Here the third story, for those that have not read the first or second story, do that or this story will not make any scene, but for those that have read you may continue on, enjoy this story.

Chapter 1: Intro and robbed

Name: Leeanne Hilary Robinson

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Status: Engaged with Littlefoot

Voice actress: Haylie Duff

Name: Diego Rodd Stewart

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Status: Engaged with Cera

Voice actor: Jaden Smith

Name: James Byron Adams

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Status: Engaged with Ducky

Voice actor: Asa Butterfield

Name: Mikayla Elizabeth Fox

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Status: Engaged with Petrie

Voice actress: Hayden Panettiere

Name: Tammin Colleen Withers (Tammy)

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Status: Engaged with Spike

Voice actress: Tammin Sursok

Name: Maggie Lee Michaels

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Status: Engaged with Chomper

Voice actress: Mimi Michaels

Name: Adam Richard Carlton

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Status: Engaged with Ruby

Voice actor: Ryan Merriman

Name: Daniel Jacob Mathews

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Status: Engaged with Ali

Voice actor: David Kaufman

Name: Alyssa May Manson

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Status: Engaged with Shorty

Voice actress: Jennette MCcurdy

Name: Miranda Katherine Williams

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Status: Engaged with Rhett

Voice actress: Miranda Lambert

Name: Laura Katie Wilkinson

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Status: Engaged with Hyp

Voice actress: Elizabeth Gillies

Name: Shannon Ray Mithchell

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Status: Engaged with Nod

Voice actress: Victoria Justice

Name: Leah Marie Banes

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Status: Engaged with Mutt

Voice actress: Ariana Grande

and many more cast members.

The story begins with a song.

Friday- Ice Cube

Ice Cube: You know it ain't no stopping all tha doggs I'm droppin, Friday night so everything is poppin. I got skin lets spin on da hand, so let the games begin. Yakity yak don't jump back or its on.

The streets of are L.A. are shown, it the early morning of Friday at 3:37a.m. on Christmas Eve.

Ice Cube: Callin up Earl on tha car phone. Mack 10 just got out of court, rollin through tha hood in his super sport roping too short. Eighteens got tha rearview mirrors vibratin, and deep dish daytons. You how we do it, ain't nuttin to it but the floss, overcrowdin Harrison walks. 'Cuz if ya freak wit ours.

An egg stealer is walking on the streets of L.A. wearing a mask over his head with a Santa Claus hat and jacket, carrying a red bag with him.

Ice Cube: We leave scars, out of G ride cars, livin like stars. Might hit the highway, on the Vegas run fool 'cuz its Friday.

The egg stealer looks toward an apartment building, walking across the street.

Ice Cube: Oh yeah, throw ya neighborhood in the air, if you don't care. Oh yeah, throw ya neighborhood in the air, if you don't care. Standin outside on a Friday livin on tha edge, 'cuz we all got 'dem hard heads. It's seems like we all are waitin, for a drive by playin tag wit Satan.

The egg stealer climbs over a locked gate to get into the apartment, Diego, James, and Adam are sleeping in one room, the girls are sleeping in another room, and in the other room is Daniel and Godzilla Jr. sleeping.

Ice Cube: But we chillin yeah we ready and willin, ya hear about the tha latest westside killin. Forty sippin, set trippin, fo' dippin, get tha grip in, neva slippin. BG's tryin tah hang out, but OG said take ya little ass in tha house. My big homey just got out, used tah be down now he's just crack ad. He's bout hard as Darth Vada in his sweat shirt, khakis and Chuck Taylors. Just see him in the drive way, getting beat like a smoka fool 'cuz it's Friday.

The egg stealer use's his claw to open a window into Leeanne and her friends apartment building, the egg stealer managed to unlock the window and open it, so he can get in.

Ice Cube: Oh yeah, throw ya neighborhood in the air, if you don't care. Oh yeah, throw ya neighborhood in the air, if you don't care, fool.

The song ends as the egg stealer get inside, but falls to the floor, Diego wakes up hearing the noise, but thinks that it's Daniel making the noise.

Diego: " Gosh gang, Daniel."

The egg stealer then grabs the presents from under the Christmas tree and put them into his bag, then the egg stealer takes a C.D. Collection and did the same thing to it, then saw a picture with a baby on it, and holds it.

The egg stealer: " What an ugly hatchling, I'll burn this later."

