Author's Note: This didn't really turn out as I planned, but oh well. It may be a little sucky but please give it a chance. This is my first story, and I would LOVE to hear what you think about it.


"You'd think that people would be a little more

eager to fight off an alien-invading spore!"


Dib sat on the other side of the cafeteria, glaring at Zim, who was, as usual, not eating his food. How is it that after three years, no one else had figured out that Zim was an alien? I mean, come on! Wasn't it obvious? It infuriated Dib to know that Zim was able to walk around free to do as he wished on a planet that he would eventually destroy. And what was even worse is that everybody lets him. Because they were too ignorant to listen to Dib, or even see it for themselves for that matter!

Zim felt Dib's glare on him and looked up to return it. Their anger-filled eyes met and stayed locked for a long time. Finally, Dib turned to his sister, Gaz.

"He's up to something, Gaz. I wonder what it is this time." said Dib.

"Probably something stupid." Gaz said with little interest as she poked at her food.

Dib turned his gaze back to Zim, who was fiddling with something in his PAK until he noticed Dib was watching. Zim quickly turned towards Dib's direction to continue the staring contest.

"Hey, what was that . . . thing in his back-pack? Maybe it's a MIND-CONTROLING DEVICE!" Dib said quietly at first, but yelled the last three words. Everybody turned to look at Dib, who only coughed then slid down in his seat until he was out of sight. The kids resumed with their lunch time.

Dib suddenly seemed to rise up from under Zim's table. Zim didn't notice this, however, and went back to fiddling with his PAK until Dib spoke up.

"What are you planning THIS time, Zim? Huh? Huh?" Dib questioned. Zim jerked his head around and shot Dib a look that could cut through you.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Dib-stink. The only thing I'm planning is HOW TO TELL MY PARENTS I FAILED MY MATH TEST!" Zim said to Dib, but then turned to the cafeteria and shouted aloud. Dib narrowed his eyes.

"What about that thing in you back-pack? Huh? Some sort of alien mind control helmet." Dib said. Zim closed his eyes and smiled innocently.

"Of course not! I only have normal middle-skool student things in there. Nothing out of the ordinary with this earth child!" Zim falsely explained. But when he opened his eyes, Dib was gone. He looked around for any sight of him, but didn't see anything. Suddenly, Zim felt his PAK open. He darted his head over his shoulder and saw Dib pulling out an alien-looking device from the PAK. Zim gasped.

"Get out of there you filthy human! That's mine!" Zim yelled as he clawed blindly at the air, hoping he would hit Dib. But he didn't. Dib grabbed the device and jumped over towards the door. He held the object up in the air and announced to the student-body.

"LOOK! EVERYONE, LOOK! ZIM IS AN ALIEN, AND NOW I HAVE PROOF! I found this . . . this, alien thingy . . . in his back-pack!" Dib shouted aloud. The students just stared at him for a moment. Then they all burst into laughter. Dib started to lower the device and his expression of accomplishment started to fade. Why were they all laughing at him? He . . . he actually had proof this time. Here it was right in front of them, and still, they mocked him. What was WRONG with these people? Were they really this dense?

"But . . . but, I have proof . . ." Dib stuttered. But the horrible children continued their laughter.

"Do you see the look on his face?" one child added.

"What a loser!" another kid said, causing yet another wave of laughs. Dib was starting to get angry.

"Oh, wow, look how mad he's getting, you guys!"

"You know, we're getting sick and tired of you and your random out-bursts, Dib! You're always interrupting class with your crazy assumptions! Can't you see that no one cares? You're in the eighth grade now! Give it up!" A random, cruel, popular girl pointed out. Dib was speechless; yet somehow, not surprised. He stood there wide-eyed and jaw agape until Zim came walking over.

"You see, Dib? No matter what evidence you have against me, no one will ever believe you. Just accept your fate and give up. You CANNOT STOP ME! Soon you and these other pitiful pig-smellies with be my slaves." Zim said with an evil grin of self-satisfaction. Dib felt his fists beginning to shake as anger consumed his body. He gritted his teeth and lunged towards Zim. Dib grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him against the wall.

