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Looking over at Marina's sleeping form, Jack smiled. He was the luckiest man in the world, and knew it. How could he not, when that woman had given him the most wonderful gift he could have hoped for?

Their wedding hadn't been anything too extravagant, though they had served the finest food and drinks that Tortuga could provide. The ceremony had been conducted by Jack himself, as he hadn't trust anyone else to perform his wedding ceremony –though he did like the occasional game of chance, Jack wasn't going to risk a single thing when it came to something this important, particularly not when it came to a bride like Marina.

And it would figure that the days leading up to his wedding had been an eternity for him.

Jack had wanted a small wedding, with all of the important stuff over with quickly so that he and Marina could move on to the honeymoon as soon as possible. But since Marina was unfamiliar with human marriage customs, she had put all of the planning in Anna's hands, which, in Jack's opinion, had been the biggest mistake.

This was because Anna-Maria, in every effort to give her closest friend a wedding to remember, had insisted on getting the best foods for the feast, and a bolt of the finest material for a wedding gown. Anna clearly wanted what was she felt was best for Rina, and to keep his bride and his second mate happy, Jack had been forced to endure nearly a week of waiting for Marina's wedding outfit to be finished. From what Anna had told him, nothing could go forward until the outfit was done.

Marina had been thrilled at the idea of an elegant outfit, and to keep her happy, Jack had pointed the Pearl towards a small port town for clothing materials. He knew that a small port wouldn't have many expensive, fine foods, but anything decent it had would be good enough for a party after the ceremony.

Anna and Marina had spent the entire journey from Tortuga to the port planning the bridal outfit, and were prepared when Jack handed them a pouch of coins and let them loose on the local shops. They returned two hours later, with triumph and satisfaction all over their faces. A seamstress in town had been hired to make the outfit (the women refused to even say if it was a dress or not), and both Anna and Rina were excited to go back for the fittings.

Jack, meanwhile, had been forced to pace, complain, and wait impatiently while others planned everything out for him. Since he knew nothing of wedding ceremonies, and since the women were busy with their garments, Jack had told Gibbs, Marty and Cotton to put together the feast that followed the vows he and Rina would exchange.

As such, when the bridal outfit was declared to be finished and the wedding day set, his trusty crewmen had pooled their coins together and gone into town, hiring a local cook to take care of the food. That cook managed to whip up a large roast of beef, two chickens, heaps of cooked vegetables and bread, and a massive platter of local fruits. Jack had no idea how the men managed to do it, but the whole thing had somehow been set up on the deck on the day of the wedding, while he had been getting dressed and ready.

Clad in his finest coat, hat, boots, belt, vest and bandana, Jack had spent an hour pacing his room, with Masterson and Perkins keeping an eye on him while Gibbs and the others readied the deck for the ceremony. Perkins tried to calm his Captain by telling old pirate jokes, while Masterson guarded the door, preventing Jack from leaving his cabin before someone came to tell him that everything was ready.

When the signal had come in a series of knocks on the door, Jack had immediately felt ill. Even though his desire to marry Marina was greater than anything he had ever felt before, that didn't stop the pre-wedding nerves from getting to him. As he made his way to the helm, where the ceremony would take place, Jack couldn't help but wonder whether or not Rina would change her mind on the whole thing. His mind began imagining her diving over the railing of the ship and swimming away with a pod of dolphins, never to return to him.

When she emerged from the odd dressing tent that the men had set up on deck for her, Jack had nearly swallowed his tongue. He had never seen Marina in a dress, and he was glad that he hadn't –it was fitting that his first experience be on his wedding day.

Her gown was a white satin, with a shimmering blue tint to it that made him think of foam on the sea. The blue matched her eyes beautifully, and her night-black hair contrasted perfectly against it. Woven through the strands of her hair were the strands of pearls that he had found her in, and on her wrists were the silver bracelets –one he had bought her, the other of her own purchase. In her hands was a bouquet of lilies and white roses, tied with a wide white ribbon trailing down to Marina's knees.

As she got closer, Jack noticed the serene smile on her face, and felt his own unease vanish. She had no regrets or fears about this day, so why should he?

Somehow, Jack managed to remember the traditional marriage vows, because the whole thing went without his crew laughing at him. And after they had said "I do," he immediately pulled Marina into a kiss that had them both breathless and dazed.

