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You're here as punishment for almost

annihilating our civilization!


Zim walked in the base, talking to himself.

"What am I going to do?" He said aloud. "I'm suposed to call Gaz right about now! I'm running out of TIME!" He said dramatically. Zim thought to himself a little more. He suddenly felt the urge to summon his dog. "GIR!"

There was no response.


. . . Still nothing. Zim was starting to get angry.

"Gir? Gir! WHERE ARE YOU!" Zim shouted, walking around the room, looking for his disobediant SIR Unit.

"Master, the SIR unit isn't here. He's been gone all day." The computer said. Zim stopped in his tracks. He narrowed one eye then looked up at the ceiling.

"What? Where did he go?" Zim asked, trying to maintain his cool.

"I think he said something about 'fishing in the forrest'. He left this morning, right after you." The Computer said in a bored tone. Zim began to growl in frustration.

"That horrible robot!" Zim shouted in anger. He then summoned a transmition device that grew out of his PAK and up infront of him. A hollographic screen apeared. Static covered it. Zim tapped his foot impaitiently, waiting for his minion to pick up. Gir finnally answered the call.

". . . He he he! Oh, hold on, guys, I have a call." Gir said to someone off screen. There were trees behind him, and there seemed to be some sort of drums playing in the background. Gir directed his attention towards his green master.

"Hi there!" Gir waved with much enthusiasm, a huge smile across his robotic face. Zim stared at him. His eye twitched.

"Gir, I need you to come home, NOW. We have much work to do!" Zim said, struggling to keep calm. Gir looked off at something off screen with sad eyes. He turned back to the alien, pointing in the direction of where he was just looking.

"B-But they're about to light the flamingo on fire." Gir said in a somewhat winey tone, eyes still sad.

"We don't have time for this! I want you home as soon as physically possible! DO YOU HEAR ME!" Zim yelled at the SIR. Gir looked up and placed his disguised, doggy hand up to his metal, exposed chin. He squinted his eyes, thinking.

"Hmmmm . . . I thiiiiiiink . . . I will go home . . . as soon as the cerimony is complete!" Gir said cutely at first, but said evilly at the end, his eyes low.

"WHAT?" Zim screamed.

"Bye-bye, Master!" Gir said, a smile returned to his face, as he waved and cut the transmition.

"You DARE- Hello? Gir!" Zim tryed to stop Gir from hanging up, but he was too late.

"I swear, that little android gets harder and harder to control" Zim said, rubbing his temples. He snapped his head back up to the ceiling, a glare in his eyes.

"Why did you let him leave in the first place? You could have stopped him you know!" Zim scolded the computer, blaming it on him.

"Me? But, he does this kind of stuff all the time!" The computer defended.

"Yes, but you should have been more cautious! I need Gir here, so he can help me plan something for Gaz!" Zim said.

"Well, how was I suposed to know you would be doing something ELSE for that human female . . ." Zim raised and eyebrow, then folded his arms.

"Do I detect sarcasm in your robotically generated voice?" Zim question.

". . . Master, I am growing concerned with your recent obbsession for the Earth child . . . It's not healthy Irken behavior." The computer said. Zim looked confused.

"I don't know what you're talking about! What obession?"

"Well . . . You have been hanging around her ALOT lately . . . and you don't seem to be making, or even attemting, any progress."

"Heh? Progress in what?"

"Wasn't the whole reason for this false friendship was for you to get information and learn her weaknesses so you can use her demonic powers for world domination?" The computer reminded. Zim's eyes slightly widened. He had forgotton all about his original plan.

"I . . . uh . . ." was all he could sputter.

"Or, let me guess . . . you forgot about that didn't you? Just like you forgot to take revenge on that large headed kid?"

Zim just remembered that as well. He opened his mouth to say something, but the computer continued talking.

"And like you forgot to pump her for information and try and make her tick whenever she was here the FIRST time?" Zim didn't say anything, So the computer continued.

"Now, you're inviting her over AGAIN? So what's your plan thistime? Or do you even have one . . ." The computer questioned. Zim squinted one eye.

"Ofcourse I . . . What are you implying?"

"Master, if I didn't know any better, I would say that you actually . . . enjoy, spending all this time with her." Zim's expression turned to anger.

"Ha!" He spat. "As if I would enjoy the company of any hyooman! She's just as pathetic as the rest of them! No different . . ." Zim defended, as he walked towards the window. If the computer had eyes, they would be rolling.

