A/N: Hello again all! This one is a bit different than my others as I wanted to try something less angsty. Just a fun little story based on the bubbletweets for the upcoming ep Bombshell. This is the way things would go down if I wrote for the show! LOL Oh, and E/K are separated in this…sorry Karen :P Anyway, on with the story!

They walked into the club arm in arm, hands interlaced as they took in their surroundings. The SwingSet was dimly lit and littered with couples dressed to have a good time. Olivia hobbled in her extra high heels, leaning into Elliot as she heard the sensual lounge music filling the room. Inhaling a calming breath, the scent from the jasmine candles that were glowing softly at each table flooded her nostrils. She knew they had a mission, a case involving a frequent flyer at the club that had a penchant for raping women in one of the private rooms, but she couldn't help but feel completely out of place.

Captain Cragen was sending Olivia and Elliot in to find the scumbag responsible for the brutal attacks. His name was Shawn Davies and he had been accused of three attacks over the past month. Munch and Fin had brought him in for questioning after each report, but they could never prove rape. Due to the nature of the swingers club, Davies knew he could say he was role playing a rape fantasy and that all of the women acted as though they were willing participants.

After days of getting nowhere, Cragen had decided to send Elliot and Olivia to attempt to catch him in the act. They all knew Olivia was the bait, she was exactly the type that Davies went for, but she had no fear; especially with Elliot by her side and another undercover officer across the room at the bar.

Adjusting her form fitting leopard print dress yet again, Olivia couldn't feel less like herself in the get up, but as she watched the jaws of most of the men and even a few women drop to the ground, she started to gain confidence. She could care less about all the others, as long as one man in particular was noticing though…her devastatingly sexy partner.

After being introduced to the hostess, Olivia and Elliot took a seat on one of the cheesy, velour couches that lined the club's perimeter. Leaning over to whisper in her ear, Elliot commented on her attire. "Looks like you're the fresh meat here…luckily you're mine tonight." He punctuated his statement by dragging his hand from her knee to her thigh, causing her to flinch in surprise.

Sure they were playing characters and they'd had to be "married" for undercover ops in the past, but something seemed different this time. They didn't have fake names or IDs, which further blurred the line between reality and acting.

Before she could produce a witty retort, Olivia was approached by a distinguished looking man who looked to be in his early sixties. His dark hair was peppered with silver flecks and his rugged features reminded her of an old-time movie star. He sat down beside her, closer than she would have liked, but she remembered that she needed to play the part of a bored trophy wife looking to spice up her sex life.

"You, my dear, are one of the sexiest women in the room." The man flashed a set of pearly white teeth and offered his hand. Olivia took it reluctantly as he placed a lingering kiss against her knuckles, causing her skin to crawl. "I'm Henry and it's a pleasure to meet you…"

"Olivia," she mumbled as she turned to give Elliot a pleading look.

"Well, Olivia, you are just –"

"Get lost, Henry, you are out of our age range. I pick who my wife gets to have her fun with and you're not him." Elliot interrupted before giving the two a cocky smirk.

Olivia rolled her eyes as Henry stood and muttered a quick apology, then made his way back over to the bar.

"Was that really necessary, Dear? Olivia crossed her legs into Elliot, her shiny stiletto heel dangling from her toe.

"Did you really want to go off with old man river, Sweetness? Elliot ran his hand up her calf to land at the hem of her skirt, the tips of his fingers toying under the edge at her skin. He smirked at her again as he noticed the goose bumps that formed at his touch.

Olivia's eyes widened at his action, but she quickly composed herself to lean into him so closely her lips brushed against his cheek as she spoke. "I have to go off with someone by the end of this night," she purred. "Would you rather I spend time with mister GQ over there? Or how about the Colin Firth look-a-like that's been staring at me since we sat down?"

Becoming agitated at the realization that they really did have to separate by the end of the night in the hopes of finding their man, Elliot huffed a frustrated breath out against the side of her face, stirring the strands of her hair. That hair was sex, he thought to himself. Hell, she was sex in stilettos tonight and the thought of another man hitting on her and possibly even kissing her made his blood pressure rise. But the thought of another man trying to attack her, was the thought that calmed him down, forcing him to focus on the task at hand.

They needed to focus on finding their perp. Shawn Davies was heavy-set, in his late forties with dark hair and eyes. They had been given his mug shut to go on along with a detailed description from Munch. From their position on a corner couch, Elliot scanned the crowd.

"Come on, Liv…dance with me." Elliot stood and pulled on Olivia's hand. The dance floor was in the center of the room and the two would have a clearer view of the club.

Olivia furrowed her brows at him before catching on to what he was doing. She then arched her right eyebrow at him as she stood up and demurely adjusted her dress. "Let's see your moves, Pookie."

"Shut up, Liv," he snorted. Elliot led her onto the dance floor and wrapped an arm around her waist, holding one of her hands against his chest. "See if you can locate Davies. Officer Morelli just told me he isn't at the bar." He rested his cheek against Olivia's, discreetly disguising his small earpiece.

"Okay, El," Olivia briefly closed her eyes at the close contact and breathed in Elliot's seductive cologne. Feeling his body so close to hers and having his hands on her was making her flush with heat, but she struggled to focus on finding Davies for a moment.

