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Final Chapter of A Peep to Nina's Diary

Chapter 7 Their Paths

20th May

It was the middle of lovely spring. Flowers and grass rustled around us, giving courage, spreading sweetness on the earth. The sky was never so blue like that day.

Jin took my hand, smiling as sweet as hell. He wasn't wearing his favorite white t-shirt and shorts. He was wearing a white tuxedo and jeans. It was specially worn for our special day.

Jin looked so handsome, so charming.

He never looked that good.

"Let run together darling."

I was wearing a long white wedding dress. It was so beautiful, with long lace and white ribbons. It could make me look stunning. It was my choice.

I had chosen the dress myself.

Jin was still waiting for my answer. He whispered softly, "Nina…"

I smiled at him, and he smiled back at me.



I nodded, taking his arm. "Yeah…. Let's go."

We eloped.

We eloped.

We eloped.

We found our happiness and none could separate us.

Then, Jin started disappearing in front of me. I kept calling him, but he didn't answer.


"Jin!" I called him. "Jin!"

I couldn't reach him. He's completely gone.


my voice couldn't reach him.


I dry my eyes with tissue.

Holy shit!

That was my dream last night.

I dreamt that I had eloped with Jin, living together forever in happiness.

Fuck! I found myself crying.

I couldn't find him anywhere that is so pathetic. I can't meet him anymore.

Shit, it makes me crying.

No, I cried not because I was so depressed.

I have no regret.

I have no regret for choosing Lee over Jin.

Fuck, I should have no regret!

21st May

Tomorrow is my wedding day.

Wedding day!

Everyone at school congratulates me, shaking my hands.

Start from Marshall: Fuck! You're marrying Lee?

I nodded softly, saying "yeah."

He smiled, taking my hand and shaking it closely. "Well, hope you'll be happy."

He's so nice. I always like him as good friend.

Julia: Oh, can't believe this! Oh… Oh… Oh…. (I forgot the next words, she was too hysterical)

I nodded too, saying "yeah, yeah, yeah baby, I'm marrying Lee Chaolan."

Poor Julia. She needs family.

Well, maybe she can adopt a baby somewhere else. Oh, I forgot again. She was adopted. Can an adopted woman adopt babies?

Nina, stop being harsh. You're pregnant woman!


The doctor asked me to control my emotion or I'll lose my baby. Last time I bleed a little bit and Lee quickly brought me to the hospital. I think that's because I had to leave Jin for the sake of three of us. Lee, our baby, and I.

The next is the school nurse.

I love her. She has something.

Kunimitsu: If you need divorce soon and want to return to your young lover, I'll make you a great poison. No doctor can detect, Nina.

I yelled at her, saying "Lee is okay. I don't need any poison."

She added, "just in case, darling. Who knows..."

Then Lee passed in front of us.

Kunimitsu stopped her words, gazing at Lee. He said he had some business at school. I didn't know he would have showed up there, while I was talking with Kunimitsu.

Lee looked dashing in his formal suit. He was wearing a white pale suit which matched his dark eyes. He smiled at us when he passed. Even he blew a kiss for us.

Suddenly Kunimitsu's voice turned, "damn. That delicious babe… you never told me how handsome he is…."

"Fuck off, are you saying…"

"I believe you'll have a happy life with him. He adores and loves you that much, Nina."

She really has a quick change of heart!


Hey! Can you believe even Heihachi congratulate me? He came with Lee in his side and he shook my hands! That's real crazy!

"Have a nice wedding, Nina."

ASSHOLE! Lee might have put something in his water.

Everyone is so busy preparing their things, buying new clothes, purchasing wedding gifts.


I don't know. Maybe I've already had everything I want right now.

Well, Lee has prepared everything for me.


Lee picked the wedding dress, Vera Wang. He knows how much I love her designs and he successfully got one for me. He arranged everything alone, starting from the guesses, food, church, place, to flowers. He is so perfect.

He even picked white lilies over roses for they're my favorite.


That fucking Lee Chaolan is the best groom ever!

I hate when he becomes so perfect like that! I hate when he keeps quiet and don't ask me anything! He is so full of himself!

That pig head, he knows everything I love and give them to me. How could I resist?

Fuck Lee!

I love every detail of them, of course.

Ah, it's 8 PM. Lee is coming soon, and I don't want him to find you, dear diary.

Wish me luck, okay? ^_^

God, I hate when I make that sign!



Am I falling in love again?

Hell no! He won't take my heart that easy!

27th May

I'm so tired but I should write my wedding day and honeymoon too. Oh, I hardly write anything. That bastard has sucked my energy until the last drop.

For your information, Lee is sleeping in the next room.