"Yeah right, Zim. We both know that is not what you really think. You consider her an equal, remember? She's special, right? Like you said: You feel the need to treat her with respect." Zim clentched his fists and gritted his teeth. He turned back to the ceiling and pointed an acusing finger at it.

"Enough of your assumptions! How dare you talk this way to your master! How dare you even suggestthat . . . that . . ." Zim trailed off in his words and finished his sentence in his mind.

. . . that I could actually care about someone . . .

The computer continued with his lecturing.

"You also haven't called the Tallest lately."

"Well . . . I've been busy. I guess I just forgot . . ."

"You've never been too busy to call them before. You always make time for them. How can you just forget? That's so unlike you . . . You're not acting like yourself lately."

"I . . ." Zim didn't notice until now that he had neglected his Almighty Tallests.

Maybe the computer had a point . . .

Gah! There was that voice again! Zim was so caught up in his internal argument that didn't notice the computer studing him.

"Are . . . are you okay? It sounds like you're mumbling to yourself."

"I'm fine!" Zim snapped, not wanting the computer to find out about this voice in his head that Zim has recently started to hear.

Around the same time he started talking to Gaz . . .

The computer would just blow it out of proportion like what he is doing now with other small things.

"Master, I am also curious as to why you haven't thought up any insane plans for taking over Earth in a while."

"I'm . . . working on it. Gaz is apart of it! I need to gain her trust, then discover her weakness, then study her more, then . . ."

"Then what? It's seems she trusts you enough now, you discovered that her body can't handle Irken food and she hates getting thrown out of arcades, what else do you need to study?" Zim placed his hands on his hips.

"Well, if you must know . . . we kind of got into an arguement today, and I have to make it up to her . . ." Zim explained. ". . .But only so I can regain her trust!" Zim added in his defense. "So unless you can give me any ideas as to how I can impress her again, I comand you to shut your . . . what ever you talk with!" Zim yelled as he began to walk to the toilet.

"An arguement with her? You're arguing with it? Why don't you just kidnap her already! That would be much easier!" Zim stopped walking, feeling angry as the computer refered to Gaz as an "It" like she was just another experiment. How dare the computer talk about her like that!

B-but wait . . . isn't she just another experiment?

Go away, you horrible little voice! You're not welcome here!

"And ideas to impress her? Do you realize how soft you sound right now? Since when do you 'impress' humans?" The computer said. Zim turned his head over his shoulder.

"Since when to you ask all these questions about my plans? You never cared before!" Zim counter-acused.

"Since I've been stuck with you for over three years now and you've acomplished nothing! Almost all of the other computers and their assigned Invaders have completed their mission and are now on vacation! I want my turn already! Do you have any idea how boring this is for me?"

"You think I enjoy living on this filthy planet? I HATE IT! I want to go home too, but The Tallest trusted me to conquer this acursed place! We can't let them down!" Zim reasured. He gulped. "Even if it has been three years . . ." He continued quietly to himself.

There was silence for a while. Finnally, the computer broke it with another statement.

"I think your relationship with this human has gotten beyond your control. It's affecting your behavior as well. You seem to be . . . changing." Zim became aggrivated at the acusation the computer made.

"No it's not!" He said plainly. "My behavior is normal, and AMAZING!"

"You're playing arcade games with her, buying her pizza, walking to school with her, killing genectically engineered pigs on the moon with her, having all of these 'great conversations' with her, and now you're about to call her and invite her over for the SECOND time! It sounds that you genuinly care about what she thinks or has to say. I'm beginning to wonder if this 'fake friendship' is even fake at all . . ."

"LIES! You speak nonsense, computer! Invaders need NO ONE! Our PAKs don't allow us to feel or desire friendship. Emotions other than rage, hatred, lust for destruction, and loyalty to the empire, are not required. You know that!" Zim yelled all at once, wishing the computer would just shut up already and leave him alone. The computer sighed.

"Yes . . . I do know that." The computer said. Zim was hoping that he would accept defeat. But the computer spoke up again after another long pause. He spoke more timidly this time, as if he wasn't sure if he should ask or not.

". . . Do you think that . . . there may be something wrong with-" Zim cut him off, consumed by rage that the computer would suggest such a thing.

"THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY PAK!" He screamed with his eyes shut tight, fists shaking with anger. "My PAK is perfectly fine, and SUPEIRIOR as ever!" Zim quickly defended.

"Master, I was only suggesting that there may be a possibility of some slight malfunctioning . . ."

"I disagree, you are incorrect!"

"Yeah, I better run a scan just to be sure . . ." A tenticle desended down from the mass of cables tangled above. "Have you been feeling electrical shocks lately?" The computer continued as the metal snake was inches away from contact with the PAK. Zim turned around and saw the probe. His eyes widened and he jumped over and ontop of it, crunching it with his feet. It wiggled underneath him.

"STOP IT! No more! Seize your lecturing. Zim is perfectly fine! If I want to run a scan, THEN I'LL ASK YOU! Until then, don't do that again!" Zim shouted, scolding the computer.

"Alright, alright! Jeez!" The computer said, retracting the cable, causing Zim to fall on his back. He grunted in annoyance as his wig got messed up. He stood up and took if off.

"Now, I'm going down below to call the Tallest. Let me know when Gir finnally decides to come home."

"Oh, NOOOWWW you wanna call the Tallest. What a coinsidence."

"Be quiet! Tak is back, and it would be wrong of me to not let them know. Maybe they could come and remove her . . . no, that wouldn't look good. Well, if I got rid of her once, I can do it again. They'll just be even more impressed. But, I have to go tell them and make them aware." Zim said first to the computer, then started talking to himself. Zim took out his contacts.

"Whatever." The computer said, sick of arguing.

Zim pretended to act normal, but he couldn't help but feel a little concerned himself.

Maybe it's not such a bad idea to run a scan . . . there could be something seriously wrong . . .

Zim was getting tired of this annoying voice, entering his mind as it pleased like it owned the place. It just wouldn't go away. He tried to ignore it and press onward, but it continued.

Why must you be so difficult? Even if Gaz is the cause of your discomforting changes, is that such a horrible thing?

Zim became very angry. He was fed up. He squeezed his eyes shut and clamped his hands over where his ears should be and fell to his knees.

Sure you're acting different, but it's like Gaz said. Sometimes different is good. And Gaz is usually right . . .

"SHUT UP! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME OR MY PAK! The computer is WROOOOOOONNGG! Be gone with you already you stupid voice!" Zim demanded, shouting very loudly, catching the computer off guard.

"Zim! Who are you talking to?" The computer said.

"No one! Mind your business!"

"What voice are you talking about? You're hearing voices? I told you something was wrong!"

"There's nothing wrong with me!"

"Just look at yourself!" A full length mirror apeared out of no where and hovered infront of Zim. He refused to look at it. Zim pushed it away from him as his head was turned in the opposide direction, his eyes shut.

"Get that OUT OF MY FACE!" He demanded. Zim's shove had caused the mirror to fall backwards and shatter across the floor. There was a loud crashing noise from the impact. Zim was breathing hard. Still on his knees, he fell forward, catching himself with his hands. He looked at the floor underneath him, panting. After he caught his breath, he slowly tilted his head up and saw his many faces inside the shards of glass scattered across the ground. Zim's expression softened a little. His face no longer showed raging denial, but instead, exhausted confusion. Zim looked at his reflections, from left to right. His head slowly tilted downwards to a rather large peice of glass by his leg. He reached down to pick it up. He stared into it, studing his face, trying to read something that was hidden within. Not taking his eyes off of himself, his hand slowly made its way up to his cheek, right under his eye. He softly touched his green skin and gazed into the mirror further. His eyes squinted as they turned slightly sad. He saw something that he . . . didn't quite recognize. He searched more, studying himself. Zim finnally lowered the piece of glass, but his gaze remained unfazed. Maybe something inside him did change . . .

. . . What's wrong with me?

"B-but, there's nothing wrong with me . . ." Zim whispered to himself in disbelief. The computer, however, heard.

"Now will you let me run a scan? It couldn't hurt."

Zim, still holding his gaze, began to slowly shake his head.

". . . No." He said, still somewhat, not present in reality. But his eyebrows furrowed as he thought more, squinting his eyes. His face scrunched up a little.

"No . . ." He said again. Something similar to a smile grew on his face as the corner of his mouth tightened up. He let out a single chuckle as his old self slowly returned. He closed his eyes and and shook his head some more.

