Title: Under A Different Moon: Prologue (0/?)

Spoilers: Nothing except vague references to 2.09, 2.10, and 2.12

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Author's Notes: Short, random prologue. Doing this under the prompt 'What if Damon and Rose met under different circumstances?' Will be Damon/Rose centric, with some Stelena and some Delena undertones, if you squint. It's definitely gonna be long, and chapters will probably be posted Thursdays and Sundays. I cut it off after 2.07, but Elena does not get kidnapped. Enjoy(:

Time, by its very nature, is complex. It drapes its gossamer strands over people, places, through the pages of our history books and the words of our future. One shift spawns universes and galaxies; a poke here, a pinch there, and civilizations are toppled, stars erupt, and gods crumble at the feet of their creators. It runs not in lines, not simply from past to present to future, but back and forth as it weaves the fabric of the universe.

Time is strong. Time is powerful. Time is delicate.

Those who live well beyond death wear clothes and skin of Time as if it clings to their very essence. It's not surprising to learn of one—just one, for the time being, though there are many others—who has timelines spreading like pathways in front of her. You know what happens in one (love, ruin, death), but what of the other?

There are two sides to every coin, after all.