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It was one simple word. One single, simple word. Sadly, it was the only word in the English language that Ilana would not understand.

"Lance, I can sing so well and with you on guitar and Octus doing… whatever Octus does, we'd be great!" She had that bright, peppy smile splayed out across her features that shone like the golden rays of the sun.




The girl had been getting the same answer from him for the past two hours. She was relentless. Ilana was determined as ever. She wasn't giving up any time soon. She would get her way at the end of it all.



The worst part was that it was just one-worded answers. If she had gotten a "no" and an explanation, it would've been different. But it was just "no" and Ilana didn't like one-worded answers. She liked explanations and reasons and definitions. She didn't want Lance to be so darn blunt.





An exasperated sigh escaped her tired lips. She had been begging for so long now that she was almost tired enough to stop. But she was relentless. For now. "Can't you even listen to me?"


"But I'm good, I swear!"


"I'll sing."


"I can't sing?"


Lance wasn't wavering. At all.

Ilana stomped one foot. "Lance, please? I just want to show you how good I am! Then we can be The Galactic Trio."

A half-smile kissed Lance's usually straight lips. "Lemme think about it. Um, no."

"Laaannncceeeeee," whined Ilana, stamping her foot against the ground a little harder this time. She had the whole priss thing going since she couldn't get her way. "I want to be in a band like you were! It looks cool and-"


The girl was almost grateful he had given her more than a word for an answer the last time. Now he was back to just that one word that bugged her to no end. No end. She almost wanted to laugh. But she didn't. "Lance," she whimpered like a kicked puppy, giving him the saddest eyes she could muster and puffing out her lower lip to pout.

"Aw, that's so sad… No."

Now he was just getting cruel. "Don't make me beg."

"I'm pretty sure you already are begging," he pointed out with a grin before folding his arms across his chest. It almost felt good to be higher than Ilana for once.

"This is not begging," corrected the Galalunian princess. "Begging is getting down on my hands and knees and kissing your feet until you say yes."


"AUGH!" the girl groaned, staring up at the ceiling tiles above her. The school muffled the sound of their talking.

"Feel free to beg, but it won't get you anywhere. Neither will excessive groaning, moaning, whining, whimp-"

"I don't like you," huffed Ilana, folding her arms neatly across her chest and turning her head slightly away from him in a dignified manner.

"Good. Then you wouldn't want to be in a band with me, now would you?"

Newton sat down beside Lance. "What did I miss?" he asked, eyes glancing to both the teenagers.

"Newton, we're going to be in a band!" announced Ilana proudly, glittering eyes flitting to the robot.

"Um, I said no," repeated Lance for like the billionth time.

"I didn't say you were in it!" The girl's tone carried a bit of her royal snootiness in it.

Lance nodded. For some stupid reason, his plan had worked. And his plans never worked.

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