A/N: Even thought I have no problem with Lisa at all, this story is what if there was no Lisa and Castiel sends someone to cheer Dean up after Sam is gone. Hope you like.

Dean stumbled into yet another crappy motel room and slammed the door shut. It had been three months, three long months that Dean had been without Sam and it was killing him inside. As much as he wanted to open the cage and pull Sam out, he had to keep his promise to his little brother. It was hard but he had to do it. Dean felt alone in the world. He didn't even talk to Bobby anymore. He just wanted to be left alone. Every night was the same. He would drink until he passed out and would fuck anything in a skirt. He wanted to make sure he didn't remember a damn thing about what he had done and who he had done it with. They meant nothing to him so why bother learning the slut's name. He just wanted one thing from them and that was to make the pain go away but it never worked. No one could stop his pain...so he thought.

It was passed three in the morning and Dean kicked his boots off then flopped onto the bed. It only took second for him to pass out. He liked it that way.

The clock struck eight and Lila stood at the foot of Dean's bed with her arms crossed over her chest and looked at Dean. He was pathetic now. He was once such a great man she admired, a great worrier and now he was nothing more than every other human. "Oh Dean. What am I going to do with you?" She whispered to herself. She had to get him back in the game before he killed himself or someone else. He was a hunter and he had to remember that. Deep down she just wanted to hug him, hold him and take away his pain but she knew tough love was the only way to go. This had to be done. She kicked the foot of the bed and yelled, "Get up!"

Dean jumped and turned to see this beautiful woman standing at the end of his bed "Fuck. What the hell did I do?" he said and rubbed his head. "Uh, thanks but you can go now. I'll- uh-I'll call ya."

"I am not one of your lady callers that you use for your own pleasure. We did nothing last night and trust me when I say you cant handle me. At least you cant now." She smiled, "Now get up and get dressed. We have work that needs to be done." She ordered him

"Work?" Dean just looked at her, "Ok…I must really be dreaming but if I was dreaming then you would be naked and on top of me right now."

"Sorry sugar but you aren't dreaming and even if you were, that would never happen. I am very real and if you don't get up me kicking your ass will be very real!" she said.

Dean threw his legs over the side and looked over at her, "Listen lady, who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing in my room? What do you want? Money? Sorry but I don't pay."

"Once again, you did not have me and you never will. I am only a gift to real men and I don't see one here." She said.

Dean stood up, a little wobbly at first but soon steadied himself and walked over to her, "Then who are you? The bitch for Christmas future?"

"You haven't seen me be a….. bitch…. yet." She said.

"Ok, just tell me who you are and why you are here…in my room if we didn't have sex last night. You stalking me? That would be awesome." He smiled.

"Castile sent me." She said. "To help you get on the right path."

Dean heard that name and rolled his eyes, "Cas? Are you kidding, Dudes been MIA for months now and he send you. Awesome!" Dean said sarcastically and walked over to the sink, "Why the hell did he send you anyways?" he asked and turned to her with a glass of water, "Who are you again?"

"You can call me Lila. I'm a friend of Castile's and I am here to help you get back on the right track. Call it a gift….on your end at least. Me….I expected more when I got this job." She said as he looked him over.

Dean sat the cup on the sink and walked over to her, "Please tell me your aren't a freakin angel."

"That I am." She smiled, "I thought you were the almighty Dean Winchester but I guess I am in the wrong room. Dean Winchester was a real man and not a pathetic loser like you."

"Great! You came here to insult me. Super! Just what I need. Another freakin angel on my ass! I really don't need you around so if you don't mind you can get the hell out."

Lila grabbed him by the front of the shirt and slammed him into the wall hard, "Listen to me, I am not going anywhere and if I do you are coming with me. Understand?"

Dean found her taking control to be hot as hell and he felt his jeans tighten, "I'll come with you right now if you want." He smirked at her. "I will make you scream my name over and over."

"You are disgusting." She said and let him go.

"I may be but I got you to get off me. So now, leave me alone!" Dean said and walked over to the bed to put on his shoes. He had to get away from her.

"Sorry but I can't do that. I am here to get you back on your feet and back in the game." Lila said and sniffed the air and was hit with a smell, "And maybe even get you in the shower."

Dean looked over at her and smirked, "You trying to get me naked? Well all you had to do was ask." He winked.

"Uh- no thank you. I don't know where you've been." She said and looked around the room, "Nice place."

"I'm sure it's not the cloud you're use to sleeping on but it works for me."

"Ok angels do not sleep on clouds. I don't even sleep….much. You have us all wrong or at least me. I am not another…male part….as you say."

"Dick? You mean dick?" Dean said.

"Yes…that. I am actually here to help you and I am not leaving until you are straighten out. You were once a great man and I am here to make you see that you still are." She said.

Dean finished tying his last shoe and got up and grabbed his jacket, "Sorry to tell you sweet cheeks but I don't hunt anymore so you are wasting your time. So if you don't mind, there is a town about a hundred mile from here that has my name on it. Cant disappoint the ladies." He winked and opened the door. "See ya."

Lila watched him walk out the door and she frowned with her arms crossed. This man was broken inside and out but no one walked away from her. She was never one to just give up on someone. She was on a mission and she was going to get it done no matter what. She was just going to have to get him to trust her a little more. Even if that mean she had to live life like him.

Dean got into his car and cranked it up. "So where we going?"

Dean jumped and looked to his right and saw Lila sitting in the car with her hands in her lap, "What the hell are you doing in my car?"

"I'm going with you. This town sounds like fun." She smiled. "What should be do first?"

"You don't know what fun is now get your sweet ass out of my car!" Dean said.

"I can't do that. Where you go, I go." She smiled at him. "I am your right arms so get use to it."

"Get out or so help me I will kick you ass!" he said.

"Really? Like you did a few minute ago? Please and besides I'm a lady. You can't strike me." She smirked and looked over her body.

"No you are not. You're wearing lady. I don't know what you are." Dean said and looked her over, "But you did pick a damn good body that I would love under me later." He bit his lip.

"For your information, this is all me. This was me when I was human 500 years ago. I called in a few favors so I am not wearing anyone thank you very much."

"Good to know. Now I wont feel so bad when later on me and you get down and dirty." He smiled.

Lila huffed, "I have never been talked to in such a way."

"You like it and you know it." Dean winked.

"I do not and me and you will never have sexual intercourse." She said, "Just shut up and drive."

"Fine Rhianna." He said.

"My name is Lila."

"I know I was just….never mind." Dean rolled his eyes, "All you angels are all the same."

"I may surprise you if you give me a chance. I am not like the others. I can do things." She said, "Special things. I can help you out in more way than you know."

"Really?" Dean said and put his arm across the seat, "Why don't you come on over here and show me what you are really made of, Angel baby." He licked his lips as his eyes scanned her again.

Lila looked over at him and squinted her eyes, "No thank you. Plus, you couldn't handle someone like me. I told you that. Now drive."

"Jeez." Dean said and turned back and put the car in drive, "I can already see you are going to be a lot of fun to have around." He said sarcastically. As if he wasn't going through enough, now he had another uptight angel on his ass. This life just kept getting better and better.

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