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Chapter 1

Undercover and Introductions

Cameron's POV

God, this suck's. I'm only 15 and I'm doing my uncle Leisman's dirty work. I should be in a normal high school. Not working at some military school for boy's! What the hell? I think I'm the only other female on campus other than Ms. Bliss. Bimbo… To top it off, I have to room with a group of boy's.

Now my chances of rape are up to about 90%. Lucky me. It's around two in the afternoon. The boy's should be arriving soon. Five minutes later one of the commander's brought in four boy's.

Caucasian, wearing a sweater type jacket, and flannels. A Colored boy, wearing a white and black leather jacket an jeans. An Arab, wearing, what looked like, a full body robe. And…an Italian? He looked like the rich type, wearing a light blue suit and a yellow button-up underneath.

He looked fun to piss off. They all stared at me as they put there stuff down, until one spoke up, "This place smells like jock straps." Good one. "What a dump." Said another. "Alright you new rats shape up and he'll be right in."

Go away…I freakin hate all of the commander's. Sexist idiots. "Who'll be in." The Caucasian spoke. "…Leisman." Ahh, my favorite uncle…bastard. "Whose Liesman?"

"Who cares?" The Italian spoke up. Sounded more like a pissed off Yankee to me. "I'm Oliver Hault, I'm from Michigan." The Caucasian spoke, his blonde hair bouncing like his voice. "Not my fault." Attitude. Do want!

The black boy stepped in and shook Oliver's hand. "I'm Eisenhower MacArthur." "That a history lesson or a name." Oliver patted Eisenhower's shoulder. "Is your father in the army?" The Arab said sounding interested in learning this.

"No he's a saint, why else would he give me this name. Just call me Ike." "Hash." The Arab said, as he shook Ike's hand. "Not now, man. Maybe after dinner." "No. My *name* is Hash. It's easier to say than "El Hashid Amir Junior"." What a name.

"I didn't know girls went here." Hash said. "Finally, someone notices I'm alive. And they don't, I'm only here because my parent's are dead and because my uncle is my only living relative, who works here. So I'm an acceptance." I sat up from the bunk I was lying on.

The Italian looked like he was getting pissed, what with all the friendly conversation going on. "I'm taking this top bunk." He said referring to the one above me. "Got any objections, Princess?" He said looking at me, with a smirk.

"To the bunk, no. But to you, just get the fuck out." He stared me down and said, "Wanna repeat that, Princess." I opened my mouth, but Oliver stepped in, trying to change the subject. "Well now, hold on a second. Since there's only three top bunks, why don't we draw straw's. You know, make it democratic?" "Draw this." He flipped Oliver the bird.

"Hey! Watch it." Oliver bit back. Ike stepped in and Hash held Oliver back. "Watch it. If we're gonna be living together, we have got to try and get along." At least 3 out of 4 is nice. "Hey, let me tell you guys something. As far as I'm concerned, we're not living together. See, I'm by myself; I don't wanna be here, I just wanna do my work, mind my own business, and get outta here when my time is up, alright?" He went over and climbed to the top of the bunk.

Oliver looked at him and sent him a death glare. And what's-his-name did the same. I looked out the window and saw the commander from before, yelling at our window. "Here he comes! Leisman!" Ahh my favorite uncle…asshole. I saw the shadow in the hall and a breeze came along with it.

Not a good idea to wear jean's and a tank with him around. Fricken cold…He stepped into our room, with his shade's and uniform on. "Ten hut." We all lined up in a row facing him opposite. He walked in surveying us.

"Welcome gentlemen. My name is Major Vaughn Leisman. And I'm sure you've already met my niece Cameron." They stared at me with an expression that said these words exactly, 'Shit.' "She'll be bunking with you guys to make sure that no one stands out of place."

God, I hate being a rat.

"I would like us all to be friends." What. The. Fuck. "Wyenburg, can be a very lonely place if you don't have friends. I know." He walked over to Ike and Oliver's beds. "I was 7 years old when I first came to the academy," He checked out there thing's. I felt like saying, 'You asshole.', "I didn't have any friends. Nobody liked me. Who whose bunk is this now?" He asked, pointing to the one on the bottom.

"Uh, mine." Oliver spoke. If that kid only knew how many balls he had. My uncle took off his glasses and shoved them in his breast pocket. "Don't you mean "Mine, Sir"?" Aw, not this crap again. "Yes, Sir." My uncle smirked. "Say it again." "Mine, Sir." Oliver said with more force. "Say it again." "Mine, Sir." "Say it again!" "Mine, Sir." "As the years rolled by I learned by getting along with people by what was doing what was asked of me." I'm bored. "By living up to the cold of the academy."

