Hey everyone, sorry this isn't the type of update you were expecting… Please forgive me! I want to apologize for not updating.. Don't worry though.. I haven't given up on this story! I'm a little low on idea's so please PM me if you have anything.

I just want to say that.. After reading over this story again.. I'm not exactly proud of what I did with it.. I don't want to delete it because I put so much time and energy in it, and it would be unfair to all of you. I have edited a few chapters, and I am currently working on the 7th. Thank You to everyone who has reviewed this story. I know that almost every author says this, but your reviews REALLY do help me! Every time I get a review, I do a little happy dance. So again, thank you too all who have stayed faithful, and reviewed! I hope you continue reading this story when I update! I can't say when I will update… with school back in session, I have less time.. But I promise you I will update!