"No." He simply stated, as he got back up on his feet. He stood tall with his fists on his hips.

"I . . . have just been . . . feeling ill the past few days, that's all. No more talking about this. I'll be fine soon enough. But you are correct about my neglection of the Tallest. I agree with you there. I must call them immediatly." Zim took a confident step forward, but stopped when her heard a crack. He looked down and noticed the broken glass everywhere.

"I'll . . . um, have Gir clean this later." Zim continued to the toilet. He stepped in and flushed himself down.

Zim stood still as he desended down the tube. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, trying to calm his nerves. He didn't want to look like a mess in front of the Tallest. Zim exhaled, eyes still closed.

"Calm yourself, everything is fine. Remember, you are Zim! Almighty and powerful! You're just . . . stressed out. Yeah, thats it . . . stressed out. It has nothing to do with your PAK. The computer is just being silly. All these years of boredom has just put him on edge. You are perfectly fine." Zim told himself out loud, trying to comfort himself, and justify his actions. Ever since Zim was little, he would tell himself things that would soothe him when he was upset. It's where his habit of talking to himself all began.

Zim opened his eyes, feeling a little better. Though he still had some lingering doubts, he was able to push them out of his mind. The door slid open to reveal his underground lab. Zim straitened up his posture, as he slighty grinned. He confidently marched out of the elevator tube and walked in the direction of the screen.

"Um, Zim" The computer said.

"I don't wanna hear it!" Zim calmly said, pointing up to the ceiling, not stopping.

"But, Master-" Zim cut him off making a zipping noise and motion across his mouth.

"Seriously, you might wanna know that-" Zim cut him off again, making a different noise.

"Zim! it's about the transmi-"

"SILENCE!" Zim shouted, as he called the Tallest. The computer sighed.

"Ooookaay . . . if you insist." The computer warned. Zim smiled triumpfantly, satisfied by his victory against the nagging computer. He pateintly waited for the call to go through.

The Tallest watched the horrific and deviastaing sight infront of them with smiles on their faces. Looking out the Massive's giant window, they sat on comfortable thrones, munching on snacks. Red and Purple were so close to the enemy planet, that light from the attacking lasers and explosions lit up their faces. They would "Oooo" and "Aaaah" at the pretty colors, with amusment in their eyes. When studied closely, one would be reminded of children watching a parade . . . if, however, you ignored the hideous things happening to the people being invaded down below.

The Armada had arrived nearly a day ago, and ever since, the glorious displays had been none-stop. The Tallest always found discomfort and pain in others amusing - along with distruction -, but their hunger for such entertainment had been growing for quite some time. They were coming closer to gaining total control over the universe. They had taken over hundreds of planets the first two years, but as they branched outwards more and more, there was less and less desireable planets located nearby. Which meant longer travel time in between invasions (much to the leaders' disapleasure).

But the anticipation of it all really built up the excitment, thus making the show more enjoyable and apreciated. Ofcourse, when a moment as spectacular as this happens, that is around the time when their favorite little invader interupts . . .

. . . however not this time. No, Zim's call didn't interupt anything at all.

"Greetings my Tallest!" Zim saluted with an evil, yet, obediant smile on his face upon seeing his leaders.

The Tallest didn't respond. Red took a sip of his drink. Purple scrached an ich on the side of his face.

". . . Ehh, my Tallest?" Zim said aloud, his smile fading.

The two Irkens said nothing. After a few seconds, purple sat back and sighed, taking in the view.

"Ah, this sure is the life, isn't it?" Purple asked his companion.

"Yup. It sure is . . ." Red responded.

Zim's smile was gone, his saluting arm now lowered. He looked into the screen a litte more.

"My Tallest? Hellooooo?" He said. Didn't they see him?

"Hey, it's been a while since Zim called." Red pointed out.

Zim's expression looked a little worried. Oh no. The Tallest have noticed his absense. That must mean they've needed him and his supierior, invader intelect. They must have been so lost with out him. Zim felt bad as he realized that he had let his leaders down. He scrunched up his face a little and cuped his hands around his mouth, drawing in a deep breath.

" . . .BUT IT IS ME! I AM ZIM! I'M CALLING YOU RIGHT NOW!" He shouted very loudly. The two leaders were unfased. Zim lowered his hands and yelled out slightly softer. "Why can't you hear me!"

Purple smirked a little. "Maybe after three years he finally died."

