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(On the phone with Alex) I had walked into my house and froze dead in my tracks..

I heard Alex talking on the other end but I was so shocked I couldn't even speak….

"Nikita, I guess I under stand now, about getting out before it's too late" Alex said

"Yeah.. things are defiantly more complicated now." I said, closing my phone slowly.

Because in front of me sitting in a chair, in my house, with a huge gun that could probably blow me to pieces, was none other than….you guessed it Michael.

"Ask me how I got here" Michael said, with a cold determined look in his eye.

Why is he here? Am I really slipping up that much? Is he going to take me back to division? Does he have backup outside? All these thoughts racked through my head as I was trying to process this information.

"How did you get in here" My voice sounded weak and scared. I can't show this side of me to him. I'm supposed to be the amazing Nikita and yet here I am, possibly in the face of death like I have been in Soo many times, looking like a wimp.

"Easily, Nikita I figured you of all people know that division has quite a way with getting information….and getting what we want."

"Wait have you told Division?"

"No" Michael said as he rose and pointed that gun at me.

"But, I will if you don't do as I say."

"Wow Michael, that's low.. even for you." I snapped. All of a sudden I was being pinned to the ground with a gun at my head. I was powerless, for once I couldn't think of anything to get myself out of this situation. All my weapons are towards the back of my house. Even worse, I have a deadly looking gun pointed at my head.

"Michael" I gasped, is he serious? Would he really shoot me?

"Nikita you are going to get up, I am going to walk you to my car and take you back to division, or I can shoot you now and make everyone happy. Face it Nikita either way your dead." I glared at him...

"You Wouldn't" I spat.

"Oh, but I would" he spat back at me with a venomous glare. Holy crap he's Serious! I realized now that, I'm scared. I don't know what to do. Usually you want to die with the one you love not by the one you love.

"Michael pleas-" I didn't have a chance to finish my sentence because Michael cut me off.

"Nikita you shouldn't have left division what's done is what's done! He yelled.

I felt tears spring in my eyes. No NO I can't cry, not at I time like this! But Michael, he's never yelled at me like that.

"Michael please don't do this.." I cried. Michael's face softend but only for a second as he turned back to a cold emotionless face.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take you back to division, or just kill you myself." One good reason I have a million good reasons! But only one that really matters…

"Michael I Love you." I said with tears rolling down my cheeks.

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