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"Stupid trees!" The red-headed girl could be heard from numerous of places in the woods. She's been scouting everywhere, and I just roll my eyes. Villagers, I think, They're so stupid when they don't know where they're going.

"I've been stuck here for three hours, Ichigo! Let's get out of here." The blue haired girl complains. A girl with blonde hair that might be having a spasm attack jumps up and down.
"I kind-of like it here! It's pretty." Reminds me of Rin.. I roll my eyes, and watch them carefully from above. Each has a destinctive smell- The red-head smelling like a cat, the blue-haired girl smells like a bird, A green-haired girl smells like a fish, The blonde-one smells like a monkey and A purple-haired girl smells like a wolf.

In speaking of wolves.. I growl lowly as a wirlwind passes by right on cue.
"Yo! InuYasha!" He growls up the tree, "scared to come down so I won't beat your face?" The villager girls stare in shock at his tail, the purple-haired girl just smiles nicely to that mangy wolf. I jump down the tree, growling at his face.

"You mangy wolf.. Say that to my face!"
"I just did!"

We knock foreheads with each other, growling. The purple-haired girl comes up to us and breaks us apart without even speaking.

"one-sama.." The blue-headed girl whispers.

"Enough, you two. We don't have time for your little game, what-ever you may be doing." She says calmingly. I just look at her as if she grew a second head.

"And, who might you be?" Kouga asks. I was about to say that, Kouga.

"I am Zakuro. I am part wolf, part human." She's a half-breed, like me. Kouga stops growling at her, and she smiles.

"You don't look like a half-breed." I mutter.
"Um, actually, we're not half-breeds at all." Ichigo points out.

"Then, what are you?" I ask. It's right. They don't look like me at all.

"We are mew mews na no da!" The monkey smelling blonde says.

"Mew Mews?" Maybe Kagome knows what In the world they are.

"Kouga, let's finish our little fight later. Let me get them to Kagome- Where you aren't going – and see what I can do to help them." Kouga growls, but I wave him off.

"Get out of here before I kill you." I growl at him. He turns around, and dashes off.

"Coward!" I yell after him, before turning around to face the "Mew Mews."

"Follow me. I think I know how to help you." We walk in silence, except from the occasional squealing of the blonde one's voice. As we reach my camp, I find Miroku unconscious on the floor, with a pissed off Sango.

"Perv." She mutters. She looks at me weirdly, and I shrug.

"Sango, meet the "mew mews." I say, turning around. The girls have aligned each other so that the red-head was in the middle.

"My name Is Ichigo.." The strawberry haired girl says.

"My name is Minto." The blue haired girl blinks variety of times. She has something wrong with her eyes, or something?

"My name is Lettuce." The green-haired girl blushes. She kind-of looks like a strawberry when she does that.

"My name is Pudding na no da!" Sango laughs at the monkey girl.

"And my name is Zakuro. We need your help." The oldest of the five say. Her purple hair blind me in the sun, and I look away, trying to look for Kagome.

"What happened to him na no da?" Pudding is leaning over Miroku, and Sango laughs.

"He's.. sleeping." She thinks.

"Oh, na no da. Let's not wake him up then, na no da!" She whispers quietly.

"Oi! Bitch! Come out of where-ever you were and come here!" I yell into the woods. Kagome comes out of the woods carrying arrows stacked in her hands.



"Sit, boy!" I kiss the ground. Not like, The Queen of England kiss, but, I smack into the ground, and I feel paralized as my necklace keeps me pulled into the ground.

"Maybe I should get that for Kisshu." Ichigo sighs. Tought luck, Kish. You're a gonner.

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