He walked away from Oliver and to what-the-bloody-fuck-is-his-name! "And by putting my trust in my superiors, everybody liked me. Now suffice to say the saddest day of my life was when I graduated from the academy. And I was never really happy again, until I returned here to assume my duties as the assistant to the commandant. Oh yeah, I forgot, I did have a few brief moments of satisfaction in Vietnam, were I was fortunate enough to serve my country to the fullest of my capabilities, let me lie! By large, Wyenburg is were I belonged. And in the sense, Wyenburg, belongs to me- Am I boring you boy?"

He stepped up to Oliver. "No, it's just a little chilly in here." "Don't you mean "It's just a little chilly in her, Sir!"" "Yes, Sir." "Well, say it!" "It's Just a little chilly in here, Sir!" "Say it again!" "It's just a little chilly in here Sir!" "Say it again!" "It's just a little chilly in here, Sir." "That's what I thought you meant. Anyway, gentlemen I truly believe that this semester will be a very pleasant experience for all of us! If, you just obey the rules."

Is his speech over? "Because if you don't, I'm gonna find out." He said looking to me. "And then I won't be able to be your friend anymore. Cause whatever you do. Were ever you go. What ever your thinking. I'll be watching you. Look-in out for your better interests." He walked over to one of the small blue trunks that lay on the floor at the foot of Hash's bed. "Cause after all that's what friends are for." He opened it, and it reveled 2 candle holders from the 'church' area.

"You take these candle sticks here for instants? Cause I do not think they belong here" He asked looking towards Hash. "uh…they were a g-gift, from my uncle, Sir." He replied nonchalantly. "Pick them up." Hash bent over and said "Yes, Sir" Bad move. My uncle grabbed his neck and shook him after every sentence he said. "I ever catch you stealing again boy, I'm gonna rip your balls off." Wow. Just wow. "Fair enough, Sir." "Say it again!" "Fair enough, Sir!" "Say it again!" "Fair enough, Sir!" He got up and stalked back to us. "Gentlemen, it's getting late. Once again, welcome to Wyenburg! Get a good night's rest, tonight. Pleasant dreams."

Yes, he's finally gone! The boy's each went to their bed's except for the tumor that was starting to grow on my ass! He sat next to me on mine. Ike said and said. "He didn't mean it when he said he wanted to be friends." No- "No, Shit!" Tan man cut in. "Well, I'm gonna go get dressed for bed."

"But it's only three o'clock." Hash was flabbergasted. "You do realize your going to have to get up at six A.M.?" I said walked to the 'one room' bathroom to change. I came back an hour and thirty minutes later. One because I decided I needed a warm shower and second because I feel asleep for an hour. I came back in a bra and long pajama bottoms. I forgot my shirt and my tank from earlier was covered in dirt. Don't ask why. And frankly, I was so tired I didn't care. I woke up at four A.M and didn't go back to bed. And six A.M. tomorrow? Shit.

I walked in with a pile of dirty clothes and I grabbed everyone's attention. Before, all they did was talk except for Sicily who was still pretty pissed. All of them, except Oliver, were staring at me like a baby looking at it's mother's breasts. At least he had some manners.

"What?" Quick enough they all de robed down to their underwear in front of me. "Oh god! My poor virgin eye's!" I said covering my eye's. "As if, you don't like what you see, Cupcake." "Feh." I walked over to my bed, sat down, and shoved my laundry under the bed.

"Any one tries anything to me, tonight. And I'll stab your eye's out with pencils, shove them into a blender and have an energy drink." Creeps. "Maybe she really is related to Leisman." "Ike, didn't you hear anything of my uncle's announcement? Jesus Christ. "Anyway, did any one crack the safe to his name yet?" I asked pointing to- damnit.

"Nope." They all said. "Why is it important. Fine, if this get's you off my back than ok. It's Chooch." We stared at him long and hard. "Your name is 'Moron'? What the hell?"

He just stalked up to me, and pulled me down on my bed to sit ,and whispered, "Look, Baby, I'd like to have sex with you but not infront of the other's. We can schedule a session during dinner, if you like?" What the hell is this, I don't even- I swear to god that the sound of a smack could be heard through out the whole academy. Chooch's face had a hand print on it and he looked like the wrath of God. Hash and Ike pulled me away from him before he could do anything.

"Geez, Cam. What did he say?" Ike asked. "Nothing important. Hey you guy's better get dressed. Don't wanna be late for dinner?" I smirked. 3 of them still in there tighty whitey's. And one looking around like an idiot.

"What about you." Hash asked. "I'm in my pajama bottom's and a bra. I'm hitting the sac. You all better get dressed." I turned around and Chooch was there smiling like Satan. Crap. I will admit he is cute. But, evil.

"Guy's I think I'll go to bed too. If, Princess, doesn't mind." "Not at all, Romeo." I walked passed him and slipped underneath the bed sheets and blankets. Six minutes passed and they were out the door.

I didn't think he was serious but Chooch actually did go to bed. Me being extremely tired wouldn't wake up 'til six tomorrow.

Longest. Chapter. EVER.