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Theodosia shook her head. "Adair, come on. That's a bunch of rot."

"And how do you know it is?" the seventeen-year-old asked, drawing closer.

"Adair, please," Theodosia said, stepping back.

"Why should I?" Adair asked drawing closer. "Why should I let Will have all the fun?"

She could feel his breath on her lips. "Adair, come on!" she yelled, loosing her patience."

"You freaking b****!" he yelled when she slugged him.

Theodosia began to run, but he chased her until a bigger and stronger boy came between them. He hit Adair-hard-and the boy fell to the ground. "Are you all right Miss?" he asked, flipping his hair.

"Thanks Will!" Theodosia yelled, running up and giving him a huge hug. Then she drew back to look at him. "I haven't seen you in so long! Since you joined the Brotherhood, you're always busy. And then you come back suddenly, and you save my life." She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thanks," she said, suddenly quiet.

Will blushed. "It was no problem. Besides, Wigmere would have my head if I led you be killed."

"Oh," Theodosia was suddenly frosty, "So you did it for Wigmere, huh?" she asked, glaring at Will and then stalking away.

Will couldn't understand the sudden change in behavior and stared at her for a few seconds before saying. "'Course not Theo. Why did you guess that?"

"Maybe the fact that you said that you wouldn't care if I died?" she glared at him.

"When did I say that?" he asked blankely.

"You said that it was easy, and that Wigmere would have killed you if you didn't."

"But, that wasn't my only reason."

"Then what were the others?"

"I didn't know how to say it in words."

Theodosia opened her mouth to speak, but suddenly found that it was accompanied by something that wasn't talking.

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