"Ugh…I feel like crap…" Kimiko fluttered her eyes open. Her head hurt, her back hurt from where she slept on it, and to top it all off her stomach was upset. She felt like she was going to throw up from all the nausea.

"Why, oh why, didn't I bring back my ibuprofen when I had the chance?" Kimiko thought dejectedly. "It was the same vision again! What does it even mean?"

She turned over and looked at the source of all her problems. She wanted to chuck the damn thing at the wall and watch as it shattered into a million pieces. The problem was that it was the only thing that could help her so she just couldn't willy nilly destroy it.

"Can it even be destroyed? Ugh brain hurts. Must. Not. Think."

Everyone had already started eating breakfast when Kimiko finally entered the room. The group turned to look at her and noticed her disheveled appearance. There were dark circles under her eyes from her poor night's sleep (and she really didn't feel like putting her make up on), her robes were rumpled and the Orb was hanging out of her side.

Raimundo gave her a worried look as she hobbled to her seat. Looking at her meal, she tentatively took a bite with her chop sticks testing to see if she could keep it down. When it stayed, her face looked more relieved and started eating like she normally would but at a slower pace.

Omi was in his usual chipper mood and Clay was busy downing his orange juice. Raimundo kept glancing at Kimiko ever so often that she eventually caught notice and both blushed lightly when their eyes met briefly. After a while Omi was the one who started the new conversation. This time directed toward Kimiko.

"So Kimiko, would you like to train with us today?" He asked. He was anxious to ask the other question on everybody's minds, like if she had another vision, but wisely kept his mouth shut. It wouldn't do to bring the subject up if she wasn't feeling well.

"I think I will rest today. I'm not feeling well." Kimiko replied honestly. Well that certainly confirmed it.

"Are you alright?" Raimundo asked tentatively.

"I didn't get a good night's sleep last night. I'm also feeling kinda sick so I think I will rest in bed today." The rest of the group understood Kimiko's problem and told her that if she needed anything they would be on the grounds training. As everyone rose up from their seats, Kimiko was left alone. Clay stayed behind to clean up the dishes so that all Kimiko had to do was clean up her own.

"Thank you Clay." Kimiko said quietly as he was leaving the room. Clay leaned against the door frame and half turned to her.

"You get better now ya hear?" He told her. At that Kimiko smiled at him. He tipped his hat to her and left to go follow the others.

She picked up her bowl and laid it to rest by the other dishes and made to go towards her room. The food had helped with the nausea somewhat but Kimiko still had a mild headache.

After a while of lying in bed, Kimiko thought she was well enough to get up and go sit by her favorite tree. The tree was nestled a little bit a ways from the temple but it offered the solitude that she needed whenever she wanted to get away.

She pasted by the training grounds and noticed that the boys had gotten carried away with their training and were now fighting off in the distance by the mountains. That was fine by her because she didn't feel that she would need their help any time soon. She nestled herself at the base of the tree and pulled out the Orb from her robes. She thought that perhaps by meditating with it she could find the solution to her problem. With that in mind, she gently closed her eyes.

After a few moments, a breeze flittered across her face and Kimiko felt an evil presence approaching her. Opening her eyes, she was disgusted with what she had to see.

"Jack Spicer, what are you doing here?" Kimiko glared at him. Of all people that had to bug her today, why did it have to be him?

"Though I suppose it could be worse…It could be Chase that I'd have to worry about."

"I'm here for the Orb of Gero and for you Kimiko!" Jack shouted gleefully in an 'evil' manner.

Kimiko subconsciously clutched the Orb of Gero closer to her chest and quickly put it into her robes. She got to her feet and a wave of nausea hit her. She didn't allow her discomfort to be shown on her face but inside she was ready to throw up.

Jack snapped his fingers and a whole row of robots appeared behind him. They were the same robots that the gang had fought in previous showdowns so that meant that he was holding out on the heavy artillery.

"If he thinks he can get me by using his old robots he's gotta another thing coming!" Kimiko glared at Jack and assumed her battle stance. She was just going to have to tough it out until the others arrived.

"Jack-bots! Attack!" Jack yelled, pointing at Kimiko. The robots flew past him to engage her. She knew that Jack would hang back like he always did and let his robots take care of his fighting.

