The young Salvatore brothers crept silently outside the Gilbert home. Their target, Elena Gilbert, was inside watching some movie with her parents and younger brother. How much more luck could the boys ask for? The only thing that would've made this job even easier, was if Elena happened to be home alone. But, that was pushing it.

The plan was: go in, get the girl and get out. Nothing more, nothing less. No one was to be killed or harmed unless there was no other way to get Elena. The reason Tony - the ruthless killer who'd hired the Salvatore's to kidnap Elena - wanted this girl was something the Salvatore's didn't even want to know. They'd been given their instructions, and would receive the money when the job was done. Easy, right?

"Don't screw this up, Stefan. You hear me?" Damon said, his voice was low but dangerous. When the oldest Salvatore spoke in that voice, it sent chills through his little brother.

"No need to worry about me, Brother. I have no intentions of getting killed," Stefan replied honestly.

Both Salvatore brothers knew, if one little thing happened to go wrong during this task, they'd both be dead in a heartbeat. Tony wasn't someone you wanted to screw over.

"Alright then, let's get this done."

One Hour Later

"Please, just untie my hands," Elena pleaded from the back seat of Damon's Camero. "They hurt. They're even turning purple. Look." Elena held her hands out in front of her, showing Stefan and Damon her lightly purple tinted hands.

"No." Damon told her simply, for about the ninth time. "Can't you just sit back there and be quiet?"

"And just why should I do something you want, if you won't do something for me?"

"Come on, Damon. What's the worst that could happen? We're in a moving vehicle. Where's she going to go?" Stefan whispered to his brother.

Damon gave his brother a sideways glance. "Don't you watch movies? She could jump out of the car!"

"I won't, I swear!" Elena insisted, waving her hands in front of her. "It might ruin my manicure."

Damon was silent as he thought about this. This girl was getting kidnapped, and she was worried about her nails? God, girls are stupid sometimes when it comes to their nails. Finally, getting tired of her requests, he nodded for Stefan to untie her. Elena practically jumped up and down with excitement.

"Now that, that's out of the way," Elena said in an almost sing-song voice, "where the hell are you taking me?" Her voice changed rather dramatically. She was no longer the ditz of a girl that Damon thought she was.

Damon stopped at a red light, and said, "I did something for you, now, it's your turn."

Elena rolled her eyes. "And what is it you want from me? Money? Sex? Food? Cause there's a homeless shelter right around that corner that has two out of three of those things, money being the thing it lacks." Stefan had a hard time controlling his laughter, as Damon lightly hit his head on the steering wheel in frustration.

"Let's put tape over her mouth, what do you say, Stefan?" Damon suggested.

"Don't you dare!" Elena shouted.

"Sure, we can kidnap you, but if we want to shut you up, that's when you have a problem. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a little backwards?"

"Come on, Damon, leave her alone."

Damon almost ran into the car next to them. "Leave her alone? She's the one bothering me!"

"Well, she has a right, you know. We did kidnap her." Elena nodded in agreement.

And so it went on, for another hour. Elena, not getting an answer as to where in the world she was being carted off too. Damon trying not to strangle the girl he was getting paid to keep hostage for the time being. And Stefan being referee between his brother and the hostage. Without Stefan there, they all knew Damon would've said forget the money and have thrown Elena out of the car.

When the car arrived at the hotel Tony had told them to meet him at, Damon was more then happy to drag Elena out of the car. She wasn't exactly the easiest person to get out of a vehicle either. Damon took great pleasure in throwing her over his shoulder after she was out of the car. Seeing as Elena had tried to jump back in, after he'd spent ten minutes of precious time getting her out.

"Don't do that!" Damon shouted, when Elena kicked her leg towards his face.

"Then put me down, idiot!"

Stefan got the hotel room door open, and stepped aside so Damon and Elena could go in first. "Fine!" Damon then dropped Elena rather harshly on the bed. She bounced a few times, and ended up rolling off the bed and hit the floor with a loud and painful thud.

Damon doubled over in laughter as Stefan went to help Elena up. While Damon laughed, Elena picked up the phone sitting on the night stand and threw it right at him. Damon got lucky, she had bad aim.

"Hey!" He walked over and picked up the phone. "Don't damage the hotel goods. I don't want that to come out of our check!"

"So, that's why you took me, for money." Stefan shot a panicked look at his older brother. Elena wasn't suppose to know any part of the plan, just in case she got away or something and turned them in. "Who's paying you?"

"Santa Claus." Damon muttered, pulling his cell out to call Tony. It rang twice, and then a rough voice answered. "It's me." A pause, and then Tony came on the line. "Yeah, we got her. You got the money?"

"Don't ask me about the money!" Tony screamed. "I'm in charge here, not you, Salvatore!"

"So you've said." It took guts, but Damon said it anyways. Maybe Elena's "idiot" comment was right earlier. "Look man, my brother and I just want to get our money and get out of town. We got you the girl, now bring us the money."

"You'll get your money, when I get around to it," Tony growled. "I'll be there soon to pick her up." The line went dead, and Damon snapped his cell shut.


