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"Release me!" Kimiko screamed angrily as she struggled against the bonds that held her. The room she was in only contained her and the mystery man who had kidnapped her. Her body was made spread eagle style with bonds around her arms and legs, the ropes were pinned so tight that she could not even bend her legs or arms. The room was conveniently dark so that Kimiko could not even see a hand in front of her face let alone the mystery man.

The dark figure loomed over her with the Lao Mang Long Soup held in his hand. The man brought the soup closer to her, trying to force her to drink. The minute the rim of the bowl touched her mouth, Kimiko knew just what he was trying to force her to do. She could never forget that stench for as long as she lived. A brief struggle ensued where she held her mouth shut and the figure played a dirty trick by holding her nose. After a few minutes, she gasped for air and the man quickly spilled the soup into her mouth.

Kimiko spat out the soup in disgust and in response the figure slapped her across the face. She coughed from the lack of oxygen and as an attempt to keep any of the remains from the soup from sliding down her throat. She felt the figure leave her and her nerves began to escalate wondering what he was doing. Soon enough, she heard the footsteps of the stranger coming back accompanied by the smell of a new soup.

Anger sprouted once more within Kimiko and suddenly that fiery temperament that she was known for came back in full force. Willing all the hate inside of her to turn into a proactive force she spat, "These bonds may be fire proof but that doesn't mean you are!" She closed her eyes and summoned her fiery element to engulf herself in flames. The soup scattered to the floor and the figure retreated a distance away from the intense heat. Kimiko opened her eyes to reveal that they were glowing a solid orange. As she gazed around at the lit up room, her eyes transfixed onto the figure.

"Y-You?" Her eyes narrowed in recognition of the man. Her anger spiked even more unbelievably so and Kimiko decided to just let her powers go as they ravaged the room. Pillars of fire soon encircled her body acting as a type of shield to prevent the man from coming any closer. Balls of flames were sent flying all around the room and the figure had to duck to avoid being scorched. Much of the room was destroyed in the onslaught and though the fire was intense, it could not break the bonds that tied Kimiko for they had been laced with Heylin magic.

The exhaustion of using her power at its maximum took a toll on her body and finally the fire dimmed and Kimiko hung from the bonds unconscious.

Inside the temple Kimiko rose up from her futon. Sweated dripped down her forehead and her hair was matted to her face. The sheets were soaked with perspiration and Kimiko panted.

"Was it just a dream?" A pain pounded through her skull. She clutched her head and wiped the sweat from her face. She suffered a brief dizzy spell from getting up too fast and had to lie back down for minute. Draping an arm across her forehead, Kimiko stared up at the ceiling contemplating her nightmare.

"Who was that man?" She had recognized the stranger's face in the dream but now the image was just a blur to her. "Maybe there are clues that I can look for…There was the Lao Mang Long soup, the ropes were Heylin-laced, and I knew who the man was so I must have met him before…No, no way! It couldn't have been…" Worry streaked across her face. "Could it have been Chase Young?"


"Shut up brain!"

"What? I only know what you know. You've thought it out yourself, it must have been him."

The group hadn't seen the Prince of Darkness for a long time. Without the Shen Gong Wu appearing, there was nothing to facilitate meeting him or the others for that matter. There were many days sitting around the table debating if perhaps the Heylin side was preparing an attack. But days turned into months and months into two years. Omi had suggested that maybe they had already found all the Wu that there was to be found. Dojo quickly shut down that idea. When asked how he could know such a thing, he said that he just had a feeling.

So for Chase Young to just now be starting trouble was very worrisome indeed.

"I hope that premonition doesn't come true…Should I tell Master Fung?"

"Nah, that wouldn't be a good idea."

"Why not?"

"You'll start all this needless commotion over a simple nightmare. You don't exactly find Chase Young to be the most pleasant person to be around. It was probably just a nightmare involving just one of the few people you fear."

"That makes sense…"

"See? You have nothing to worry about, just get some sleep before Raimundo comes in and goes 'IT'S TIME FOR TRAINING!'"

Kimiko giggled softly to herself. "I'm still wide awake. I'll go and get something to drink."

Kimiko yawned and stretched out her muscles then got up. On her way towards the door she noticed Dojo lying sound asleep in his basket. About a year ago Kimiko had requested of Master Fung to get her own room. She reasoned that as a growing girl it was no longer appropriate for her to sleep in the same room as Clay, Omi, and Raimundo. So when she moved Dojo came along with her. He said that he couldn't stand Clay's snoring which Kimiko found ridiculous since he snores too. But since she could stand the sound of his snoring, she didn't really mind him coming along. It wasn't as if he was a human boy so she didn't mind him. And the company was nice and the two were able to bond during the time there was no Shen Gong Wu.

The other three tried to get their own rooms as well and they did for a while. But Omi started having nightmares so the guys banded together to keep him company.

Kimiko quietly opened the door and stared across the hall into the guys' room. Their door was open and she could hear Clay snoring loudly and she could see the figures of Raimundo and Omi laying haphazardly on their futons. Quickly and quietly, she shut the door to her room to keep Dojo from waking up and headed towards the kitchen.

Standing by the sink with the cup of water in her hand, Kimiko thought about her dream once more. She still couldn't believe that it was Chase in her dream.

"Why would Chase do such a thing? He's never done that type of thing before..."

"Does it really matter why? It's a dream, and dreams don't have to make sense."

Kimiko rolled her fingers across the cup in thought. Oh, sure, he turned Omi but he never held Omi down and try to force the soup into his mouth. There was a difference between being turned by the soup and being turned by the Ying yo-yo. One just makes you switch sides while the other does something to your mind. Arguably, they both alter the user's mind but there's a certain animalistic or crazy side that is expressed when someone uses the Ying yo-yo. Kimiko could testify to that whole heartedly.