"I have not expired. I'm right here!" Zim said, waving his arms.

Zim's worried expression returned. He was right. The tallest did think something happed to him!

. . . but upon thinking over the way his leader had stated the remark, Zim detected something in the Tallest's tone that didn't seem too sad about the thought . . .

Red rolled his eyes. "Yeah right, we both know that's not gonna happen anytime soon."

Purple directed his attention to his Red. "Aw, come on! We can dream, right? Who knows? Just don't jinx it!"

Zim furrowed his eyebrows, not understanding what the tallest ment by their words. "What do you mean 'don't jinx it'?" He sat down in a near-by chair, scooting closer to the monitor.

"But we've tried everything! Know matter what we do, Zim always manages to survive in the end!" Red said.

"Like a little cock-roach . . ." Purple mumured to himself.

Zim's eyes slightly widened. 'Know matter how hard we try?' What was that suposed to mean?

Red Floated up from his chair, hovering around the room as he started his rant. "We tried banishing him to FoodCourtia: He escaped. We send him on a fake mission to some unknown, backwoods planet: He survived and now won't stop bothering us."

Zim furrowed his eyebrows. "What?" He shouted outloud, hoping they would hear him. What were they talking about? What fake mission? Surely they were not refering to the amazing, almighty, ZIM! . . . were they?

"We tried to send him to Hobo 13, so he would die training: He comes out on top!" Red continued. Purple watched his co-ruler fly around the room with bored eyes. "We even tried sending him malfunctioning SIR units to destroy him, but SOMEHOW he get's ahold of a Megadoomer!" Red suddenly flew right up to Purple with a wild look in his eyes. Purple was unfazed, used to his partener by now. "A MEGADOOMER! How did that even happen?" Purple took a sip of his drink in response.

Zim's eyes shifted from Tallest to Tallest. "Wh-what are you guys talking about?" Zim voice sounded a little tinier than it should be. Zim recalled all of those things they were mentioning. But, weren't they proud that he had escaped? Surely, they didn't plan on him dying, did they? No, ofcourse not! The Tallest loved Zim. They would never intentionally try to destroy him.

Or maybe they would . . .

Zim narrowed his eyes at the little voice, but instead of yelling at it, he brought his attention back to his leaders.

Red turned away from Purple and approached the window, gazing at the warzone below.

"Don't forget the time we ALMOST had him. Remember the Trial?" Purple reminded.

"You mean when he stood before the control brains, and they labled him 'Defective', but his stupid PAK gave them a virus; then he drove the massive around?How could I forget?" Red said, not taking his eyes off of the window.

Zim squinted one eye, the nervously chuckled. "B-but that was all a joke, remember? Heh heh, right guys?" Zim said, a nervous smile on his face.

Hmm, it doesn't seem likely that the Tallest would go through all of THAT for just a joke . . .

"Shut up!" Zim hissed, closing his eyes.

Purple shook his head. "I can't believe that he thought the whole thing was a joke. What an idiot."

"This is ridiculous!" Red shouted, heading back to his seat. "Why is it so difficult to kill off a Defect?"

Zim felt his breath shorten.

Did they just call him a Defect?




This isn't happening.

Zim felt a surge of angry energy bolt through him as he lept off the chair towards the transmition screen. He stared into the camera.

"What did you say? Did you just call Zim a Defect? HOW DARE YOU! You take it back!" Zim shouted, starting to get sweaty.

"Since the day he was born, he has brought nothing but devistation to the Irken empire!" Added Purple.

Zim's eyes widened at their words. How could they talk about Zim like this? He squeezed his eyes shut and started banging on the screen.

"No, no! You're lying! You're lying! Why do you lie?" Zim shouted.

"Zim really is a pathetic disapointment to his race." Agreed Red.

Zim opened his eyes and grasped the screen. His expression showed that of sheer horror.

They . . . hated him.

His Almighty leaders . . . despised him.

His own race is . . . ashamed of him.

. . . Zim was an outcast.

Zim felt a lump in his throat. His eyes turned sad. Where did this loathing come from all of the sudden? Why hadn't Zim seen this before? Had they always been like this? Had it gone unnoticed, or had Zim just been ignoring it all this time?

"Why are you guys saying such things? Why are you acting like you hate me? AND WHY CAN'T YOU HEAR ME!" Zim shouted.

