A.N: HEY GUYS! Sorry if I tricked you or something XP. This isn't a new chapter, but I wanted to let anyone who really liked this story that I'm going to continue it in a sequel :D. The first chapter will be up in the next few days, maybe a week ^^.. It's called, "More Mind Games," so it won't be that hard to remember XD. A big huge thank you to everyone who read "Mind Games," and I hope I can continue to serve in the future ^^! For your reading pleasure, I have placed below the giant author's note that I have on the first chapter of the sequel, to give you all an idea of any changes I may be adding, and perhaps a little low down on plot beforehand. You'll see it all again come the first chapter of the new story LOL.

"This is a sequel to Mind Games, which I advise you read first, otherwise this is going to seem really random LOL. This one picks up right where the last one leaves off:


I had so much fun writing the first one, I just had to start another! Shizuo and Izaya are SO cute together, and their relationship can be taken into so many complicated subtexts.

IF you're lazy and don't want to read the first one (even though I would love you forever if you did!) here's the basic summary: Shizuo and Izaya, over the course of a day, suddenly realize their need for one another. Now, after saving Izaya from falling from a building, Shizuo is forced to think about what it all really means XD.

OKAY. So I had a kind reviewer of my last fic tell me that my Izaya and Shizuo were a little out of character, since they kind of went from "I hate your guts!" to "I LOVE YOU!" in about a day XDD. SO, I'm going to try and make this one a little more realistic XD. It's going to be a kind of "I'm coming off my 'I-love-you' high, and now what is this really even supposed to mean?" sort of thing LOL. Let me know if it works or not! ^^

I think this one's going to come out a little heavier and dramatic XD"

I hope this is good news for most of you! :D