The story takes place in Tekken 2 and before Tekken 3. After failing to assassinate Kazuya Mishima, Nina was ordered to choose between cold sleep for 19 years or teaching in Mishima Junior High School. Apparently, in our story, Nina picked teaching and Jin Kazama studied in that school. Since Jin was 13, Jun was still alive. Of course! Otherwise we don't have story here!

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Warning: The rating of the story is M for swearing, sex scenes, pedophile, and Oedipus complex issues.

Chapter 1 The Beginning of All

15th January

It is absurd. It is not good. Am I crazy? THIS SHOULDN'T HAPPEN TO ME after what had happened in my whole life. I've been teaching for a loooooooong time and every single thing has been fine—for the whole 13 years.

And there he came, rushing straight away into my life.

Destroying my peaceful life.

He shares the same features with his father Kazuya, but he's more handsome. I guess Jun's DNA has good influence there, hehehe. Good job Jun! Overall he looks okay, but please God, what's wrong with his mouth? He makes my head aches every time he opens his mouth.

His age was 13 years, lot younger than me. DAMN FACT. He's thirteen and I'm thirty three. Teenager. Oh, shit. However, his body fits with 18 years old…. His dirty mouth is similar with people in my age. He easily said those swearing in class, believe me.

I really like his face, his well-built body. Maybe his basketball after school activities and his karate training have good effect on him. Once again, Salut Jun!

His dark thick hair is very soft. Absolutely. I have stroked this part many times when I thought he was just a boy. But he isn't actually. His eyes show his personality very much, clever and cunning. His pointed nose and red passionate lips make me turn on sometimes. A real turn on!

Oh, God. It's like the prologue of porn novel. Damn. It's my diary anyway!

Well, in the case I have big major turn on, I always call Lee. Lee never changes a bit, always satisfy me with his good damn techniques. he's always ready in 24 hours except when he's away with his projects and business.

Okay, let's get back with him. Let's get back to Jin Kazama.

"Do you like watching blue movies, Miss Nina?" He asked one day, making my heartbeat changed rapidly. "Do you want to watch it with me?"

He sits in the front line, exactly in front of me. I stayed quiet that time, didn't know what to say.

Next day he acted like usual. Okay, usual here means he kicks, punches another boy in class. Damn, he's so brutal and I like it.

However, everything was just fine until that day happened.

I was checking students' tests one by one. When I passed his seat, he was doing nothing. I stroked his hair because I was so upset. I said, "do your test kid!"

well, he did.

Then, I really wanted to stroke his hair in different way—so I did.

I stroked his hair passionately.

I guessed he realized it since he smiled to me and rest his head on my arm like sweet kitten.

"Suck my cock..." he whispered softly to me, his head was still resting on my arm.

I left him immediately.

Darn fuck, fuck his mouth!

I guess my problems appeared since that day.

Ah, my cellphone is ringing. I knew it's Lee. Well, he must be waiting outside for me, asking for our regular fuck. Damn, my feeling isn't good.

My head keeps thinking about Jin.

I imagine how it feels if I really suck it, his cock.

16th January

It's so not me writing diary so early in the morning, on my bed. However, I have to write down something important here. Oh, I never believe this would happen to me!

Lee proposed me last night! Yeah, I underlined it because that's the biggest event in my life.

Let me tell you the details. God, I love each detail of it.

His limousine was there, in the parking lot of my apartment. Lee smiled and handed me a beautiful red roses bouquet. His white suit really looked good in him.

I loved it. He's always able to create such romantic mood.

He asked about my day, my lives when he was away. Fucking sweet talk, but it works. I smiled to him and kissed him. Lee brought me to his condominium.

Should I tell you about this too? He's pretty good with his job, so he's got a luxurious condo in the town. You can see the town view from its veranda. Everything is beautifully arranged. Lee has good taste in housing. In short, he is perfect.

He slowly kissed me, sucking my neck… Well, his tongue is the best part of him, apart from his big dick, of course!

He always spoils me, loves me in his own way. I knew he's got lot of women besides me, but heck I don't give a damn. I only need him to satisfy my sex drives.

After our wild love making…. Darn, should I tell you about our love making too?


Lee loves roleplays. In fact, he's crazy about it. That night he pretended to be my student. And guess what? I considered him as Jin.

I ripped his shirt and rubbed his chest. He moaned many times madly, wanting to kiss me. Hell no! I won't allow that kind of touch. So I tied his hands.

Lee's eyes sparked when I opened all of his clothes meanwhile I was fully dressed. I laughed roughly when he asked me to let him go.

"No" I said harshly to him. "Damn, darling. You're mine tonight."

I was thinking of Jin, really. That's pathetic isn't it? Fuck!

I sucked his cock and he screamed my name many times. Lee seemed enjoyed that really much when I did that. He begged me many times to release his hands.

I refused, lowering my panties. I pushed him to enter my body, forcing him.

He didn't want to. I slapped him many times. Damn yes, I slapped the great lover many times.

No worries, he likes it. Lee loves kinky stuff.

I raped him in the end. And that was like heaven when I made him burst in me, absorbing all of his juices. What was so damn fantastic.

I was thinking that I just fucked Jin at that time.

Maybe that's why everything tasted so damned satisfying.

After all of our crazy lovemaking, Lee started talking that I was the greatest lover above all. He loved my moves. He said that I'm the best fuck ever. The best fuck above all.

Yeah, I said. I was thinking of Jin when I fucked you. I thought I fucked his body instead of yours.

Then he started talking about it. His body was so sweaty. He looked so tired. Lee seldom looks tired. His silver hair is longer than the last time I saw him. His body is still good and muscled. He is one of perfect men I have ever met in my life, handsome, rich, and romantic. However, he looked so exhausted and a bit older under the dimmed light. I guess I sucked all of his energy that night.

"Do you consider having children?" He said, smoking one of his cigars.

I nodded, laughing.

Fuck him, every woman wants children.

"Do you want to marry me? I promise I do anything to make you happy. I'll do anything for you. Marry me love."

I was stunned hearing that kind of question. I didn't expect that! Oh, after all those years fucking him, I never think about marrying him.

I kept silent.

"I'll wait for your answer, Nina." He added. "Let me take a rest for awhile and I'll drive you back."


Fucking Jin—in my imagination—made my life more difficult.

I don't know what to do If I face Jin today...

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