"Gosh, when I just think about Zim, it gets me all upset. I HATE HIM SO MUCH!" Purple yelled aloud.

"You . . . you really do hate me . . ." Zim said, looking at Almighty Tallest Purple. Zim slid off of the transmition screen and landed on his feet, his expression unchanged. He faced the moniter, but his eyes were no longer focused on anything in particular.

"All this time . . . you've been wishing, hoping that I would die. You never liked me. Even when we were smeets . . ." Zim furrowed his non existant eyebrows again and looked back up at his leaders. "Why do you hate me so much? I, I am ZIM! I am an Invader! I am far supeirior to all the other invaders. I pass every trial, I destroy more than anyone." Zim's faced looked a little angry now. He pointed up at the screen. "You should know that! You gave me this secret mission after all, remember?"

Red leaned over towards Purple. He sighed, patting his back. "I do too."

"He has got to be the most clueless Irken to ever live. He thinks he so amazing."

"Some of it is our fault, you know." Red said. Purple looked up with one eye squinted.

"OUR fault? How is it our fault that he is so arogant? Huh?" Purple defended.

"Well, it probably doesn't help that we give him false praise all the time." Red explained. Purple rolled his eyes.

"False praise?" Zim's finger lowered.

"Well what are we suposed to do? Tell him the truth? Tell him there is no secret mission; that his special SIR unit is actually made from trash; that he was suposed to die on the way there and that we couldn't care less about that useless planet he's on?" Purple said.

Zim's head lowered, his eyes as wide as ever, mouth opened. His gaze fell on the floor as he tried to take this all in.

"Not to mention we want to rip our antennea off everytime he calls." Red added.

"Or that the only reason he hasn't been executed yet is because he is the first Defect to literally short-circut the control brains." said Purple.

Zim winced when he heard them refer to him as a Defect. He wasn't a Defect! He was a normal Irken. No different from the others . . . well, except he was better than them ofcourse! . . . even though he's one of the only invaders left who hasn't taken over his planet yet . . . or that he was the cause of most misfortunes in his race . . . or that he is the smallest of the invaders . . .

Zim suddenly felt like he was going to be sick.

This couldn't be ture. They must be joking. Zim was amazing!

But so far, everything seems to be spot on

Zim placed his hands on his head and squeezed his eyes shut.

"It's not true" He whispered.

"Look, all I'm saying is we certainly haven't helped the situation." Red said. Purple waved away his words.

"Whatever. All I know is that it sure was funny." Purple said, smiling.

Zim, eyes still shut, placed his hands over his eyes. He suddenly felt like was having a hard time breathing. He inhaled deeper, his nausea growing.

There was silence for a while. It wasn't long before the Tallest began again.

"You know, it's a wonder that Zim hasn't called about Tak." Red said.

Zim's antenneas perked up at this, but his head stayed burried in his hands, still processing what the leaders had said. However, their knowledge of Tak was enough to get some of Zim's attention. What could they possibly know about Tak?

"Yeah, I expected to hear SOME kind of word on that." said Purple.

Zim slowly lifted his head out of his hands, listening to the Tallests words. His eyes still were still distant and sad, but his anteneas were completely focused, taking in every word.

"You would have thought that would have stirred up some entertainment . . ." Red said.

"Maybe banishing her to Earth wasn't as diabolical as I thought." Purple admited, sad that his idea hasn't caused any drama so far.

Zim felt his hands clench near his chest, but not nessisarily out of anger. More along the lines of overwhelming misfortune and defeat. Zim felt so ashamed and dishonorable (the first time he has ever expeirenced these emotions). And now he knew the cause of Tak's presense.

The Tallests

It was all their doing

As a ploy to to harm Zim in some sort of way

"Well, hold on. Maybe they haven't run into eachother yet." Red reasured.

"Oh come on, how long does it take! We sent her back to the same exact school and neighborhood as Zim. They've got to have had some kind of confrontation!" Purple said.

Zim was silent.

Red shrugged. "Maybe she killed him already"

Zim tilted his head up toward the screen, facing the ones who were causing his pain with sad eyes.

"With what? We took all of her equipment away." Purple reminded. He thought some more. "Maybe he killed her."

Both Tallests looked at each other for a moment, then busted out laughing.

"Oh, that's a good one." Red said, wiping a tear from his eye.

Purple chuckled. "He he he, yeah."

