AN: Tomorrow marks another birthday for my dear friend, Possessed1. In honor of this momentous occasion, I have written a series of drabbles for this most avid lover of Mokomoko-sama.

Happy Birthday, my friend!

Part One
Alone at Last

Kagome made a beeline for the balcony door, throwing it open to let the briny scent of the ocean fill their room. Closing her eyes, she took a moment to breathe deeply, letting the calming aroma wash over her. She spun on her heel, clapping her hands and giggling as she bounced her way back into the room.

"We're finally here!"

It was a good thing Sesshoumaru had quick reflexes. Dropping their bags, he quickly caught his wife when she jumped, wrapping her legs around his narrow hips and engulfing him in a bear hug.

"Been looking forward to this weekend, have you?" he chuckled, returning the embrace. Pulling back slightly, but not letting go entirely, Kagome looked down into his golden eyes, a seductive smirk gracing her lips.

"A weekend without the kids? Just you and me? You have no idea."

She traced her fingers along the magenta stripes that decorated his cheeks before she captured his mouth in a slow, languid kiss. When she finally broke away, they were both breathing harder than when they'd begun.

"I think I have some idea…" Sesshoumaru leaned in for more, when his lips encountered Kagome's fingers.

"Hold that thought," she said, untangling her legs and sliding slowly to the floor. "I want to unpack first."

Sesshoumaru shot her his best "you've-got-to-be-kidding-me" glare, but Kagome had seen it too many times and was now basically immune to its effects.

"You know I'll be able to relax better once we're settled in."

"Tease," Sesshoumaru accused.

"You know it!" Kagome laughed, sticking her tongue out at him as she rolled the suitcase over to the room's dresser and began opening drawers.

"Such a childish expression. I can think of much more… interesting uses for your little tongue," he whispered darkly in her ear nibbling gently in its curve.

She gasped in surprise; Sesshoumaru had come up behind her without her realizing it.

'I hate it when he does that,' she grumbled to herself.

Long fingers snaked their way under her shirt's hem to skim seductively along the sensitive skin of her stomach.

'But I don't hate that' she sighed.

Leaning back against the solid wall of his chest, she lost herself for a moment in his gentle caress, but when his hand ventured below the waist of her pants to play with the edge of her panties, she came back to herself.

"Down, dog boy!" she laughed, smacking at his hands. Bending over, she made sure to rub herself enticingly against the growing evidence of his arousal as she removed a small bag from where it was nestled amongst the clothing. Holding out the bag, batting her large, blue eyes at him innocently, she asked, "Could you unpack the toiletries, please?"

"Tease," he growled, reiterating his earlier accusation. He took the bag from her and turned toward the bathroom, but not before smacking her pert bottom. He was rewarded with a surprised yelp. "Serves you right," he said, smirking as he walked away.

Kagome rubbed her abused backside, glowering at the partially closed bathroom door. When she was sure he wouldn't be coming out for a couple of minutes, she quickly located the jars of edible, naughty fun that she'd snuck into the suitcase. A couple of stealthy steps across the thankfully-quiet hardwood had her on the other side of the room, where she stashed the treats under her side of the bed.

'There! That'll make him eat his words,' she thought.

Proud of her little covert operation and giggling over her ridiculous pun – 'Kagome, you're such a dork' – she straightened and let out a startled shriek.

"What happened? Are you all right?" Sesshoumaru was at her side in an instant, ready to slay whatever bug or spider he was sure had frightened his wife. Instead, he saw the last thing he expected lying on top of the bed's down comforter.

"No, I'm not 'all right'! What the hell is he doing here?"

AN: All portions of this little collection will be based on the prompts of the Damsel in Distress challenge at the LiveJournal community, Dokuga Contest. This first part was inspired by the prompt, Drop.