She jumped up in the air and smashed her foot into the head of one of the robots. Another came up by her side and threw a punch which she swiftly somersaulted out of the way, destroying another one as she did so. Back on her feet, Kimiko fought off a cold sweat that started to appear across her brow. She was not going to get sick in front of Jack Spicer of all people. Kimiko concentrated on trying to form a ball of flame in her hand but not even a spark came. Her shock at not even being able to do this was evident on her face. Jack noted this but didn't let on that he realized her dilemma. He was still hanging back with his arms folded across his chest.

Panic threatened to overwhelm her but Kimiko wasn't going to let those sorts of emotions get in the way of her beating Jack. Powers or no, she was going to win this battle. Resigning on getting her powers to work, Kimiko charged at the closest robot and quickly punched a hole through its chest, and then sprinted out of the way as it exploded. The force of the blast sent the nearby robots flying and landing on the ground. Seizing her chance, Kimiko hopped from one robot to the other like a game of hopscotch effectively destroying each one as she did so.

She landed daintily on her feet in a T pose. Returning her arms down to her sides, she turned slowly to face Jack with an amused expression on her face that said, 'Is that the best you've got?' Jack swiftly understood her meaning and snapped his fingers once more to reveal a new set of robots behind him.

These robots didn't change much in design from the last batch. They only were bigger and given a more menacing look. Or perhaps they only seemed menacing because they were bigger? Kimiko looked from the robots to Jack to the robots and back again. The adrenaline rush helped quell the nausea and the fighting made her focus on something other than her sickness. It still didn't help with her powers but Kimiko realized that will just have to come back with time.

"What wrong Kimiko? Scared?" Jack taunted, noticing her slight hesitation.

"In your dreams Jack!" She yelled at him, leaping up into the air after one of them. The robot, because of its bulkiness, couldn't evade Kimiko's attack like it could have. She slammed her fist on its chest but drew back sharply in pain. It seems these robots were made with stronger material. Kimiko's punch did little to the robot if anything at all and it grabbed her leg and swung her across the grass.

As she was sailing through the air, she tried to grab onto the grass to make her stop. After she slowed to a stop, it took her a few seconds to rise from the ground. She let go of the ball of grass that had piled into her hand and stood up shaking the dirt from her clothes.

The blow she took to the head when she landed made her headache even worse. Her eyes kept going in and out of focus so she blinked a couple of times in order to clear them. She raised two fingers to her temple and closed her eyes briefly to get her bearings. She didn't have much time as the robots resumed their attack.

She flipped up into the air as multiple robots tried to dive bomb her together. They ended up piling themselves up in a big jumble below her. Kimiko's eyes suddenly spotted a little orange circular sphere on the back of all the robots. The orange sphere glowed slightly and Kimiko wondered if maybe this was the robots weak point.

"It would be really dumb of Jack to put a glaring weak spot in broad daylight like that," Kimiko thought miserly. "Well…one way to find out…"As she came down from her descent, she punched one of the robots with all her might into the sphere. Her hand went a bit into the robot and as she pulled out she realized that her hand was bleeding. The robot made clicks and random electronic noises and started to shake furiously. Smoke started to emit from the shoulders and the head and Kimiko knew that she had to get away before it exploded like all the others.

She continuously hopped away from the failing machine and all the other robots did the same. There was a loud bang and the slain robot laid in pieces on the ground.

"I can't believe that worked! Jack Spicer still an idiot!"

Kimiko clutched her hand to her chest and then raised it to look at it. There were various cuts across her palm and the top of her hand. "I'm going to have to use something else to defeat these things…"

She ran over to the tree that she had been resting beside and pulled a long branch from it. As a robot came up behind her, she leaped up and brought it down upon its weak point and destroyed it. There were three large robots left and Kimiko hoped that there wouldn't be any more.

A robot came up to attack her alone and Kimiko tried to do the same as she had done before but another robot anticipated her move and punched her in the gut sending her flying into the tree.

"They seem to be changing up their strategy…" Kimiko stood up using the branch as a cane. The pain in her head was more intense now than it had been before. She clutched her head as the pain swelled and she would have lost consciousness had she not seen Jack's smirk. Her anger fueled her to keep on and to not give up.

Ignoring the pain, Kimiko leaped up and used the branch once more to destroy the robot and swiftly parried the counterattack from the other using the branch. Unfortunately the force of the punch broke through and Kimiko had to jump back in order to avoid the blow. She now had two long parts of the branch in each hand, which she swung around her body in mimicry of nun chucks.

