Lucy heartfilia (the goddess)

Lucy is a smart and confident girl and will do anything for her friends and the poeple shes love she thinks she can do anything until she meets the most annoying guy you can think of Lucy is 16

gray fullbuster (Mr cool)

gray likes many things but the most thing gray likes is to annoy the hot new girl gray will also protect his friends him and hes best friend natsu always fight but love each other he is very protective of he's sister Skye who is becoming a young women gray is 16

Skye fullbuster (little angel)

Skye is 15 years old and is very smart she loves reading her best friends are Levi,Lucy,Erza,Wendy and Juvia its her first year of high school Skye loves her and tells him everything except that she's in love with he's best friend Natsu

Natsu Drangneel (hot head)

Natsu is a 16 years old and is very dense hes best friends with gray and is secretly in love with Skye Natsu will protect hes friends and hes is very protective of he's 15 year old sister