"I will never give up. You will never take over the earth because I will stop you at every turn! So YOU might as well give up, Zim!" Dib spat. Zim's eyes narrowed and he got in Dib's face and growled at the human for getting in his personal space. Dib got right back in Zim's face, so close they were touching foreheads.

"I don't care who's on my side! You will take over the earth over my . . . dead . . . BODY!" Dib growled back. Being this close, Dib was able to see past Zim's contacts and a red glow seemed to fill his eyes. They continued their glaring contest for what seemed like forever. Finally, Dib slowly began to lean back and walk away when suddenly . . .


Willie just kicked the heavy-metal, cafeteria entrance door open, causing it to slam up against Dib, causing Dib to slam up against Zim, Causing them to . . . well . . . kiss.

Dib was slammed up against Zim so perfectly, that the alignment of their mouths matched up. Dib had his hands against the wall, his arms practically straddling Zim; while Zim's hands seemed to be pressed against Dib's chest. As soon as their minds could comprehend what just happened – which took a matter of milliseconds – their eyes shot opened and they began to blush madly. They quickly pushed away from each other and began to gag and cough in disgust.

Did they just do what they thought they did? Dib couldn't believe what had just happened! He had just kissed an alien invader; the enemy! And worst of all . . . it was Dib's first kiss. How did that just happen? He was going to KILL Willie!

Zim was gagging and spitting out this taste of human in his mouth. Disgusting! Who knows where The Dib's mouth has been. He made a mental note to check for diseases when he got home.

When the two boys looked up, they saw the whole cafeteria staring back at them. This time it wasn't just the students, but the lunch ladies, janitors, and hall monitors as well. Even Gaz looked up in shock, both her eyes wide open and jaw dropped. Whispers started to fill the room.

"Did . . . Dib and Zim just . . . kiss?"

"I think so . . ."

"I never knew they were gay . . ."

"What a shocker"

" . . . I thought they hated each other . . ."

" . . . Though, it does kinda . . . make sense"

"I'm confused"

Zim and Dib looked around in horror. Now everybody thought they were in love. How could one little accident be blown completely out of proportion? Zim looked around, terrified and confused.

"Hey, maybe they are in love . . . WHY DIDN'T WE SEE THIS BEFORE?" another student said.

Did an earth child just say the word "love"? Zim suddenly felt sick and clutched his squeedly-spooch. Dib started to feel dizzy.

"I guess they've been in love this whole time, and only pretended to hate each other just for show." And with that, the two ran out the door screaming.

"Great. Just great," Dib thought. "Things couldn't get any worse!"

Somewhere, 2 dozen-light-years away . . .

"Hey, what's that thing in the sky hurdling towards our planet?" Said Jeffery, a fat, transparent, hovering, glowing, Shreecroniod.

"Huh? Oh . . . I don't know." Said Jeffery's friend, Glen the Shreecroniod.

The two aliens watched this ball of fire crash onto the surface of their planet. They hovered over to see what it was. The flames began to die down into something more visible. In the newly, created crater sat an escape pod-looking space craft.

"Ohhhhhhhhh . . . it's a spaceship!" said Jeffery.

"Pft! Told you so!" said Glen

Just then, the space craft began to open. And out of the smoke, rose a green, proud, female alien whose aura just screamed danger and confidence. She stood atop of a nearby rock with her hands on her hips, looking up at the sky of this strange planet. Her antennas twitched as she sensed someone's presence. She turned around, sharply as her intense gaze fell upon Jeffery and Glen.

"Hello," said Jeffery cheerfully. "Welcome to planet Shreecron! I'm Jeffery and this is Glen."

"Sup?" added Glen. The Green girl only raised a non-existent eyebrow as she studied to to obviously inferior organisms.

"Soooooo . . . what's your name?" Glen finally asked.

The two Shreecroniods herd sounds coming from the ship. They turned to see a small, metal robot climb out and walk towards the green alien.

"My name is Tak"

Author's note: Thanks for reading. Please comment and tell me what you think. I originally didn't plan on introducing Tak into the story until later on but, that didn't really work out. I hope it's not too sudden. Next chapter up real soon.