by WSJ
Tribune to Peter Jackson

Anyone else watch the Oscars last night? I mean *all* of them? *raises hand* Ok, ok, I'm kinda ticked. LotR won practically every nom it had except the three it totally deserved, Best Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Actor. Poor Ian! He deserves that award!

So, to make them feel better, I'm going to write a tribune to each of the major people who made LotR possible. I'm not going to do JRR Tolkein though, because I added a tribune to him in my other collection of Middle-Earth poetry, "When Your Heart Runs Away".

I don't own LotR.


Some might call him funny,
With his bare feet and little round tummy.
But we all know better then that,
He's simply a hobbit at heart, and that is that.

He's an awesome director,
He did a great job with Lord of the Rings,
'Grrr, how come he didn't get an Oscar?'
Is what his fan (me) this morning sings.

He hails from New Zealand,
A place so like the Shire.
If he keeps directing sci-fi,
He'll just keep rising higher.

Good luck PJ! We all love ya!


Yes, short. ;_; I couldn't think of anything else!!! Hee hee... What was everyone's favorite part of the Oscars? Let me know. For me it was definately when Whoopi Goldburg came walking out in hobbit feet! That was awesome! Did you see the look on Elijah's face when they got a shot of the LotR cast? He was like 'Oh my god...'

My other fav part was on the red carpet premire, when they were talking to Elijah and Sean (Astin). Holy crap, my heart almost melted! No, not because of Elijah, because of Sean... ;_; To bad he's married! He's so cute, and he was a PERFECT Sam!