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Chapter 3: Dodging Shakespeare

"I don't think we're going to make it," Masaya mumbled to Keichiro. It was 4th period, P.E, which meant only one thing: dodge ball. "Why does our team always lose?"

"Because," Keichiro replied, with a quick duck, "The other team is made of the jocks and cheerleaders, while our team is, well, everybody else."

Masaya jumped to the right just missing a really fast ball. Kiechiro stepped in and caught the ball, and in a quick movement threw the ball back, hitting a cheerleader in the leg. Their team cheered.

"No fair," Meimi whined before taking a seat on the bench.

"Nice throw," Masaya looked over to Keichiro, but something else caught his eye. He saw Mint, the only girl left on his team so she seemed like an easy target, but she dodged each ball with agility and grace, not even bothering to attempt to catch it. She just swiftly moved her body back and forth. It was almost as if she was dancing, and this wasn't even a game, but a stage.

Masaya was so mesmerized that it wasn't until a ball collided with his chest that he snapped back into reality and hit the floor with a thud. Mint turned to look at him, and their eyes met briefly, before another ball was thrown and hit Mint straight in the face. She fell over on her knees and quickly grabbed her face in her hand. Masaya looked up to see a bunch of jocks snickering while the cheerleaders giggled.

"Hey," Masaya yelled, jumping to his feet, "You know head shots are illegal!"

"It was an accident," One of the guys scoffed.

"She should've been paying more attention," Claudia shrugged, "Now can you two losers get off the court so we can finish this game."

"Just let it go," Mint whispered as she walked passed Masaya, and sat in the bleachers. Masaya followed and sat next to her. Mint glanced over at him and discreetly rolled her eyes.

"You sure you're okay?" Masaya asked, "Your cheek is all red."

"It's fine," Mint lightly touched her face, "Claudia was just getting back at me for the other day."

"I see," Masaya lied.

"Yeah, she's really petty like that, her, Ichigo, and that whole crew. They really get on my nerves. I want to knock them all off their little pedestal!" Mint narrowed her eyes.

"Uh-huh," Masaya nodded, not really knowing what to say.

Mint looked over at him. "Well, I shouldn't be explaining all this to you I guess. Sorry, if I'm boring you."

"No!" Masaya objected, wanting to continue having Mint talk to him. "You're not boring me at all."

Mint raised an eyebrow at Masaya and he smiled nervously, fidgeting with his hands.

"Are you okay?" Mint asked slowly.

Masaya looked down at his hands, and cursed his nervous habit. He squished his hands together to prevent further twitching, but it only made him look silly and even more awkward as both his hands intertwined into a deformed fist. Mint gave him a strange look before shifting over on the bench to scoot away from Masaya. He noticed and realized howridiculous he looked. He released his hands and opened his mouth to explain, but before he could even utter a syllable, a whistle blared through the room, causing every ear within a 3 mile radius to cringe.

"Let's go, hit the locker rooms, people!" The coach boomed, blowing the whistle once more.

Mint jumped from her seat and scurried away from Masaya towards the girl's locker room. Masaya stood and watched Mint flee from him. He didn't realize he was staring until she glanced back before walking through the doorway, and their eyes locked for a moment. He quickly looked away, blushing a tad before he smacked himself in the head. He didn't see Mint giggle at this before disappearing with the other girls.

Kiechiro slowly walked up behind Masaya, sucking his teeth, tsking at Masaya profusely.

"It's different when the shoe is on the other foot, isn't it?" Kiechiro teased.

"She probably thinks I'm some weirdo stalker," Masaya sighed, sadly, continually smacking his head.

Kiechiro smirked before placing a hand on Masaya's shoulder. He guided him towards the boy's locker room. "I used to be young like you once," Kiechiro started, "embarrassing myself in front of girls."

"That happened this morning," Masaya pointed out, rolling his eyes.

Kiechiro shrugged and they continued their journey to the locker room in silence..


The last bell of the day echoed throughout the halls and a split-second later it was filled with teenagers frantic to get home, or just away from the school in general.

