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Chapter 1

I was in the car, alone. Dimitri did not want me any more, he had just told me that he was going to take Tasha up of the offer. I felt like I could just die right there, he did not do it alone either, we were out for dinner with Lissa and Christian. He had pulled me off to the corner, but still in hearing range of the other two at the table and told me that he had used me all along, and did not want me.

What am I suppose to do? I am only eighteen Dimitri and I had planed this all out. We were going to have a nice house, he even proposed to me the day after I graduated from high school. What happened? We were going to be happy, even though he and I knew that we would never be able to have any kids, ever.

As I thought back to the moment that he hold me all this, I felt a sob come up. Before I knew it I was full out crying. I could not stop crying, I tried to pull off to the other side of the road. The brakes would not work, I started to freak out, I slammed down on the breaks harder, still nothing.

I looked up, just as a truck swerved into my lane. I seen the truck coming at me and the last thought I had before the truck hit me was, I am sorry, Dimitri, I love you. And I heard glass shatter, and I felt everything closing in around me like it had in the crash with Lissa's family, and everything went black.

When I was able to hear again. I heard soft breathing beside me, and there was the pressure of someone leaning their head on the bed, and holding my hand. The person was silent for some time, and then there was a sob. The sob told me a lot, that one, the person had been asleep, and two that it was Lissa.

"Rose, I am sorry. Please wake up." Lissa was talking to me in a hushed voice, I tried to pull my eyes open.

On the other side of the room, I heard the door open. Someone walked accost the room, Lissa spoke in a harsh voice, "I told the nurses that you were not suppose to come in here, Dimitri."

There was no response, but there was the pressure of a hand holding mine. I wanted to turn my hand over and hold the hand, that was so familiar to me. But why was Lissa so defensive of me around him. The door opened a moment later, and there was a cough.

"Guardian Belikov, I need to talk to you." the person, that I assumed was a doctor, said to him, and then. "Princess, could you please step out."

I heard the sound of shuffling feet, then I heard the sound of shoes on the other side of my bed. Lissa stood up on her tip toes and said to Dimitri, "You better not hurt her again, you got that, or else you will be in prison before you can even count to three, with attempted murder on Rose. They said that the car had been rigged to do that, and I will make that all be put on you." she whispered that in his ear, I heard it through her mind and with ears.

After that I heard Lissa walk away, wanting to yell after her to stay, the pain medication was wearing off, but I could not wake up. When the door was closed, and there were only the Doctor and Dimitri the Doctor started.

"Hello, Guardian Belikov, I am Dr. Mattes," Mattes and Dimitri said their hellos, and started, "Well, I am sorry to inform you that she is in a coma, and at this point in time we don't know if she will wake up at all."

No, no, Dimitri, I am going to wake up, I wanted to yell at the world. Please, God.

Then I felt something that I thought that would never happen. I felt Dimitri come up and wipe a tear away.

"That sometimes happens in coma patients, their eyes will water, or some cases they will be dry." Dr. Mattes said. "And if she wakes up, well, she might never be able to walk again, but her arm is doing okay."

"Wait? What? She might not be able-no Rose can't do that." Dimitri said his breath hitching. "Oh God, Rose, I am so sorry, Baby, God."

The door closed, and then opened a minute later as Lissa walked in. She walked over to Dimitri, I felt her sit on the bed, sending a shooting pain that I could not express through my body, all but my legs.

"Dimitri, look at me." I felt Lissa bend forward. "Oh, no, what happened? Dimitri, tell me, your crying, you never cry. Come on tell me what is going on."

"No, no, Roza," Dimitri did not even really hear Lissa. He brough my hand up to press his lips to my hand softly. "I-I-I am sorry. I d-did n-not mean it, she comp-compelled me."

"Dimitri, what are you talking about?" Lissa sounded frantic. "Dimitri, who compelled you?"

Dimitri did not answer, he kept my hand in his.

"Who compelled you?"

"Tasha." was all he said, not even out loud.

"Tasha. Why did she do that?" Lissa was now on the other side of my bed, holding my other hand.

"She wants me, but I want Roza." Dimitri did not seem to know that Lissa was even there any more. "She told me that I did not want you and that I used you, and that I need to tell you that. I did not want to say that to you, but she caught me off guard and made me do that, she has been my friend for so long I did not think she would do that to me and you. She just told me the other night how you and I were so good together, and she was happy that we were getting married. She wanted you to go away because I love you."

My heard jumped, Lissa gave a little shriek as the heart monitor read that. "Dimitri, did you hear that?"

"What?" Dimitri said, holding my hand and resting it on his cheek.

"Her heart sped up when you were talking to her."

"Roza-" and then everything happened fast. The machines went crazy, and my chest hurt. I could not breath, there was something on my chest. I heard Dimitri yell at Lissa to get a doctor, and then Dimitri was gone, and Lissa was too. I felt people working on my body, then I could not breath for a moment then air was being forced into my tired body, that did not want to fight anymore. I wanted to just go away, and be happy with everyone that was dead. Everything went away, the pain, and just everything. It was peaceful.

"Rose, sweetie, look at me." I looked up to see Lissa's mother. She was beautiful, wearing her light blond hair in a high bun. She had on a sky blue flood length gown. The look on her face was of sorrow. She was just as I remembered and I felt like I was sixteen again.

"Mom," I said, that is what I started calling her when I met her. She found my one day in my dorm in first grade crying, she was looking for Lissa and thought that she was in my room. Lissa's mom and dad were staying over for spring break. That day she wanted to know what was wrong, and I told her that my mommy did not care about me, and she told me that she could be my pretend mommy, and I just never stopped calling her mom.

"Yes, Rose," she was looking me in the eye. "What are you doing here? You should be with Lissa."

"Mom, I don't know, I. . .I was with, umm," I had to think about that, I was starting to fade out of this dream. "Lissa and Dimitri. Umm, where was I?"

"Rose, I am going to send you back, you need to stay with Lissa and Dimitri." She reached out and smoothed my hair back. She placed a kiss lightly on my forehead, and held onto my hair. "You have grown up so much, Rose."

"But, I don't want to leave you, Mom," I said, frowning. "Lissa and I have missed all of you so much, you and Ander, and Dad."

She reached over and pulled my into a hug, and told me that she loved me. Then she placed her hand on my forehead, and my forehead started burning I wanted to scream out for help.

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