Taking one last sip of her drink, she set the cup down and walked back towards her bedroom. She knew that for the rest of the night she wouldn't get any sleep. Just as she reached the threshold of the door, a sudden powerful migraine hit and Kimiko called out in pain clutching her head with both hands. The others awakened to her cries and hurried towards her.

The room was all a blur and she could hear the echo of her friends calling her name. Everything spun around her and she collapsed to the floor in a fetal position still holding her head. There was a blaring ringing sound in her mind that grew louder and louder till she couldn't hear her friends' voices anymore. Finally everything went quiet and black.

When Kimiko awoke, she was back in her room with the sheets pulled up to her chest. The others had moved their futons to her room and lay around her as if to protect her. Kimiko rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and sat up. When she did, she woke up Raimundo who laid to her right. He sat up and hovered a bit over her.

"Are you ok Kim? What happened?" He asked concerned.

"I don't know exactly. I just had this horrible pain in my head and then…I guess I went unconscious." Kimiko replied. As they talked, Omi and Clay stirred from their slumber.

"You were tossing and turning in your sleep. You did like Omi did when he started having nightmares so we thought that was happening to you." Raimundo explained.

Kimiko nodded thoughtfully. "Do you remember your dream?" Raimundo asked. She shook her head no. It was the same as what happened with Omi; he had nightmares but he wouldn't remember them the next day.

Clay and Omi finally awoke and when they did they tried their best to console Kimiko.

"We'll look after ya lil' lady. Whenever you have a nightmare, you can count on us!" Clay said.

"We'll stay by your side until the nightmares go away." Omi said with encouragement.

"Thanks guys. Really, I'm fine now. Let's get something to eat." Kimiko said. The guys quickly left her room to herself so that she could get ready in privacy.

As she put her Xiaolin robes on, she thought back to the one dream that she did remember.

"Was that really Chase in my dream? Should I start avoiding him now?"

"Look, if you're that worried about it just be more cautious of him. Not that you're not cautious enough already…"

After brushing her hair the way that she wanted it, Kimiko went into the dining room where the others had already started eating. Raimundo was the first to notice her walk into the room.

"Hey Kim, how are you feeling?" He asked again.

"A bit better, but I didn't get very much sleep after what happened." She responded. Kimiko took a seat next to him and Omi; she didn't make an effort to fill her plate with anything and just stared at it blankly.

"Are you going to eat anything Kimiko?" Omi asked. He took another bite out of his eggs.

"Um…I will, I just don't feel like eating right now. I have a lot on my mind." Her eyes drooped back down to her plate.

"What about?" Omi asked, with eggs still in his mouth.

Before she could respond, Dojo leapt up in the air and started twitching frantically. Boils started appearing all over his body.

"Shen Gong Wu alert! Shen Gong Wu alert! Oh we finally got ourselves one now!" He said pulling a random toothbrush from nowhere and scratching himself with it.

"About time!" Raimundo slapped the table with his hand. He had been bored out of his mind with nothing to do these past two years. With a Shen Gong Wu activated, they can finally do something with the skills they learned through practice. He jumped up out of his seat and ran to get the scroll of Shen Gong Wu.

Omi and Clay exchanged excited looks on their faces and Kimiko regretted not eating anything. She hoped that she wouldn't feel sick because of it. Raimundo quickly made his way back and wiped a hand across the table, clearing it of its contents to set the scroll down.

"Well that's weird…it's not listed here in the scroll." Raimundo said with a confused look on his face.

"I wonder what kind of Wu it is then." Omi said quizzically.

"Um, guys! No time to question this! We have to get to the Wu before everyone else does!" Dojo shouted urgently. The group quickly ran outside and got on the full-sized Dojo, who whizzed on out the temple.

Kimiko felt a mixture of feelings as she rode on Dojo. For one thing, because she didn't eat anything before leaving her stomach was making faint growling noises that were loud enough for her to feel embarrassed but not enough that the others could hear. Secondly, she couldn't help the excitement that emerged because of the Shen Gong Wu appearing. It had been so long since the last and she really wanted to have a challenge again. Her third feeling was the one that dominated her mind though. She was worried that this new Wu would attract Chase Young.

"Don't be dumb Kimiko. Chase has never been interested in the Shen Gong Wu and he's not going to start now." Her mind argued.

"Still doin' all alright Kim?" Raimundo asked from behind her. He placed a hand on her shoulder and she nodded back towards him in reassurance. She turned her face back towards the horizon, still thinking.

"But it was during the time that the Shen Gong Wu were activating that he was on the move. Just because he's not interesting in using Wu during showdowns doesn't mean that he doesn't use them for his advantage if they are involved in his plans. Remember the Ying yo-yo?" For once, her mind did not have anything to comment back with and remained silent.

After a few more moments of aimless flying, the group was feeling restless. Clay was the one who asked the question everybody was dying to know.

"So where is this Wu located lil' hombre?" Clay asked Dojo.

"I don't know but my gut instinct is telling me that it's under the ground." Dojo said. He landed on the grass and the group got off and observed their surroundings. Dojo slithered over a spot and circled it over and over. "I think the Wu is somewhere under here, I seem to remember some sort of cavern that the Wu resided in…But how are we going to get to it?" Dojo asked.

"Like this!" Clay concentrated and raise his arms up. The ground began to split apart and formed a hole wide enough so that Dojo in his enlarged form could fit through. After the deed was done, Clay let out a breath and popped his neck from side to side as if he had just finished doing a warm-up.

The others smiled at Clay in appreciation but that smile was soon wiped away when they felt an evil presence approaching. They all looked up in the sky just in time to see Jack Spicer make his entrance.

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