He refused making love to me again after our crazy wild sex two hours ago. He said he hardly control his lust while he is around me. Crap, don't blame me for your abnormal sex drive Chaolan!

That damn villain has been really sweet these days.

Okay, let's start from my wedding day.

Lee had chosen an old church in Nagasaki for wedding ceremony. It was so simple and beautiful. I never thought everything would be that lovely.

In front of every guess and that old priest, he promised to take care of me forever.

I smiled and said I do.

Time stopped at that time, when he kissed me.

He whispered that he loved me while he was kissing me. That stupid is a bloody romantic man, saying that kind of statement at that time. However, that is unforgettable.

He is so smart in picking time!


In the party, he asked me to dance with him.

I refused at first, but he sang my favorite song and successfully took my hand.

"L is for the way you look at me."

Lee sang it slowly. Everyone was watching him, but he didn't care and stared directly at my eyes. When those dark eyes stared at me with lots of love, I couldn't help it.

My heart beat faster and faster.

He continued his song, still fixed his eyes on me.

"O is for the only one I see…"

I looked at him. DAMN, he meant it. HE MEANT IT.

"V is very, very extraordinary

E is even more than anyone that you adore and

Love is all that I can give to you

Love is more than just a game for two

He paused a moment, kissing me. He kissed me passionately. Then, he continued singing that love song.

Two in love can make it

Take my heart and please don't break it

Love was made for me and you…"

I smiled, recollecting our lovely moments since long time ago.

That's our song.

He is really, really romantic.

Soon after our wedding, he took me here, in an island near Caribbean.

Honeymoon, he said. Honeymoon your ass!

Even though everything is beautiful and nice, but…

I couldn't be happy while….

Tell me the truth.

You want to know about Jin right?

Lee invited Jun Kazama and Jin too. However, she appeared without Jin on my wedding day.

She said he was coming with her to the Church, but….

Okay, I still have feeling to him.

It hurts.

Jun said Jin ran away as he saw me and Lee walking in the aisle. She handed me something from Jin. It was a beautiful ring.

Jin had prepared that….

"It's too bad Jin couldn't make it. But, Nina, Jin had prepared his gift for you."

I opened the little box and found a nice golden ring.

I wanted to take it when….

Lee suddenly took that ring.

I gasped at that time. Lee curved his mouth, whispering his words besides my ear, "one wedding ring is enough Nina."

He held my waist and kissed my cheek. "Thanks for coming Jun."

Jun smiled and went.

Have I told you how possessive Lee Chaolan is?

I bet I had told you about that!

Oh, I'm so sleepy…. See you later….

Note: the Caribbean food isn't too good. Yeah, I don't like seafood.

7th June

Lee and I moved to country side in Hokkaido. Lee managed to get me out of the school. He asked Heihachi permission and Heihachi granted it.

I wonder how Lee could have done that.

He has picked an assistant and he controls everything from our house. He's so crazy!

Our house here is very nice. It is a big farm house with a large field. The air is so fresh and lovely. The smell of wooden ornament fills the air, leaving warmth scent.

The sounds of animals, and horse…. Oh, I love every tiny detail of it.

Fuck him, Fuck Lee. He still remembers about my dream house.

Well, I told him about my childhood long time ago in farm field and he saves that in memory.

DAMN. How much does he remember everything about me?

June until November is filled with my days as newlywed. You can't take a peep at that ones right now. Well, of course I'm so happy…. Otherwise I had asked Kunimitsu to make me a killing potion.

I never expect I could have been that happy living with Lee!

17th November

I gave birth when I was having another passionate night with Lee.

That night was so out of normality!

We were in the middle of it—making love—when I felt my stomach hurt a lot. I sobbed and screamed, asking Lee to call the ambulance.

He did. He called but it hadn't come yet.

I continued sobbing.

"Nina, please…."

"Lee…." My voice trailed off. It had been a complete fucking hurt!

"Oh, shit? What should I do?"

I kept on screaming.

Lee was so panicked and called his friend, Boskonovich.

"I'm a scientist, not gynecologist!" Lee repeated that line everyday, laughing. Then he usually added, "besides, you should call obstetrician instead of calling me!"

The baby boy was born that night inside the ambulance.

Steve, Steven Lee Chaolan. Steve couldn't have waited until we had arrived in the hospital, so I had given birth inside the ambulance.

Lee looked at our baby, smiling with his pale face. We were heading to the hospital when everyone looked at Lee suspiciously, hiding their smiles.

Lee snarled, "What?"

He was wearing upside down shorts. And his t-shirt was pretty tight, absolutely. It was my t-shirt after all. Well, he was so fucking panicked.

