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I followed him up the short staircase, down a poky hall, and through a door. The room was small, but the main feature was a surprisingly large bed, built into the wall, bearing two posters, curtains, and sheets of a strangely vibrant shade of purple.

"Are you showing me the purple sheets? Okay. Very ecclesiastical, George."

"Not a bit of it, you know very well-"

The sentence ended when I kicked the door shut. I grabbed him, slamming him against the closed door, and then was kissing him as voraciously as before. Except that now I could taste myself on his lips, coated on his tongue, and it made me remember, almost forcefully, exactly how good he is at this. I was holding him in place, pressing against him, and he did the only sensible thing- he began to undress me. He attempted to pull the sleeves down, but they wouldn't go. He ripped them instead. I started on his clothes, not letting the task distract me from kissing- kissing him so hard that we would both be bruised come the dawn.

Finally, we were both naked, and I stepped back. He stepped toward me again, and again, I stepped back. Another step and I could feel the bed with the backs of my legs. He reached toward me, but I pointed to the bed.

"Now. Get in."

He surrendered, his willingness to do as he was told going quite a ways to helping my arousal reach its previous heights. He got into bed, and pulled the covers over himself, but I clicked my tongue at him.

"No. I am going to look at you."

I pulled back the sheet, and let my eyes rake up and down, over the sight of him. He was not overly muscled, but I prefer a leaner frame to other available options. His muscles were defined, but he was still so slim that his hips stuck up, ever so slightly. I moved atop him, and I could see and feel him reaching for a kiss, but I ignored him. Instead, I moved my face to his chest, kissing, licking, nibbling. I dragged teeth down his sides, feeling him breathe, almost able to see his heart beating within his chest, feeling his stomach twitch with anticipation as my mouth wandered lower and lower. Supporting myself with one arm pressed to the bed, I reached with the other and gently touched his scrotum, trailing the lightest of touches around and around, so, so gently- a gentleness directly offset by the nearly vicious hunger with which I then sunk teeth straight into his left hip. He jumped, and I stroked between his legs more, and then licked and sucked at the skin covering his other hip, feeling my breast brush against his leg as I bit him on that side.

I looked toward his face and moved to go up his body once more, this time deliberately pressing my breasts against him as I went. I could tell that this pleased him, and it also pleased me, teasing little half-caresses of his skin against mine. I moved back up and adjusted myself so that I was lying atop him, but still supporting most of my weight on my knees and elbows. I kissed his lower lip, then licked it.


"Yes, Amanda."

"I'm going to tell you the truth about two things right now, because it seems like a good time."

"Hmm-mmm." That seemed like a, "Yes, of course, I'm definitely listening most intently." His hands were reaching up, tracing imaginary lines up and down, following the curves of my hips and waist, across my lower back, beginning to drive me a bit insane; awakening, tiny bits and pieces at a time, ever more hunger and desire. He moved one hand around and touched my stomach, and I didn't even bother to suck it in to feign a thinness that wasn't there- I was not trying to lie or even to impress, just trying to feel every moment of pleasure offered by his every touch.

"First of all, I want to tell you that I am barren- I was, well, sick, back when I was a teenager. I'm fine now, but it means that it is physically impossible for me to become pregnant. So, you don't have to worry about that.

"Second, I want you know that this, right here, is something I've wanted to do for months, almost years now."

"Since the moment you met me?"


His hands found my breasts-pressing, touching, pulling, teasing, and I wondered if he realized exactly how much he'd got me almost to the edge.

"Since you told me that I have spunk and gave me a pound. Since that moment."

"Amanda, I should tell you..." We moved almost without me noticing, so that I was offering him my breasts- they hung into his face and his sentence was lost as his mouth found my nipple and sucked so hard I almost came right then and there, and thank god he didn't say anything there, I wouldn't have heard. And then he sucked even harder, and began using his teeth, and I didn't know exactly what he was doing, only that I was whimpering and moving against his stomach, rubbing myself against him in an undignified manner, as if I were in heat, but it was so very, very good. And I couldn't wait- I couldn't wait for the rest of his sentence, or for him to do more of what he was doing, or for anything else, because I needed him, needed him to already be inside of me. I reached back, directing him as I moved gently back. I took the tip of him, and pressing him against my clitoris for a half moment and pausing, shuddering with the jolt of pleasure, before I lifted myself up, and lower back onto him. I raised to a sitting position and I looked down at him, wondering what he was thinking, hoping he thought I looked beautiful, needing for just a moment to believe that he thought that of me. I knew he thought me intelligent and crafty, and skilled at what I was doing, but did he...