The two robots attacked her simultaneously. One robot side swiped her across her back as Kimiko turned to avoid the attack. She was able to slam one branch into the other robot and ducked away from it as it exploded. Now they were one on one with each other. Jack hovered off to the side with an annoyed expression on his face. Kimiko's eyes briefly went to his form but quickly turned her attention to her attacker as it made its move. It heaved back and threw its punch toward her which she dodged to the side and maneuvered herself behind it. She felt great satisfaction as she plunged the last of her weapon into the robot finally destroying it.

She panted and heaved as she gazed over at her nemesis. She raised a hand to wipe the sweat from her forehead. Her clothes were sticking to her form making the wind that blew seem even colder that it would have been. Jack Spicer still had his frown plastered on his face when he finally planted his feet on the ground.

Kimiko fought off the wave of dizziness as she assumed her battle stance once again; Jack did the same.

"Is he really going to fight me? There's no way he can beat me!"

"Do you actually think you can defeat me?" Kimiko taunted her enemy.

"You'll find I'm full of surprises." Jack said as he charged at Kimiko. He swiped at her head to which she ducked and returned with a punch of her own. It hit him square in the face but he didn't falter his step none. He grabbed her wrist as she made another punch at him and hit her in the gut, making her heave briefly. She brought her knee up and he let go of her to avoid the blow. She stumbled back and was able to get a breath in before he came after her again.

Kimiko was able to briefly notice that bruises were starting to form on the knuckles of her hands. For every hit she was able to land on him, more bruises formed. She knew that at this rate she wouldn't be able to hit him anymore because of the pain. Jack Spicer was no slouch though and he kept her on her toes. She was faster than him but his punches her hurt a lot more than hers did to him.

He started to kick her and Kimiko raised her arms up to block the blows she couldn't avoid. A kick hit her shoulder and forearm and it sent her falling to the ground. Dark bruises formed immediately on her arms and she got up to face him again. Jack did not let up on his assault though because he knew that for some reason Kimiko couldn't use her powers. He was using that to his advantage in his fight against her.

Kimiko could barely dodge the blows Jack was sending her way. It was all she could do at this point to evade him. She hoped that with his continual missed strikes that he'll eventually wear out. It seemed that at this rate it was more likely her that would grow weary of dodging him than him getting tired of attacking.

Her mind was overrun with pain. Her eyes kept going in and out of focus but somehow she was able to keep dodging him. It seemed that instinct had taken over and she was no longer dodging the blows herself but someone else. There came a brief pause in their fighting as Jack leaped back to catch his breath. He was not out of breath as Kimiko was however, who panted heavily in the background.

"This can't be happening…" Kimiko charged and threw a wild punch which Jack swiftly dodged and returned with his own. It landed square on her cheek and Kimiko was thrown back a few feet. "I'm losing…to Jack Spicer!"

"I can't lose! Not to you!" Jack narrowed his eyes in response. Kimiko summoned as much of her anger as she could to keep fighting. The adrenaline swept through her drowning out the pain for a few moments. She quickly got to her feet as he advanced on her. She dropped down trying to kick his legs out from under him. He anticipated her move by jumping up and behind her. He brought up his arms under hers in a full nelson. Kimiko struggled against this by head butting him backwards. It hit his nose and Jack let go of her, bring his hand to cover it.

Kimiko promptly tackled him to the ground and the two began wrestling. Each tried to pin the other as only then would the battle be decided. Kimiko vaguely had the thought that if she just screamed and screamed perhaps someone would hear her and come rescue her. The thought was squashed when she felt herself being flipped over unto her back, her arms and legs pinned to her sides. Jack gave a victorious laugh to which Kimiko just glared with all the anger she could muster.

Jack used a knee to pin one of her arms down and reached into his side pocket. He pulled out what looked to be a tranquilizer. Kimiko knew that this was it. There was no holding back the furious scream that she emitted as she struggled even harder. She hoped her friends got to her before Jack kidnapped her. These were her last thoughts as the needle plunged into her arm and everything went black.

When Kimiko's eyes had finally closed, Jack put a hand on the back of her neck and under the backs of her knees and lifted her up into his arms. A different robot, which had been waiting patiently away from the battle, began to clean up the mess that had been created. By 'cleaning up the mess' that meant it opened its mouth and ate every broken machine parts on the ground. By the time Jack was long gone with Kimiko there was not a trace left of the battle.

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