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Finally, there was no mistaking whether or not their behavior was an act.

As soon as they entered Olivia's apartment, Elliot pressed her against the closed door, holding her hands over her head against the wall as he ground into her.

He had tried to convince her to sneak off into a private room when they were still at the club, as he could barely contain himself from unzipping his pants right then and there in front of everyone with her in his lap; but her look of disgust was all the answer he needed.

"Do you know how many bodily fluids must be in those rooms?" She had asked with a shudder.

Good point.

They couldn't get out of there quick enough.

Olivia threw her head back against the wall, moaning, pulling her hands from his grasp to palm his amazing ass in her hands and pushing him even tighter to her body.

"So long, El. I've wanted this for so long."

Elliot stopped his movements at her words and took in the sight before him. She was gorgeous, sexy, and completely willing. He smiled at her wolfishly as his eyes roamed her body, followed by his hands.

"You have no idea, Liv. God, I fucking love you."

Olivia's body stilled at his words.




"Uh, Liv, I-"

Her initial look of shock and fear slowly changed, a smile curling her lips and growing ever so slightly.

They then grinned at one another like idiots for a while before Elliot kissed her with renewed fervor, reaching around behind her to slowly pull the zipper on her dress down her voluptuous figure. His hands were practically trembling.

Olivia moved away from the wall and unhooked her strapless bra as she stepped out of her dress, leaving her completely naked except for her stiletto heels. She licked her lips as she began to undress Elliot as fast as humanly possible.

He couldn't believe this was actually happening.

Not even two minutes later, Olivia smiled as Elliot unceremoniously threw her onto her bed and crawled on top of her predatorily. They had left a trail of his clothing and their shoes from her apartment door to the bedroom and the two were now naked and rolling around in her bed.

She couldn't believe this was actually happening.

She pushed him onto his back and raked her short, manicured nails up and down the hard expanse of his chest before moving lower to trail her tongue over the juncture of his hip and across the cut muscles that made up his lower abs.

Olivia glanced up to meet his piercing gaze just as she grabbed him in her palm to lick the tip of his rock hard erection. Just a small taste.

"Don't stop," he managed to pant out.

"Wasn't planning to." She gave him a wicked smile before taking him into her mouth, swirling her tongue and sucking him into oblivion.

"Oh my God, Liv." He was no longer in hell. In fact, he was pretty sure he was almost in heaven. As amazing as this felt though, the wet, hot heat of her mouth would never compare to finally being inside of her… he was certain.

He fisted a hand in her silky hair and tugged lightly to halt her actions. She looked up at him, eyes wide with confusion. "If you keep that up much longer, things will be over way too fast." With that, he flipped her onto to her back and pulled her down the bed so that her legs were dangling off the side. He then slid to his knees on the floor in front of her and placed each of her feet on each of his shoulders, opening her up before him.

Oh. God.

Olivia squirmed in anticipation and practically came right then when she felt his hot breath against her. Elliot gave no warning when he buried himself between her thighs, running his tongue over and over her clit causing her to cry out in pleasure. He reached around her hip to tease her breast, while his other hand roughly massaged the outside of her thigh as he continued to flick his tongue rapidly against her.

It was too much and not enough.

"Elliot, fuck! Please just get inside me!"

Who needed foreplay with the night they just had?

Elliot dragged his tongue over her most sensitive area once last time before kissing and nipping his way hungrily up her body. Palming one full breast in his hand, he paused to suck the other's nipple into his mouth.

Delicious torture.

Olivia felt the steel of his dick against her thigh and began to writhe against him, spreading her legs further and groaning in frustration when the tip nudged at her entrance.

Their movements were fevered, hungry, and it was all more than she could have imagined their first time together to be.

Trying to slow down slightly, Elliot cradled the back of her head in his hands, soft strands of her hair sliding through his fingers.

Olivia almost had to look away at the intensity she saw as he stared into her eyes. His thumbs caressed her temple and he leaned closer to press his lips against hers, touching the tip of his tongue to hers over and over in searing open mouthed kisses.

Her breath hitched and time stopped when he slid inside of her, filling her completely. Neither of them could move for a long moment, absorbing the meaning of this tremendous shift in their relationship. It wasn't just sex. It wasn't just love. It was over a decade of being one another's other half and it felt so fucking good.

"Jesus, Liv," Elliot released her lips and breathed against her cheek.

They held each other for a while, Elliot throbbing inside of her, locked in place as her legs wrapped around him in a vice and their arms enveloping one another.

They silently listened as their bated breaths filled the dark room.

Slowly, finally, agonizingly, Elliot began to move inside of her… dragging every delicious inch of his dick against her inner walls.

"Ohhh," Olivia breathed hotly into his ear. She tilted her pelvis up and rotated her hips, drawing him in deeper.

"Fuuuck," Elliot growled and picked up the pace, sliding a hand down her body, over her breast, stomach, hip, and stopping at her clit. He applied gentle pulsating pressure, causing Olivia's movements to become frenzied.

She scratched down his back and leaned in to suck on his neck and shoulder as he continued his relentless rhythm. Her heart was racing and every nerve ending in her body was electrified.

"Liv…shit, Liv, I'm not going to last much longer."

She moaned loudly as he increased the pressure against her clit. "Neither am I…just let go."

Elliot's body was on fire as he pushed into her deeply one final time, pressing her into the mattress and dropping his head into the pillow beside her to muffle his cries as he came so hard he nearly passed out.


Once Elliot was able to breathe somewhat normally again, he heard Olivia whimper as he quickly pulled out and slid down her body to firmly and rapidly circle his tongue against her clit yet again.

Olivia felt him holding down her hips as she struggled not to buck into his mouth while screaming out her orgasm, wave after wave of pleasure ripping through her body as she gripped her bed sheets tightly.

"Holy, fuck, Elliot."

They watched each other for a moment as they continued to breathe heavily.

"That was insane," Elliot gasped out as he moved to lie on his back beside her, one arm thrown over his head, chest still heaving. He stared at the popcorn ceiling as he tried to calm his breathing.

Olivia rolled over to drape her body over his, one leg in between his as she smiled and sighed in agreement while Elliot lightly ran his hands up and down her back, relaxing them both.

"So, you think Morelli will forgive us for bailing on him?" Olivia laughed recalling the look on the Officer's face when they told him they had to take off a half hour before the club closed, leaving him to keep an eye out for Davies on his own.

Elliot chuckled. "He'll get over it…there was no sign of Davies the entire night. Morelli's the kind of guy who could keep things under control for a half hour and he would have paged us if Davies showed up."

"You know what this means right?" Olivia asked with a quirked brow and mischievous smile. "We'll have to do it all over again tomorrow."