Lettuce pushed through the crowd of rowdiness towards her locker. She finally prevailed and began entering the combination when she felt a shadow over her. She looked up to see Zakuro standing beside her, adjusting her bookbag.

"Hi, Zakuro," Lettuce greeted her with a smile. She clicked her locker open and began loading books into her own backpack. "Did you enjoy your first day?"

Zakuro shrugged, "It was okay." She said, "Can't complain I suppose. You go to one school, you've been to them all."

Zakuro looked down and saw that Lettuce was still stuffing books into her bag.

"That's a lot of books there, Lettuce," she noted.

"Oh, well I'm going to return most of them today to the library on the way home," Lettuce whispered, feeling a bit ashamed. Usually when someone saw her with all her books, insults were not far behind.

"Any one you recommend?" Zakuro asked casually, twisting her purple locks.

Lettuce looked up at Zakuro, her eyes lit up. She half-expected Zakuro to crack some kind of joke, even a small one, even Mint did those occasionally not meaning any harm by it.

"Yeah," she finally answered, reaching into her bag. She excitedly shoved a book towards Zakuro.

"Othello?" Zakuro read the title aloud, "You read Shakespeare for fun?"

"Sometimes," Lettuce blushed, "but it's really good! It's about this General who falls in love with a beautiful girl and they're engaged to be married, and he thinks she's perfect, but his friend and assistant is jealous of him, and convinces Othello that his true love is cheating on him with another soldier, and he begins to go mad believing it's true until he finally kills her because of her lack of purity!" Lettuce breathed. She chuckled, "I guess I just ruined the ending huh?"

Zakuro took the book, "Sounds like my kind of book."

Lettuce grinned, closing her locker. The girls began down the hall.

"Midoriwaka-san!" A voice shouted from down the hall. Lettuce turned to see her Literature Professor running down the hall.

"Mr. Yuno?" Lettuce responded, confused, "Can I help you with something?"

"Yes," he huffed, trying to catch his breath. When he composed himself he continued.
"Lettuce, I need you to tutor a student."

"But, I'm already tutoring Mint this semester," Lettuce replied.

"I know, I know," Mr. Yuno stated, "and usually I would not ask you to tutor two students at once, but this is a special circumstance. It's a football player. He's a senior and if he doesn't pull up his Literature grade in two weeks or he can't play during homecoming."

"A senior?" Lettuce repeated, "But I'm only a junior."

"You're in advanced English, Lettuce," Yuno replied, "You're more than qualified to tutor him. You're the best tutor we have. If anyone can help him, it's you. Please, we need him to play if we want to beat West Valley High this year!"

"Don't they train players as replacements for this kind of thing?" Zakuro scoffed. "It's not that big of a deal."

"You're new here, Miss, so I'll ignore that," Yuno mumbled, "Pai is one of the best quarterbacks we have, he's almost irreplaceable!"

"Pai?" Lettuce repeated. She felt a blush creep onto her pale cheeks.

"It's not fair of you to put so much pressure on Lettuce," Zakuro intervened, "Football is only a –"

"I'll do it!" Lettuce said suddenly. Zakuro eyed her. "The team has worked very hard this year. If me helping Pai will help us win, then I would like to tutor him."

"Thank you, Lettuce!" Mr. Yuno cheered, "I'll tell the coach and Pai. You start tomorrow." Mr. Yuno dashed back down the hall.

Zakuro continued to eye Lettuce.

"Don't look at me like that," Lettuce bent her head.

"I'm not going to say anything," Zakuro shrugged, "but I'm sure you've read enough Shakespeare to know how things like this usually end." Zakuro replied, continuing down the hall.

Lettuce stood still and pondered for a moment.

"What did I get myself into?" She whispered, shaking her head.

I know it's not much, but it's a start to a return! I started this story, and I can't believe I left it unfinished for almost a year. I let work pretty much take over my life, but I'm gonna do my best now to update. So i know its mostly filler, but I found this chapter, half of it written and its kinda hard to pick up something after leaving it for so long! But I'll do my best to make it better than before!