Damon, Stefan, and Elena sat around for two hours. Tony didn't show, and he wasn't reachable on the number Damon had called before. The brothers were getting worried by the first hour. At this point, Damon was just plain angry. Stefan was still worried, and concerned about Elena. She hadn't said anything since Damn finished his call before. She just sat on the bed, staring at the wall. Stefan noticed tears glistening in her eyes, that hadn't been there before. Elena didn't cry, though it was obvious she wanted too.

"Maybe you should try calling again." Stefan suggested, watching his older brother pace through out the small hotel room.

Damon stopped pacing, to glare at his little brother. "If they didn't pick up the last fifteen times I called, I don't think they are now."

"It was just a suggestion."

"I don't need your suggestions."

"Well, apparently you do because you don't know what your doing."

"I do know what I'm doing!" Damon shouted, walking over to Stefan. Stefan stood up, and they were almost exactly level with one another. Damon being just a few inches taller. No matter though, Stefan could hold his own against Damon if he needed too.

"You sure about that? From the looks of it, we got a bad deal. We kidnapped a girl, Damon! And made a deal with Tony - Tony the trigger happy mob lord!" Stefan realized his mistake right as the words rolled off his tongue. Both Damon and Stefan seemed to freeze, and then turned slowly to look at Elena.

Elena was staring at them with eyes wide as plates, and her mouth set in an "O" of terror. "Tony? Tony Kyle?" When neither boy said anything, Elena knew she was right.

No one said a word or moved for a long while. Tension was high in the room, as if they were all waiting for Tony to jump out of the closet or something.

It wasn't until the faint sound of sirens hit the young adults ears that any of them moved. Elena jumped off the bed and shot across the room to the door. Damon was hot on her heels. Elena manged to get the door unlocked and open before Damon grabbed her. She swung wildly at him, just barely missing his face each time.

"A little help here, Stefan?" Damon ducked another punch, as he wrapped his arms around the girls waist. Stefan came over from behind Elena, grabbed her arms, and held them behind her back.

"Help!" Elena shouted as loud as she could, though the sirens were still far off. "Let me go!" She brought her knee up and caught Damon in the stomach. He lost his hold on her, and fell forward to his knees. Elena took advantage of this, and kneed him in the face. Damon fell back, cursing, as his hands covered his nose and mouth. She wasn't sure where she'd hit him exactly, but she knew she'd done some damage to that handsome face of his.

Stefan still had a hold on her arms, but Elena solved that problem by bringing her head back and hitting him in the nose. Stefan's hands dropped, and went to his face much like his brother had done. Elena darted out of the motel room, and stopped in the parking lot for a moment. No one was around. Probably because the motel was so run down it looked like it'd been abandoned. She listened for the sirens, but they were still to far to do her any good. Elena glanced behind her, saw the guys were recovering quickly, and ran to Damon's car.

"No!" Damon yelled from just outside the room, watching Elena pull open the door to his beloved Camero. "Not the car, please!" He was well aware of the blood running down his face as he took off in Elena's direction.

Stefan wasn't sure if Damon was more worried about Elena getting away, or Elena getting away with his vehicle. Either way, he followed right behind his older brother out to the Camero. Elena'd locked the doors, and was frantically look for a spar set of keys in the car. When Damon got to the car, he was laughing. Which confused both Stefan and Elena. Why would he be laughing at a time like this?

"There's only one set of keys, my dear," Damon said, shaking with laughter. He hopped up on the hood of his car, and smiled in at Elena. "You can look all day, there's no way your getting that car to start."

Elena stopped searching for the keys, and instead fixed her attention on the older man sitting on her escape plan. Her eyes narrowed, and she glared at him with all she had. "You wanna bet?" Elena ducked out of sight, and Damon stopped laughing.

"Don't even think about hot-wiring my car, woman!" He leap off the hood and marched over to the driver side door to see Elena doing the very thing he'd just said not too. Damon hit the window in frustration. "If you screw up my car, I'll kill you myself!"

Stefan knew Damon was protective of his car, but he didn't believe he'd go as far as killing someone over it. Thinking about the situation, Stefan realized he and Damon needed a new plan. The police sirens weren't so faint anymore. They were actually pretty clear now. It wasn't a sure thing that the cops were heading this way, but where else would they be going around here? The bored up gas station down the road? Crazy loon Fred's place, two blocks down? No, probably not. Which only left Harry's motel. Stefan had to admit, Tony'd planned this out pretty well.

"Are you just going to stand there?" Damon snapped, glancing between his brother and the girl hijacking his beloved.

What am I suppose to do? Stefan thought bitterly. Break the window and drag her out?

Then, it was like something you see in the movies when someone gets an idea and the light bulb flashes over their head. Stefan was having one of those moments. He walked over to the passenger side door, took off his jacket, wrapped it around his fist for protection, and punched the window.

"I wanted you to help!" Damon screeched making his way over to the passenger side. "Not destroy my car!"

Stefan rolled his eyes, as Damon reached in and unlocked the door. Just as he was opening it up, Elena got the car started. She popped up out of the floorboard, and slammed her foot on the gas.

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