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Isis watched her mistress talking with the street boy, Will, she thought he was called. The two seemed to be in perfect sync, it was really quite strange. They didn't do it on purpose, it was just…gravitational. Yes, that was the word. Isis understood a lot more then they gave her credit for, and she also knew those things that cats don't know. The two humans were soul mates, plain and simple.

It was obvious, if you just stepped away and watched. If Will shifted feet then Theo would too, so that she was centered again. If Theo turned to make sure no one was looking, Will would turn in the exact same fashion.

Wigmere noticed, and he knows how dangerous soul mates are in their type of work, so he attempted to keep the two apart, which wasn't a good idea at all, they'd gotten around it after all.

Then Will asked Theo to teach him Egyptian magic, and the two were always together, Theo teaching and Will learning, or Will telling a story and Theo listening.

Yes, those two really complimented each other well.