The characters of Fraggle Rock are owned by the genius Jim Henson (God bless him) and Jim Henson Productions. The only character I own is Woci.

This chapter goes into the fact how Woci is different from other Fraggles: aside from Gobbo's Uncle Matt, she makes frequent trips to Outer Space, had direct contact with a Silly Creature, and is the only Catholic Fraggle in Fraggle Rock. Not only that, it is the key to the mystery of Woci's past. Finally, this chapter hints a bit about Gobbo's feelings about Red.


Wembley had never felt so full in his life. Woci had fed him so much peach and pepper pottage he thought he would explode any moment, a splattered spot on the wall, with nothing but a banana tree shirt to suggest there was once a Fraggle it belonged to. He wanted to roll over on his side, but with his hurt ankle it was impossible. So there he was, stretched out on his cot with his slightly swollen belly. He groaned. "Woci, I feel as fat as a Gorg." Woci laughed.

"I know how you feel," she said. "That peach and pepper pottage reallys fills you up quickly." On the outside, Woci was her cheerful self, but on the inside she was a wreck. It was driving her crazy trying to figure out where she had heard the name "Mokey" before. It was so familiar, but why? Woci didn't want Wembley to think he was to blame for it, so she didn't say anything about it. Instead, she pulled out her easel and some homemade paints. "Want me to paint you a picture, Wembley?" Wembley tried to look at her, but he was so sluggish from his big meal it was hard.

"If you want to," he replied, "but I don't know what. Surprise me." Woci smiled and nodded. She got her tail and dipped it into one of the containers of paint. Since she never learned how to make a brush, she wanted to improvise, a decision she made shortly after moving into the cave. Perhaps on one of her trips to Outer Space she would pick up a paintbrush somewhere. Yes, that's right. Uncle Travelling Matt wasn't the only Fraggle who visited Outer Space. A short way from Woci's cave there was a tunnel she crawled through to go into Outer Space, right outside a small church. It was a month before she even found the tunnel, and when she did there was a Silly Creature outside, which scared her a little, until she found out he was friendly. This Silly Creature's name was Father Matthew O' Brien, the priest of the church near the tunnel opening. Naturally he had never seen a creature like Woci before, but nevertheless took her in and got to know her, even to the point of converting her. Catholicism was completely contradicting to what Fraggles and even Doozers and Gorgs believed in. Their personal beliefs all relied on spirits in nature, like the Fraggles believe in spirits of the cave and such, or their ancestors, such as Gorgs believe in the Spirit of the Great Gorg. What Father O' Brien taught to Woci was nothing like that. I won't get into any intricate details, but in short Woci was so perplexed about this new religion that it intrigued her and converted right away. The reason this fact is brought up is because Wembley was looking at the rosary beads that were hanging on her wall. "What are those, Woci?"

"What is what?" she inquired. Woci turned away from her painting and followed Wembley's gaze to the rosary beads on the wall. "Oh those? Those are my, um, rosary beads." Wembley looked very confused, so she moved her painting stool next to Wembley's cot and sat. "Now would probably be a good time to explain something about myself." Woci told in detail to Wembley of her trip to Outer Space and meeting Father O' Brien, but what really got Wembley's attention was the explanation of Catholicism Woci gave him. When she finished, there was a brief silence between the two Fraggles. "I know it's different from what you probably believe in, but this is just what I know." Wembley contemplated on everything Woci told him. "You probably think I'm weird..."

"No! Not at all!" Wembley almost screamed. He jerked up so quickly a surge of pain went through his ankle and he let out a cry. "Woci, don't you ever think that you're weird, and especially don't think that's what I think. I know we haven't known each other long, but I think you are one of the most interesting Fraggles I've ever met." He wanted to say she was also the prettiest he had ever met, but he kept his mouth closed about it. Woci's eyes lit up.

"You mean that?" she asked. Wembely nodded, and was surprised when Woci put her arms around his neck in a hug. "Thank you, Wembley. That means a lot. I hope we're friends forever." Wembley felt his heart beat faster when she said that. She really liked him! What if one day they were more than friends? She let him go and went back to work on her painting.

"You know, my friend Mokey likes to paint, too," Wembley said out of the blue. "She loves anything that has to do with art. Why in f-" The Fraggle was interrupted by Woci's gasp and one of her containers crashing to the floor, leaving a big splotch of paint on the stone floor. "Oh no! I'm sorry, Woci! I didn't mean to do that!" Wembley didn't know it, but it wasn't him that caused Woci to break the container. At the mention of Mokey liking art, a vision from Woci's past suddenly flashed before her eyes. She saw...a young, purple Fraggle with blue hair trying to paint with Woci by pressing their hands against an old rag. They were both very little, and even though she didn't know the Fraggle in the vision, she seemed familiar.

