OK people this is a one-shot about kid flash because he is so funny! I can see him doing all of this. I really need something to unblock my writers block so here we go!



1) Sneak up behind a mentor and scream "WATERMELLON TREE!"

(Black Canary is still angry about that…)

2) call Batman any of the following:"the bat-enator", "batticus", or "-even-beat-a-stupid-clown"

(Both Batman and Robin are getting tired of smacking him upside the head)

3) Tell superboy anything on TV is real

(He still salutes when a mentor walks in to the room after watching M*A*S*H* with KF)

4) Ask if kaldur is a fish or a frog

(He finds the questioning of his amphibious nature annoying as do we all, duh… he is a fish!)

5) Talk to miss m about anything romance related

(He keeps trying to trick her into a date)

6) Tell Artemis that speedy looked better in a dress than she dose

(When asked how he knows he presented a picture from an undercover mission where speedy was disguised as a girl. He was kindly reminded that he had to dress as a girl too)

7) Tell robin that his sun glasses are stupid looking

(He was admitted to the med bay with a concussion)


Funny right?