They swayed to the soft music as they continued to scan the crowd, their concentration on their main objective for being there dwindling with each breath they took. Elliot found himself instinctively pressing into her, causing Olivia to exhale sharply against his ear. He released her hand and began to run his hands up and down her back, the soft skin taunting him from above the low back of her strapless dress.

Olivia sighed and pressed her pelvis against his while wrapping her arms around his neck as their hips swayed from side to side causing a delicious friction and a flood of heat between her legs.

Elliot groaned softly and nuzzled his cheek against her. "What are we doing, Liv?" He whispered, his cocky attitude suddenly disappearing.

Olivia rested her head on his shoulder and spoke into his neck, the vibration sending chills down his spine. "Playing a part?" She sounded so innocent, but Elliot knew better. This wasn't just acting at this point…was it?


"Mind if I cut in?" The two startled and separated slightly at the intrusion, breathing heavily and locking eyes in a heated, loving gaze before turning toward a petite brunette.

She looked about ten years younger than them, with long, dark, shiny hair and a seductive smile. She was eying Elliot as if he was her next meal and Olivia had to fight the urge to tell her where to go.

Plastering smiles on their faces, Elliot and Olivia introduced themselves. Her eyes never leaving Elliot, the woman introduced herself as Cassandra.

"Pleasure to meet you, Cassandra, but whether you can cut in or not is going to be up to my wife." Olivia flinched at the title, momentarily forgetting her role for the hundredth time that night.

Olivia watched as Elliot's eyes roamed over Cassandra's lithe frame and attempted to respond calmly. "Well, um…I'm fine with it as long as you are, darling," she said with mock sweetness and a phony smile.

Elliot looked at her in confusion and raised an eyebrow at her in question. "Olivia, if you –"

"No, no…you two go ahead and have fun. That's what we're all here for, right? I'll just go grab a drink at the bar and find some fun of my own." She winked at Elliot and walked away from the couple, making sure to add an extra sway in her hips as she moved.

Elliot went to go after her, when he was stopped by a delicate hand over his chest. "Do you want to dance or do you want to sit and, um …talk for a bit?" Cassandra tossed her long hair over her shoulder and ran her hand down over his arm.

He glanced over at the bar where Olivia was perched on a barstool and watched as the men began to swarm around her like bees to honey.


Sensing his eyes on her body, Olivia turned on her stool to meet Elliot's gaze. Cassandra was fawning over him as they sat together on a purple crushed velvet couch across the room. Elliot was smiling, but not paying attention to the young woman, his gaze steady on Olivia as she raised her cosmopolitan in a silent "cheers" before pressing the cool glass to her lips to sip the sweet liquid. She then slowly ran her tongue over her lips, closing her eyes as though savoring the taste. When she opened them again, she watched Elliot's lips part, as he dropped his line of vision to her full, moist lips. She smiled softly at him and then turned her attention back to the bar, pleased with her performance.

"Hi, I'm Jordan, are you here by yourself?" Well, hello Colin Firth look-a-like.

Yes, this could be fun.

She and Elliot had to be convincing as a couple of swingers in order to stay at the club long enough to find Davies, so she decided she might as well have a good time with it while she was at it. Elliot certainly was.

Plus, she didn't really want to stop to analyze what their little dance floor moment meant. Jordan seemed to be a perfect distraction with his tall, broad physique, handsome looks, and expensive suit.

"Olivia…and no, I'm here with my husband, Elliot, but he's otherwise engaged at the moment." She gave him a flirty smile. "How about you?"

Jordan leaned in and placed his hand on the back of her chair. "My girlfriend is currently grinding on the dance floor with an old hook up. We come here about once a month or so, but I've never seen you here before and I'm sure I'd remember if I did." He ran his fingers lightly down Olivia's arm causing her to shiver despite herself.


He was going to punch the bastard.

Elliot watched in horror as some pretty boy had his hands all over Olivia…his wife. Well, his wife for the duration of this undercover op anyway. His actual wife, well soon to be ex-wife, was sitting at home oblivious to anything that was happening at this club.

Thank God for little favors.

Elliot was going to hell. He was sure of it. Though he cared for and loved Kathy, he was in love with Olivia. Though he was in love with Olivia, he was flirting with Cassandra. Though he was flirting with Cassandra about seven other women were making eyes at him. Yes, hell…he was going there…definitely.

And now he wanted to say screw it all and grab Olivia and show her exactly what moves he had in one of the private rooms.


At first Elliot had thought he could handle himself, but as soon as Olivia had started flirting with him for real (or at least he thought it was real), he was done for. He had never been more confused. Damn the department for not coming up with alias's so he could know for sure when she was putting on a show and when she actually seemed to want him.

Holy shit, she really seemed to want him. Olivia.

"Elliot?" Cassandra shot him an irritated look as she crossed her arms under her breasts, drawing his attention to her ample cleavage.


Clearing his throat and his mind, Elliot stood from the couch, taking Cassandra's hand. "Sorry, my mind was somewhere else for moment. Why don't you let me make it up to you and buy you a drink?" He flashed her a sexy grin and brushed an errant hair from her face.

She smiled back and linked her arm in his as they head to the bar next to where Olivia and pretty boy were seated. Elliot made sure to brush against Olivia as he pulled up a barstool for Cassandra and sat down beside her.

This could get interesting.

Shall I continue? ;)