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Author's Note: What Neal might have been thinking as Peter and Elizabeth gets back together in Power Play.

What Could Have Been

I watch as Peter and Elizabeth get back together after Peter pretended to be me and I pretended to be him. I watch as she gives back his wedding ring and kiss him. I wonder if Kate would have survived would they have been together like that? Would they have gotten married and maybe have children? He could see himself proposing to Kate. He had loved her.

He pictured himself out of the con business and still working for the FBI. They would have gone to a restaurant. It might have been expensive, or it might have been a normal restaurant. It wouldn't matter as long as he was with Kate. He could see them eating dinner and each of them talking to each other over dinner. After the desert was eaten he would get up and kneel beside her. The ring box would be out of his pocket and he would ask the question. She would say yes and they would both be happy. Kate would have help with her wedding from Elizabeth because they had gotten to be good friends.

The only people who would have been at the wedding would have been Peter, Elizabeth and Mozzie. It would be a private wedding and when they were done they would have the reception in a restaurant where it was catered. Their friends would congratulate the happy couple and then after the reception they would go on their honeymoon.

I smile at the happy couple and then turn around to go see how Mozzie's doing. As I walk I think of what could have been if Kate would have survived because when she died a little piece of myself died with her. What could have been turned into never will be again.

The End