"I'm not a gay. I'm her husband, guys. This is my baby. Nina, tell them."

I completely forgot my laboring pain and laughed together with the crews in the ambulance.

Lee pulled his face.

Talking about the baby name…

Lee has perfect kind of abilities and so on. But he's fucking idiot in choosing names. He wanted to name our baby Lee Chaolan Jr.


I punched him and gave our baby Steven instead of that mad option. Well, he added his name too, but it doesn't really matter. At least not Lee Chaolan Jr.!

18th November

Finally I met Jin, in the hospital.

Actually there was nothing wrong with me, but Lee forced me to stay in the hospital for 2 days. He wanted the nurse for helping me and my baby Steve.

There he came.

"It's been a long time," he said, carrying a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

"Jin!" I shouted. He came. Jin came to my room.

He looked fine. "Nina, are you okay?"

I smiled, "I'm fine. Have you looked at my baby?"

"He looked like you, blonde and charming little baby."

"Oh, Jin…." I couldn't help crying. I miss him for months. I know that is unfair. I'm married woman now. I can't think of another man.

But he's Jin.

My Jin. Okay, I'll learn not to write that again.

I have Lee now.

However, everything felt so awkward that time. The air seemed so heavy.

The pressure was so tight.

FUCK! I hate that!

I didn't know what to say next and he kissed my cheek. He was so close from me. I could smell his scent.

"I hope you live well with him."


Damn, he still can make my heart ache. DAMN.

Jin gazed at me with his puppy eyes, barely smiling. "Make sure you'll live happily with him or I'll take you away."


"Nina, can you consider…."


"Jin, I'm so happy now. Please get over me, okay? There's nothing between us."

"Nina, I…"

"Please listen to me. I'm married now."


"Jin, please?"

"I see…"

We were talking about the school gossips. Jin told me that Julia and Lei finally decided to break up. Julia is going out with Marshall.

Kunimitsu is leaving the school. Jin said she wants to take her PhD. Degree in Australia. No, she is not taking it in medical field, but psychology. Okay, that is close.

Dragunov affair is well known since he made his Monaco girl pregnant. They married last October. Dragunov returned to Russia with his bride and stays there.

How about that Chinese bitch?

Jin said they're going out just for fun. Well, who knows?

"Hope she'll be a good fucker for you, Jin."

He smiled shyly. "She is quite different from you, a bit childish and moody."

"She just needs some more practice. Just keep on fucking."


"Jin, stop."

Then, the door opened.

Both of us gazed at my husband, Lee. Lee entered and they stared at each other.

There was a short pause.

Lee smirked, "I make sure you'll never ever enter our lives anymore."

"Make me believe your words, Uncle Lee." Jin said, and then put the bouquet on the table. "I'm going."

"You'd better be."

There, Jin left the room.

Shit! Lee could have been nice to him, but he hadn't done it. He was still jealous, I can tell. Well, I had picked him in the end. Why should he feel jealous anyway?

I don't know what he wants sometimes.

Lee stared at me, showing his stern face.

"Lee, you can treat him like that. That's…."

"I will make you love me once more. I swear I will," Lee looked directly at my eyes. "Well, I'm coming to bring you this."

Okay, everyone, Lee brought me my favorite vegetable pizza. He was so sweet, right?

I'm really, really lucky to have him by my side.

I took the pizza and started eating when he watched me.

"What's the matter?" I asked him. "Do you want some pizza?"

Lee paused for a while. He stared at me, smiling. "By the way, don't you own me something?"


I didn't have any idea what he was talking about. Lee likes making riddle.

"Yeah, your apology."

"My apology?" I raised my eyebrows, once again wondering what Lee was thinking at that time.

"Our baby. It's my son, dammit."


"Fuck you for making me jealous all this time." Lee looked so proud when he said that. "Fuck you for lying, darling."

Fine, Steve is his son.

I hid my smile, trying to look as cool as always, "it's a sweet revenge for kidnapping me."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Hmm," I nodded.

"Put those pizzas away from your mouth."

Then he crossed the room and kissed me, caressing me with all his love.

"I love you Nina. I always love you."

Epilog: Nina and Lee married for a long time. They had another lovely daughter named Stephanie Lee Chaolan. Their daughter looked lovely, sharing Lee's white hair and Nina's pretty face.

Do you think Lee had succeeded capturing Nina's heart? He needs long time to do that task. However, he seemed love it. Lee loves challenges.

Nina is still Jin's first love. However he managed living without her. Sometimes first love ends tragically and that happened to him.

Maybe Jin would fall in love with Nina's daughter, or maybe with his Chinese girl.

No worries, Jin would find his love in the end.


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