The feast afterwards would always be a blur to him, but the night that followed was engraved into his memories for all time…

The sound of his wife's yawn drew him from his memories. She lay there, looking up at him with a puzzled smile, but there was a sense of contentment that hadn't left her since the day they had wed.

"You seem happy this morning," she commented, still smiling.

"I'm happy every morning I wake with you next to me," he replied, leaning in for a kiss, which she happily returned.

"Hmm," she hummed happily into their kiss.

They lay there for several moments, savoring the quietness of the day in each other's arms. They separated just as the connecting door to the neighboring cabin burst open, and a squealing mass hurled through the air to land on the bed, giggling.

Marina laughed and scooped up the giggling mass. Once in her arms, the little girl stilled, her head leaning contentedly against her mother's shoulder. "My lovely little flower," Marina cooed to her.

Jack smiled. Just before their wedding, while she had been looking for blossoms for her bouquet, Rina had developed a fondness for flora that hadn't been there before. She loved the delicate white lilies; the elegant look and heavy scent of roses; and the dozens of other flowers that she had encountered on her shopping trips were, to Marina, as lovely as jewelry.

So it was no surprise when, a few months later, after it was discovered that she was pregnant, Marina had immediately decided that any daughters she had would be named after a flower. She even had a book on flowers, with drawings in it, so that she would know which blossom would suit her daughters.

"Lily, darling, would you go play while Mum and I get up?" Jack asked, leaning forward to kiss his precious girl on her soft cheek. His precious little one was not only named for the flowers in her mother's wedding bouquet, but for the tattoo Jack bore on his chest –Marina's favorite of all his artistic markings.

"Yes, Daddy," she said, returning the kiss before she climbed off the bed.

Once the connecting door closed behind her, Jack heaved a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness she didn't put up a fight this time," he said, swinging his legs off the side of the bed. "Lord knows I can't say 'no' to those pleading blue eyes of hers."

Who would have thought that he, Captain Jack Sparrow, once a great wooer of women, would be held prisoner by the sweet, wide eyes of his tiny daughter? That mischievous little three-year-old had reached out and wrapped her tiny hand around his heart the minute she was born, and now she nearly as much power over him as his wife!

Arms wrapped around his waist, causing him to turn his head in time for a kiss from his beloved. "That is why you have Anna-Maria and me here, to help keep her in line," she teased, eyes dancing in amusement. "Now, we'd better get dressed, before our Water Lily decides to take one of her unexpected swims in the sea."

Jack snorted and reached for his shirt. "No fear from me on that," he said, grinning. "Not when she's inherited more than one of her mum's unique traits."

Marina gave him a playful glare and turned to get dressed. They both finished at the same time, and headed out on deck just in time to hear a great splash off to the starboard side. Jack grinned as Lily's godmother rushed to the side, uttering curses as she searched the waves.

"Sparrow, I swear that your daughter's got more of your troublemaking skills that you'll ever know!" Anna yelled, glaring at him in between watching the water. "Now come over here and fish her out before she catches cold!"

Laughing, Marina went to join her. "Don't worry, Anna, I'll get her," she soothed her friend.

Jack couldn't help but throw Anna a smug grin as Marina leaped over the side, performing a perfect dive into the clear blue water of the sea. A moment later, both mother and daughter broke the surface, laughing as a pod of dolphins kept them afloat and apace with the Black Pearl's speed.

'I love those animals,' Jack thought to himself.

The playful things hadn't left since the day Lily was born, and were actually the same creatures that had saved him and Marina that day in the sea. And since his daughter's birth, the dolphins had faithfully kept close to the Pearl, always there in case Lily took one of her dips in the water.

"That's what I get for having a daughter with mermaid blood in her," he said, watching Lily clutch the dorsal fin of a large dolphin.

"It's worse that she's got your love of the sea in her," Anna said. "You ought to have a long rope permanently handy for instances like this -at least to keep her from going overboard so often."

Gibbs laughed, coming up beside them. "Eh, let her swim. I wish I could dive in with them, but Lord knows I can't breathe under the waves!"

"Papa, we're coming back up!" Lily called, her voice ringing clear and innocent up to the deck.

A rope was immediately dropped, and a moment later, both of his ladies were on deck, dripping and smiling happily from their swim. Grinning, Jack swept them both up into a hug.

Life was good.

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