"We definatly would have heard from Zim if THAT happened. He would be talking about it for ages to come." Red added

They were silent for a while. Zim just stared at the screen, hoping that they weren't serious. He was just waiting for one of them to shout out something like, "HAHAHA JUST KIDDING, ZIM!" or some kind of dialoge that would let Zim know that this wasn't real. The pain in his stomac and the nausea he felt would instantly go away. He would not be questioned anymore by the Computer about his "mental health." The voice in his head would go away, and everything would go back to normal.

But that did not happen.

Zim's sickness stayed, he was sure the computer was still worried and the voice was still there.

And the Tallest remained silent.

. . . This was real

Zim held his desperate gaze at the moniter, but fell to his knees, ignoring the pain that shot up his legs. External pain was something that Zim wasn't concerned with at this moment in time. Zim clutched his stomac once again.

"I wonder what it must be like for Zim. To be so . . . oblivious to everything. What goes on in a Defective's mind? It must be fasinating . . ." Red mused after a long silence.

Purple raised a non existant eyebrow, then turned to his friend. "Do you think we should be nicer to him?" Purple asked in a sickly-sweet way.

Zim tilted his head, then stood up.

Red laughed aloud, recognizing Purple's teasing joke. "Ofcourse not!" He said while laughing, as Purple joined in as well.

Zim was shocked at their coldness towards him. This could be seen as his eyes widened.

The Tallests continued laughing for a little while longer until Red noticed a flashing light.

"Oh wait, it's a reminder." Red signaled for one of the crewman to bring it up a screen for him to read. "Call Invader Spleen" Red said aloud, eyes squinted. "Right, right . . . we were suposed to call him."

Purple sighed, then stood up. "Well, let's get to it." He said.

Zim's screen went blank as he was cut off, though he continued to stare at it.

". . . Uh, yeah . . . Gir broke the transmiter so that only you could see and hear the person you are calling. As for them, they are oblivious." The computer explained. "I tried to warn you . . ."

Zim slowly began to shake his head as he stepped away from the screen. "No, this can't be. It just CAN'T BE!" What a fool he's been. All this time, all these long, deticated hours of work ment nothing. Everything was a lie. Everything. The Tallest saw him as an annoying joke.

Everything started spinning

They were mocking him. He was a disgrace to his race and his almighty Tallests. He was just a waste of space. They never wanted Earth. Zim finnally saw the big picture as his world around him came shattering down.

Zim felt his PAK hit something and he realized he was backed all the way across the room to the wall. Zim allowed himself to lean up against it, in fear he would collapse otherwise. Zim looked around the now warped room, feeling dizzy. He wanted to vomit. He wanted to . . . to defend himself and swear that he wasn't a Defective, even if the proof was right there. He wanted to make everyone see just how great he was and just what they are missing! He wanted to do all of these things and more, but instead did the only thing he knew how.

. . . He threw a tantrum.

Zim grabed a nearby object and threw it against the screen, causing sputtering electrical shocks to light up the room, then making the screen itself shatter moments after. Zim ran over to something even bigger and struggled to lift it up. He threw it with all his might at some machinery, which exploded on impact. The shock wave caused Zim to get knocked off his feet, but he quickly and clumsily stood back up, now consumed with raging anguish. Zim ran towards a wall and summoned his spider legs halfway across. He lauched himself upward and crased into some hanging equipment. As it fell, Zim pushed off and landed on another, slightly higher piece of Irken Technology. Irken Technology. For some reason, Zim couldn't stand the sight of it right now. For it seemed that his very surroundings were mocking him. With his metal extentions, he clawed at the wires all around him, then soon crashed onto the floor. Angry at his own pain, Zim got rolled over, his body begining to have a dull ache. Zim found himself breathing hard as anger consumed his expression. He looked around him st all the Irken insignias and they suddenly came to life. They laughed at him, scoffed at him, tried to hurt him. Zim clawed into the floor, then jumped up, letting out a powerful howl.

He was just getting started.

Dib walked into the living room. He had a determined and excited look on his face. When he reached the door, he noticed his sister on the couch, as usual. Oh how he wished he could gloat right about now. But he couldn't risk mentioning Tak. Besides, Gaz would probably just blow him off like she always does. But upon a second glace at Gaz, he got the sense that something was off.