The egg stealer then put it in his bag, as goes into the kitchen, he looks in the refrigerator and found eggs, what the egg stealer doesn't know is that Diego, Adam, and James got up from their beds, Diego, Adam, and James walk into the kitchen, as Diego flipped the switch on, the egg stealer turns around and see's them as James asks.

James: " The hell you doing in our house?"

Adam: " Eating eggs and shit."

The egg stealer: " I'm Santa Claus, where the milk and cookies."

Diego: " Santa Claus, my ass."

The egg stealer, now is running to try to get out, as Diego grabs a plate as he says.

Diego: " Get your ass out."

Diego throws the plate at the egg stealer as Adam and James calls for Daniel.

Adam: " Daniel."

James: " Daniel."

The egg stealer tried to get away, but Diego jumped him and they both landed on the coffee table braking it, Diego, Adam, and James fought the egg stealer beating him up, but then the egg stealer got up, then the egg stealer grabs the Christmas tree and hit Diego, Adam, and James with it, then when they were on the ground, egg stealer grabs his red bag and says.

The egg stealer: " Merry Christmas, Freaks."

The egg stealer then got out of the window and ran, as Adam got his airsoft MP40 out and shot him in the back, then Adam help the others up, as Diego voice is narrating the story.

Diego voice: " As you can, we ended up back in L.A. the only place you can get robbed by a Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, We don't if we can handle the human world anymore, at least it happening."

Diego, Adam, James, go into the girls room and check them, they were hiding, they came out of their hiding spots, the Diego, Adam, and James, go into Daniel and Godzilla Jr's. room they start to wake them up.

James: " Guys, wake up man, we just got robbed, Daniel."

Godzilla Jr. woke up but Daniel didn't.

Adam: " Wake your scary butt up, I know you heard that crap, Daniel."

Daniel: * with his eyes shut* " Hey, man get out of here."

Diego threw purple dices on his face to wake him up, then he woke up.

Diego: " Wake up, we got to call the police."

Diego, Adam, and James left the room, as Daniel and Godzilla Jr. got out of bed.

Daniel: " What did you say, damn."

Godzilla Jr.: " What's going on, Daniel?"

Daniel: "We just got robbed, Zilla."

Then Diego called the police, then during the next several hours, the police arrived checking the crime scene, it is now 7:00a.m. In the morning, most of police have left except three officers that are on the day shift, the police were asking questions, as Daniel was making up a story of how he fought the robber, the other officer is asking asking Diego, Adam, and James.

Officer 1: " What else did he take?"

James: " Like we said, he toke all of are presents."

Diego: " He toke my C.D. collection.

Adam: " He even toke Daniel's baby picture."

James: " Oh yeah, he got are speaker, with all of our rent money in it."

Daniel then jumped to his feet.

Daniel: " Rent money, where..."

Daniel ran but fell to the floor, he get up, as Diego says.

Diego: " Sit your ass down."

Daniel: " Who got are rent money?"

Laura: " You aren't about to do nothing."

Daniel: " Crap."

Adam: " Jumping up like you mister get bad."

Diego: * raising his voice* " Where were you, when that guy was beating our ass's with that tree?"

Daniel: " Guys, my leg is hurting."

Leeanne: " Good it will sever you right."

Adam turns to the officer and says.

Adam: " He got are rent money, all of it."

Officer 1: " Are you sure that it's Santa Claus, big fat guy, with a red suite and white bred, and little elves packing the bags." * chuckling*

Adam: " He is a project Santa Claus."

Diego: " Picture Old Dirty Bastard in a Santa Claus, can you picture that?"

Adam: " Do you know, who Old Dirty Bastard is?"

Officer 1: " That new on me."

Officer 2: " I'm nervous."

Daniel: " You should be nervous, your a black cop."

Diego: " You guys get together or something and find this guy."

Officer 1: " Stay right there."

James: " We're going nowhere."

Officer: " Calm down."

Adam: " We're calm."

Officer 1: " You three can sit in the car."

Diego: " Do your job."

Officer 1: " you guys are pushing the wrong buttons."

Diego: " We're the victims man, we're the victims."

Officer 1: " That victim crap is way over blown, just sit there and shut up."

The officer walks to his partner as Diego is getting tried of the LAPD.

Diego: * whispering* " Asshole."

