asked.

"Ichigo, the captain of the cheerleaders, is after you, and you don't even care," Kisshu pointed out, "Man, she's perfect you know."

"Then why don't you go after her?"

"It's obvious she wants you." Kisshu muttered.

"She's not my type," Pai stated flatly.

"Doesn't matter, Pai," Kisshu pointed out, "She's head cheerleader and you're quarterback. It's already destined to be."


Meimi came up behind Ichigo. "Have a date to homecoming, yet?"

"Not yet," Ichigo smirked, watching Pai leave, "but don't worry. It'll happen."

"Maybe you should aim a little lower, like Kisshu?" Miemi suggested.

Ichigo looked at her horrified, "I'll stick with Pai, thanks. Besides, he'll win homecoming king and I'll be the queen of course. It's destiny."

"Ha, check out nerd girl," Meimi giggled.

Ichigo turned her attention to the slender girl leaving the school. She had a box of books in her arm. She walked towards the parking lot quickly with her green braided pigtails flying behind her. She tripped and her books went flying. She sighed before beginning to retrieve her books. Ichigo and Meimi laughed.

"Tell you what; the day I go out with Kisshu, she'll be with Pai."


Ryou and Taruto leaned against the school building. Ryou was smoking a cigarette while Taruto sketched something on the wall.

"Are you going to Homecoming?" Taruto asked Ryou.

"Why are you asking me?" Ryou asked him. Taruto rolled his eyes.

"Forget it," he whispered.

"No, why? You want to go?"

"I would, if I didn't think it was so boring," Taruto replied, "besides, I don't want to take any of these girls."

"Hmm," Ryou thought, "I got an idea, to make this fun."


"We should find two, really pathetic girls and take them to Homecoming as a gag."

"Really, Ryou?" Taruto asked.

"What?" Ryou asked, "It'll be funny. Unless you don't think you can do it."

"I can do it," Taruto spat.

"Okay, it's settled," Ryou nodded, "That's the plan."


Kiechiro pulled his beat up car into the drive thru of the retro-themed café. A short blonde girl skated up to his window.

"What can I get you, Kiechiro?" She asked, a smile planted on her face at the sight of her regular.

"Just a burger today, Pudding," Kiechiro looked towards the passenger seat, "Want anything, Masaya?"

"I'm good," the tan dark-haired teen replied graciously.

"Okay, one burger coming up," Pudding repeated before doing a spin and skating off.

"She's sure energetic," Masaya noted.

"Oh, Pudding?" Kiechiro asked, "Yeah, she's always been like that." Kieichiro glanced out of his open window to catch a glimpse of a beautiful goddess as she skated by his car. "Who's that?" Kiechiro whispered straining his head to look behind him.

She had long legs and a model's figure. Her face was a masterpiece even though she had an "I don't care" expression on it. Her dark purple hair fell to her back and her eyes were sparkling jewels.

Masaya turned around in his own seat, "I've never seen her before." The mysterious figure skated by Kiechiro's window again. She looked back, their eyes met for a brief moment before she entered the café.

"Wow," Kiechiro whispered, "She's something."

"Who's something?" Pudding asked holding a bag up to his window. Kieichiro hadn't even noticed her return.

"That girl, who is she?" Kiechiro asked Pudding.

"Oh, that's Zakuro-san," Pudding answered grinning, "She's new in town." Pudding looked at his mesmerized face, "Oh and she'll be attending our school as of tomorrow."

"Really, now?" Kieichiro felt a small smile appear on his face.

"Oh boy," Masaya spoke up, "I know that face."

"What are you talking about?" Kieichiro asked, still grinning, "Thanks, Pudding." Kieichiro took the bag and put the car in reverse.

"Uh, aren't you going to pay?" Pudding asked tapping on the car.

"Oh, right," Kieichiro whispered, pulling out his wallet.


"Sorry I'm late!" Lettuce huffed carrying a box of books into the library. She set them down on the table in front of Mint.

"Please tell me I don't have to study all of these," Mint asked staring at the box. Lettuce smiled.

"Of course," Lettuce replied, "That is, if you want to pass English."

"I don't want to pass," Mint shrugged, pushing the box aside, "Besides, I'm going to be a professional ballet dancer. Why do I need English?"

"Well," Lettuce started, pulling a book from the box, "If you're a professional, then you'll be international, meaning you'll travel to other countries, such as America, so you'll need to know English, correct?"

"Fine," Mint sighed, taking the book from her tutor, "But all of these?"

"No, not all," Lettuce answered, "I was just kidding. Only three of these books are yours."

"And the rest?"

"I'm going to read them," Lettuce answered. Mint stared at her. "You know," Lettuce went on, "for fun?"

"No one reads for fun anymore, Lettuce," Mint groaned leaning back in her chair. She elegantly crossed her legs and began lifting through the pages.

Lettuce looked her over. She was petite, but beautiful and graceful. Even while reading a book she looked charming. Her dark hair was in tightly made buns that sat on her head and she wore a dark navy dress with a red bow on the front. They had become somewhat friends, but that was only because she was recommended to be Mint's tutor. Any other circumstances and they would most likely have not exchanged two words to each other.

They were complete opposites. She was graceful and elegant, while Lettuce saw herself as clumsy and accident prone. She was pretty, and Lettuce, she didn't know what she was. She was a nerd; she knew that and the cheerleading squad would never let her forget it.

Lettuce sighed to herself and went to grab a book from her box. Romeo and Juliet, she read to herself. It was on of her favorites.

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