Gaz sat in the middle of the couch, phone in hand and gameslave . . . not to be found? She was dressed in her everyday outfit, but her hair was slightly different. It had a . . . softer look to it. And her nails . . . they were painted! . . . Green? Why green? Green wasn't even in her color wheel. Her pouting lips apeared to be wet and shiney. Lip gloss? But Gaz never wore any kind of make up. What was going on here?

"Are you . . . expecting someone?" Dib asked as Gaz grunted in annoyance after checking the clock, then looking back at the phone.

"No." Gaz said, crossing her arms. She eyed her brother and saw that he was in a ridiculous get-up. "Going somewhere?" She asked.

"Uh, yeah. It's . . . swollen eyeball stuff is all. You wouldn't be interested." Dib lied. "I'll be back later." Dib walked out the door.

An annoyed Gaz looked at the clock again. It's been two hours and still no word from him! Oh, this was not helping his case at all. How dare he keep her waiting like this. He had better be planning something big!

Gaz set the phone aside and inhaled, deciding that it would be best if she calmed down. He shouldn't be much longer. She took her gameslave out and started playing.

After what seemed like a long time, Gaz paused her game and checked the clock again. 30 mintues. What was the hold up? Gaz fell backwards on the couch with a big sigh. She layed there, staring at the ceiling. She held her hand up and looked at her green nails that she had absent-mindedly colored almost an hour ago. Gaz let her hand fall beside her. She slid her tongue across her bottom lip. Her lipgloss had worn off. Oh well, it was a dumb idea anyway. Gaz had gotten it as a gift one year (she couldn't remember from who or why) and had never used it until now. She figured she would try it out, but the feeling of it kind of annoyed her. Gaz repositioned herself, then ran her fingers through her hair. She pulled a lock closer to her face and saw that her do had returned to its normal state. Earlier, Gaz had attempted to style her hair. It looked alright, but now it had fallen flat and back to its original way. She let go of her hair and let it fall back into place.

Gaz didn't know why she had "dressed up". She just wanted to. When she got home and looked in the mirror, she had the urge to just . . . play around with her look. Maybe it was because she didn't get out much. Gaz never did anything special, and she suposed this would be as close as she would get. So she figured, "Hey, why not?"

Gaz turned her head to the side and looked out the window. After a few minutes of staring, Gaz noticed that it started to lightly rain. She closed her eyes and listened to sounds it made, feeling a wave of comfort wash over her and she found herself dozing off.

A loud, booming sound shattered Gaz's peaceful sleep. A blinding flash of light forced her eyes to jolt open. Gaz sat straight up, startled, and took in her surrounds. Everything was a lot darker as the sun seemed to no longer exist. Out the window brewed at catosatophic storm. Flashes of lightning danced in the sky, followed by rolling thunder. It seemed the light rain had grown into a small hurricane. Gaz checked the clock. She felt her eyes widen in shock.


"Three hours? Really Zim? What the heck?" Gaz said out loud in frustration. Oh how he would . . .

The phone suddenly rang.

Gaz grabed it and eagerly answered.

"Well, it's about time!" Gaz teased her friend.

"Sorry Gaz, I just wanted to let you and your brother know that I will be running late." The Proffesser said. Gaz sighed in disapointment.

". . . Oh, hey Dad." she said as she slumped back down in the couch.

"I should be home in a few days." He continued.

"Uh huh." Gaz said rolling her eyes, not really caring about what her father was saying. She had only heard this speech about every other week!

"Be sure to do your homework, and . . . try and keep Dib out of trouble." Membrane said.

"I'll try." Gaz said, not making any promises. Her Dad laughed then said his goodbyes, and hung up.

Gaz stood up and moved to the middle of the room, looking outside more. She looked back down at the phone and heard the dial tone. Her grip tightened as her anger grew. She gritted her teeth and felt herself shaking.

"Who invites someone over then never bothers to call them!" Gaz said aloud with tension in her words. There was a flash of lighting that filled the room. Gaz felt her rage boiling over. That's it! She was done waiting! Gaz threw the phone up against the wall and watched it shatter with hate filled eyes. She was going to make that little green punk pay. She didn't care if he was her only friend. No one makes a fool out of Gaz Membrane.

No one

Gaz walked towards the door and reached for her raincoat. She slipped it on and opened the door. A big gust of cold wind sprayed water on her as she looked out on her flooded lawn. Gaz stepped outwards and slammed the door behind her.

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