Diego's voice: " This is not the first time to that we had to deal with the police, one time, Leeanne almost got rapped, but we saved her, thank goodness she didn't get pregnant, but we then fought the police, and we won, they then started a man hunt and found the guy who did it, he is in prison now."

Officer 1: " Santa Claus strike's again."

Officer 2: " Yeah."

Officer 1: " It makes me want to go home and lock up all my stuff."

Daniel walks over to Diego, Adam, and James sitting down on the couch.

Daniel: " You better stop talking about the police like that."

Leah: " Shut up."

Adam: " You better stop talking to us like that."

Diego: " We can kick your ass, for the way you are acting this morning."

Daniel: " Are still going to the Great Valley?"

Diego: " How are we going to the Great Valley with our apartment looking like this?"

Daniel: " We can't cancel that trip, we are about to get married soon, to Littlefoot and the gang, Ali said to me last night on the phone, said that after we get married, she and I are going to have are own private time, I never had a private time with a girl before, I'm just thinking about what it would be like."

Diego: " Look we all we're worried about the trip, all I had to worry about was the rent and it was your idea to begin with."

Daniel: " No it wasn't."

Then Leeanne and her friends we're arguing until another Officer came out holding the sleep spore flowers.

Officer 3: " Dicks, I think we got something here."

Officer 2: " Well, well, whose are these?"

Diego: " It is all ours, but it is not an illegal flower, these flowers help make the air smell good."

Officer 1: " Okay, I'm Officer Andrew Hall, and this is Officer Brown Dicks, here is are card."

Diego read the card, after the Officer gave him it.

Diego: " Officer A. hole and B. Dicks."

Officer Andrew: " We'll call you."

The police then left, Just when James closed the door, a black came and she was not happy, she is the manger of the apartments.

Black women: " What is going on around here?"

Diego: " Happy holiday's, Ms. Parker."

Ms. Parker: " Police running in and out of the building, what the hell is going on?"

Diego: " Someone broke into are apartment and stole all of our stuff, that bull crap security."

Ms. Parker: " I sure hope, they didn't get the rent money, because you kids have been ducking and dodging me for about three weeks now."

Diego and Adam: " But we..."

Ms. Parker: " Now today, is the day the bus is gonna kick in."

Diego: " Why do you bring your ass up here with crap."

Daniel: " Yeah."

Adam: " Harassing us."

Daniel: " You also smell bad."

Ms. Parker was surprised to hear Daniel talk about her.

Daniel: " You smell like sex, you come up here all time smelling like that, look you don't own place."

Miranda: " Your just the manger."

Ms. Parker: " And I'm gonna mange to kick you out of here for good, if you don't pay your rent."

Leeanne: " You need to go back down stairs, because you are not kicking anybody out."

Tammy: Doing her sign language

James: " She says, ' Nobody.'"

Laura: " Unless you got an army with you."

Daniel: " What."

Ms. Parker: " I don't need no army, smart ass's, my son Damon is home, right now."

Diego and Daniel: " Damon?"

Diego's voice: " I had a nightmare about that fool last night."

Diego's nightmare

Damon walks in their cell in prison.

Damon: " Daniel, James, Adam, Diego, which one of you, guys want to wash my boxers."

Guys: " them."

Damon throw the boxers to them.

Diego: " Starch or press?"

Damon: " Starch."

End of Diego's nightmare.

Ms. Parker: " Now, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, when you spend four years in prison, you end up, to weird stuff, so I'm gonna get my rent money in the next few days, or someone getting their salad tossed tonight." * laughing evilly*

Daniel: " Damn."

Diego: " That is not necessary, we just started our jobs today, and we swear to have your money by the end of the day, cash, in you hand."

Ms. Parker: " You better, It's either you come see me or Damon gonna come see you, just simple as that."

Daniel: " You like him, because you son is a fag?"

Ms. Parker: " Shut up, bitch, oh yeah, you guys, tell Scout I said, Awe."

Leeanne and her friends are now growled out.

Diego: " I hate, Ms. Parker."

Diego slams the door, then Leeanne and her friends cleaned the house up, then they all got dress in Security uniforms for the Great Valley, they are the new Great Valley Security Guards, they exit the house with Godzilla, as Daniel says.

Daniel: " these pants are tight, I can even do the James Brown in this thing."

Diego: " Good, I don't even want to see you do the James Brown."

Daniel: " The girls other girls will never like us."

Diego: " Let me try." * get a girls attention* " How do we look?"

Teenaged girl: " