A/N: Patty LuPone was interviewed on local NPR program (3/1/2011) ( www. kqed a/forum/R201103011000 add protocol, slashes, and remove spaces). I thought of this first as one-shot but as I wrote it, it turned into something multi-chapter. I've got some ideas from other authors. If you see something that was in your story, it may very well be. Thanks in advance.

Secret Admirer / Ch. 1 - SPAM

Author: TerribleSpy

Rating: T

Characters: Kurt, Blaine

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. I just want to play in that universe.


If Kurt were still going to McKinley, he would have just deleted the email. It was from a "secret admirer" and the headers were from an email server at OSU. It looked like SPAM except that the body said "You'll love this…A Secret Admirer" and a link to the San Francisco NPR FORUM radio show.

He clicked on the link and found an interview with Patty LuPone! He listened to the hour-long MP3 file, laughing at her attributing her case of breast cancer solely to Andrew Lloyd Weber, crying at her singing "The Man I Love", and entranced by her stories. He saved it for later sure he would listen to it again and really wanted to thank whoever sent this to him. It had really brightened his day. When he replied to the email, he got a bounce message saying the account was invalid. Oh well, thought Kurt and he went to Amazon to order her book.

A few days later, he got another email from the same account at OSU. The body was a link to a Columbus theater's production of Billy Elliot. The body of the message said "If you want to go this Friday, leave a Post It on your door with the word YES"

Kurt was torn. He'd wanted to go to this with Blaine, but since Rachel's party and their blow up over coffee, they'd been avoiding each other. This little break had been a good thing for Kurt. Singing in the Warbler's chorus had taught him that it's not always about him. Growing up, making the effort to make friends was hard for Kurt. He had always been "different". And little boys can be so cruel to other little boys who are different. At some point, he just stopped approaching boys and girls, growing tired of the rejection. Joining New Directions was different. They were all misfits of one sort or another, forced together to become a dysfunctional family of sorts.

Kurt made the effort to reach out and get to know his fellow Warblers and other students in his classes, rather than relying on Blaine to be his entire social world. He'd even started flirting with Flint, another Warbler. He'd gotten tickets for Billy Elliot a while ago and was thinking of asking Flint if he wanted to go. Or he could just give them away.

He left a Post It on his door that said "No thanks" the next morning and went off to breakfast.

Friday after the Warbler's practice, Kurt was in his room hurriedly changing out of his Dalton uniform, getting ready to drive home for the weekend. It was 4pm and he would probably be late for the traditional Hummel Friday night dinner. Kurt figured he'd call saying he'd be late while he was on the road.

As he hefted his weekend overnight bag off the bed, there was a knock on his door. Kurt opened it to find Blaine. As soon as he saw how Kurt was dressed and the overnight bag, his face fell. "Can we talk?" asked Blaine.

Kurt debated on if he had the time to say all he really wanted to to Blaine but opted for the Cliff Notes version.

"Sorry, I have to get going if I'm going to get home in time to make it for dinner. Walk with me?" Kurt said as he closed his door and moved down the hall.

"Listen, I need to apologize for what I said to you at the coffee shop last week." said Kurt as they walked down the halls. "It's not as though I haven't experimented with kissing girls or anything."

Blaine stopped walking, his mouth open. "Wait. What?"

Kurt waved Blaine to keep walking. "It was last year. Before I came out to my Dad, I went through a phase of trying to fit in by pretending I was straight. Brittany and I dated for a week. She was the one draped on Artie's lap at Rachel's party. We made out on my couch and my Dad caught us. It made me realize the ridiculousness of it all. I hate flannel and John Mellencamp." explained Kurt.

"I'm not sure what those last two things have to do with making out, but I'll just go with it. I wanted to apologize, too. I talked this whole thing over with my therapist and there very clearly is something to work out here. I'm still trying to figure out why I walked out on our coffee date." said Blaine.

"Yeah, after one date with Rachel Berry, you really got her 'storming out' technique down." laughed Kurt. "Wait. You thought of those as dates?"

"I do now. But at the time, they were just 'hanging out with Kurt', which I might add, I really miss." admitted Blaine.

"I'm all for continuing them, but on a weekly basis. During our little time-out, I've realized I need to reach out and make friends. It's a new experience for me being accepted for who I am rather than rejected because someone might 'catch the gay'."

Blaine nodded his head somewhat sadly. Just as Kurt was starting to realize just how much he didn't really need Blaine for every little thing and how strong he was, Blaine was starting to realize how much he needed Kurt in his life.

They reached Kurt's car as he said "What do you say we have a steady 'coffee date' on Wednesdays after Warbler practice at our coffee shop?"

Blaine could hear the quotes around "coffee date" without seeing them. "Sure. I'll see you then."

Kurt didn't move to offer Blaine a hug and got into his car. Blaine just turned and walked back to his dorm room. He texted Wes and David that he had two tickets to Billy Elliot for tonight on a first come, first serve basis.

Wes won.


A/N: This originally was going to end with Blaine showing up with the tickets ala Mystery Date. But it seemed rather shallow, so I wondered where it would go if Kurt just stopped depending on Blaine to be his whole world. Darren Criss has hinted that this is the direction of Kurt and Blaine's interaction, so I thought I'd explore that.