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(This is set, obviously, in Harry's 5th year. It is the fall after the Last Battle.)

Harry Potter

Things started to go downfall for Harry the moment he arrived at Hogwarts for his 5th year. First of all, there was a wacko new lady named Professor Umbridge for our Defense against the Dark Arts class. Second, these new kids who had never been to the school had suddenly joined all of the sudden.

There were 2 boys and 2 girls that came. There was a boy with black hair and sea green eyes named "Percy". There was a girl with blonde hair and stormy gray eyes named "Annabeth." There was a girl with spiky hair and electric blue eyes named "Thalia" (She took a break from the Hunters, but she still has her vows. [Thalico almost worse than Twilight, and that's say a lot!]) There was also this emo-looking kid named "Nico," who looked like he was emitting death. (Which he kind of was)

The weirdest part about these kids is they couldn't read a single text book. It's like they had dyslexia or they were meant to read a different language. They couldn't stay still in any class, especially History of Magic. (Who can besides Hermione?) And they had their ways with weird things. The Percy dude seemed to like anything having to do with water. The Annabeth girl was really smart; she had her way with knowledge. She was almost a match for Hermione! The Thalia girl liked anything having to do with thunderstorms, and was especially in a good mood when a bad thunderstorm struck. The emo kid, Nico or something was especially weird. He had his way with ghosts and that sort of stuff.

The newbie's had to be sorted with the 1st years. They all, oddly enough, got Gryffindor. [Gryffindor is the house for the brave and the heroes and that sort of stuff.] Percy and Nico, (who looked to be 13, but was still in the 5th year) got settled in the 5th year boy's dormitory with Ron, Neville, Seamus, Dean and I. The Annabeth and Thalia joined Hermione in the girl's dormitory, and all seemed to go back to normal.

3 weeks earlier.

(By the way, dumbly door knows about the Camp Half Blood world.)

Dear Mr. Dumbledore,

Our satyrs have informed us that there are Half-Bloods at your school. If you wish, we will send 4 half-bloods to collect them and bring them to camp for the summer.


Dionysus, God of Wine

"Minerva?" Dumbledore called. Minerva McGonagall came striding into the room.

"Yes?" McGonagall replied.

"Please make sure that there is room in the 5th year dormitory for some new students."

Percy Jackson

After breakfast on the last day of camp, Chiron called an unofficial cabin head meetings. The Hunters of Artemis were staying at the Artemis Cabin, so Thalia joined in as a representative for the Hunters of Artemis.

"We need 4 volunteers to go collect Half-Bloods at a school called Hogwarts," said Chiron. Immediately, I shot up my hand, along with Nico, Annabeth and Thalia.

"That was easy!" Connor and Travis said together, like the Staples button.


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