"No," Woci said shortly. "I-it's not you Wembley. I...I think I just saw something from my past." Wembley's eyes widened with astonishment. Whenever he mentioned Mokey, Woci went into a brief state of realization. Was there a connection between the two girl Fraggles? If there was, what was it? Woci thought of everything they had talked about, and somehow the Gorgs fit in, too. Radishes were also a piece of the puzzle. "I don't understand it..."


Meanwhile, Boober, Gobbo, Mokey, and Red found out Wembley wasn't in the Gorg's gardenall split up to look in different parts of Fraggle Rock for their friend Wembley. Boober would take the South, Gobbo would take the West, Mokey the North, and Red the East. They entrusted their friend Tosh to keep an eye out in case Wembley was to return without the others knowing. Red was the guiltiest about the whole thing. It was her fault Wembley left, and it would be all her fault if something bad happened to him. Who knew what undiscovered dangers were in Fraggle Rock?

The other Fraggles had their own personal conflicts, too. Boober couldn't believe he was foolish enough to venture out into Fraggle Rock alone, and sensed doom every time he took a step. However, the pessimistic Fraggle knew it would be all worth it if Wembley was found safe and sound. Gobbo was worried about Wembley and angry at Red at the same time. Both Fraggles were important to him, and yet he was feeling opposite feelings about them. Wembley was his best friend and roommate and Red was his friend but also constant opponent. Suddenly deep down in the bottom of his heart, Gobbo felt that there was another reason Red was important to him, a reason that couldn't make him entirely angry at her. It was feeling he rarely noticed but it came up whenever he and Red argued or competed against each other...Gobbo shook off this thought. "I shouldn't be worrying about Red. I need to think about Wembley! This...this is all R-Red's fault." The words hardly came out of his mouth.

As for Mokey, her personal conflict was tied closer to Wembley than the other's. When Woci had her vision of when she was young, Mokey experienced a similar vision, only she saw a young purple Fraggle with yellow hair, smiling and looking up at her as they pressed their paint colored hands against a piece of rag. "I remember that!" she gasped. "And the so familiar..." She reached into her robe and in a small, secret pocket Mokey took out an object no other Fraggle knew about, not even Red. It was a round, orange stone with a hole in the middle. Fingering it, Mokey struggled to remember the past behind it. It was connected to something important, but it was from such a long time ago she couldn't recall what.

In a flash Mokey's eyes grew wide. She remembered EVERYTHING. It all came to her at once. "Why is this happening all of a sudden!" she shrieked aloud. "Is it really possible she's alive?" Mokey remembered when she was a very young Fraggle, before Uncle Travelling Matt set out to explore Outer Space, she had a little sister. One day she and her sister managed to sneak out of their home and went into the Gorg's garden to play. By the time their parents found them Ma and Pa Gorg had discovered the two Fraggle girls frolicking in their radish patch. Desperate to save their daughters, Mokey's parents got in between them and the Gorgs so the girls could get away safely. Mokey remembered the last thing she saw was Pa Gorg picking up her father by his tail and yelling at her to save herself and her sister.

After that traumatic moment the girls were so terrified they forgot the way home. To make matters worse, while trying to find their way back home her little sister stepped on a loose piece of stone and ended up hanging from the edge. Mokey remembered holding onto her sister's hands, tears running down both their faces. Mokey had slipped once and almost fell down with her sister, if it weren't for a branch she wrapped her tail around. Then the unthinkable happened. Her sister's frail hands couldn't hold on long enough to Mokey, and she lost her grip. An image of her tumbling down the sloping rock wall glued itself in Mokey's mind. From that moment Mokey was alone in the world. She never found out if her parents escaped the Gorgs or not, and until she befriended Red the only thing that kept her mind off of her feelings was her poetry and painting. All of the memories coming in at once caused Mokey to break down and start crying. The stone was the only thing she had to remind her of her lost sister. Before that tragic day they made them to wear around their necks as a symbol of sisterhood and friendship.

Mokey's tears didn't last long, though. "Wait! If all this is happening right now...she must be still alive!" Mokey tied the stone around her neck next to her bottle opener necklace and hurried down the path. "After we find Wembley, we can find my sister! I know she's alive! I can feel it! I'm coming, sis!"