"I should tell you, Amanda." Oh, that's right, he'd been talking. I began to move, stretching up and forward and then rocking back, gently to start with. I was about to forget he was even there when I felt his hands on mine- winding our fingers together, holding hands as we moved.

"I've loved you since the second you refused my help getting out of- god's wounds, oh, woman, you are perfect."

"You're already inside of me, George. You don't need to lie while there you're there. You don't need to flatter."

He moved up, but the contact didn't break even as I was suddenly on my back and he rose above me.

"Dammit, woman- what I'm saying is that-" he was thrusting, slowly, gently, holding back, almost as a kind of punctuation. "Every time I called you beautiful, every compliment I ever paid, every time I said you hold my heart- I pretended it was just flattery, I pretended it was a game... and that's a lie. Because I've been in love with you since that moment. I can't stand that you married Darcy, because I love you more than my life. I married Caroline in the hopes of being near to you. I love you, Amanda."

And then he began to thrust in earnest, and the thrusts were coming faster, and harder, and going deeper and deeper, and he sank his teeth into my nipple and I cried out.

But there was something I wanted even more than what we were doing. I stopped him, and gently disentangled myself. He seemed confused, but I smiled as I arranged myself, silently asking him to instead take me from behind.

I could have put it in more explicit terms, could have shown him what I wanted, but he understood without that. He obligingly approached and then slowly, deliberately guided himself into me and I gasped, wrapping around him, squeezing from the inside. He shouted in response, and for a moment didn't move, giving us the chance to enjoy one last still moment. And then the pace resumed what it had been was before- harsh, frantic, faster all the time. I didn't need to urge him to go faster, I didn't need to tell him, "Deeper," because he did all of that on his own, somehow doing everything I wanted him to do, half a moment before I would ask. He grabbed my hair in a bunch and yanked my head back and as he pounded into me, and the noises being made were so ridiculous and I couldn't even care because it hurt like an ache and an ecstasy at the same time, and then he let go of my hair and reached around to the front to touch me and I almost died and he went even faster, and he was hitting me so deep inside. We were both bellowing and screaming and everything was a confusion of pleasure that was so intense it felt like it invaded our very skin and then it broke out of us. Then came a sudden silence as it hit us both simultaneously, and we stopped moving and were frozen like that, in yet another eternally preserved moment of abiding perfection.

He collapsed against me, and I could feel our sweat forming a seal. Suddenly I could feel the sweat all over my body meeting the coldness of the room and battling against the heat searing off of my skin. I shuddered, and it was from cold not satisfaction.

"You haven't fallen asleep have you?"

"Not yet, but I could if you wish it were so."

His arms embraced me from behind, crossing my stomach.

"No- you can't not yet. Let me get out from under."

"No! I like you here too much." He moved up and kissed the back of my neck, causing a shudder that was not from the cold. "The odd thing is, I think that was a good response, and I really want to go on kissing your neck and making you squirm, but I'm horribly afraid you might've killed me. I am but a wraith now."

"Wraiths weight less when they lay atop one." I ducked, swerved, and could feel him pulling out from inside of me as I freed myself enough to lay on the bed. He collapsed straight down, and the bed made an ominous creaking noise as he flopped onto his belly.

"Did we just break your bed, George?"

"No, no- certainly not. I think it's shocked to see such goings-on is all. It hasn't seen anything like that since, well, maybe during the tenure of the former vicar. Who was the last vicar? Probably since him. Goodness knows, Caroline and I have never christened it with such activities. Caroline's never even been in this room. This particular piece of furniture has seen only the sad sight of me entertaining myself. Maybe it creaks as a way of saying congratulations."

I laughed. He reached a hand across, and pulled me against him, kissing me on the neck.

"Don't do that unless you want to get me started all over again- hell, even if you do, I don't think I can go yet."

"Have you already forgotten what I just said- the bit about how you've killed me? I couldn't if I wanted to. Wraiths don't copulate."

"Oh, George, you can't ever be a wraith. I see you as more of an incubus, waiting to on the chests of sleeping women and violating them, sexually, in their sleep."

"Now that you say it, there is a certain appeal."

"Do you really love me?"

"Yes, of course. If I were to lie about such a thing, as you pointed out, I would have lied in order to be in that position, not to maintain it when I was already there. God's own truth."

"You really love me?"

"Are your brains rattled? YES, WOMAN- I LOVE YOU!" He paused and then sighed in an exasperated manner. I thought it might be frustration with me, but he spoke his next question as though annoyed with his own need for this particular answer. "Do you love me?"

"Yes. And no. I never thought it was possible to love two people at the same time, but I love Darcy and I also love you. If that's possible, then the answer is yes."

"Of course it's possible. If you are, then it is possible. That's like saying, 'Is it possible to drink from this teacup?' while you're drinking from it already. If you're doing it, it's possible, isn't it?"

"True... You're not going to get all stupid and think we should leave our spouses, are you?"

"God, no. I'm no fool. No, strike that- I am a fool in many ways, and everyday I find new ways to explore the endless possibilities of foolishness. But I'm not a fool such as that. I have no romantic notions of sweeping you away to a far country so that we might do something stupid and dramatic. Besides, I can't leave Caroline- she's pregnant."

"You said that the two of you-"

"Oh, we haven't."

"But she's a lesbian! If she's not gonna sleep with you, why would she go out and... Well, that's just silly. Who's the father?"

"No idea. Don't care. I hope, for appearances' sake that the father is not of Ethiopian extraction, but further than that I don't feel a need to concern myself. She lives her life, I live mine. We have what we both want from this arrangement."

"I think I could have what I want- if I get Darcy for daytime and you for nights."

"You shall have me however you desire me."

"I know! We'll burn down the manse!"

"You mean my house? You want to burn down my house? What would it accomplish?"

"Why then, you'd have to come live at the main house!"

"It's an idea, love. Did you say that Swellerando is in town at present?"

"Yes. He's there for a fortnight, arranging... something. I know he told me... I just can't remember all that business and holding stuff; it's too dull. But he's gone for the next thirteen days."

"Then you shall stay here tonight, yes?"


"And after we've rested, we'll do more of this?"

"Yes, George- we will do a lot more of this."

"And after he gets home?"

"Problem is, I can't be honest with him the way you are with Caroline. My marriage is based on love- I can't think of how to persuade him that what he just did doesn't in any way dimish the love that I have for him. I can't think of any version of events wherein he isn't hurt, and I don't want that. He can be very traditional about some things."

"I'll think you find more men who dislike the idea of their wife bedding another man than you'll find men who think nothing of such things. I'm sure he's in a majority."

"True enough, I'm sure. I wish there was a way..."

"Enough! I declare that we've spent long enough discussing your husband. Let us speak of something else. I propose we discuss... um."

"We could talk about your wife for a while."

"I'll pass, thank you just the same. Sing me a lullaby."

"Are you kidding me?"

"Why should I be facetious about you singing?"

"I've never had anyone want me to sing for them before- well, not if they'd already heard me sing. Darcy puts up with me wandering around singing all the time, but he's never asked me to sing to him. What do you want to hear?"

"You decide. You're apparently an endless font of songs. Something soothing."

I thought for a moment, then remembered the song I used to sing to my charges back in my babysitting days.

"Goodnight, my someone; goodnight, my love. Sleep tight, my someone, sleep tight. A star is shining its brightest light..."

I felt his body relaxing as he really did drift off to sleep as I sang, his arm laying more and more heavily against my waist. And once he was breathing deeply and softly, I stopped singing. I thought of my husband, I thought of my duplicity, and wondered that I did not feel more guilty than I did. But then I decided to give myself one more night of not really thinking about it. Instead, I let myself drift away as, in his sleep, George held me even tighter to him and murmured my name.

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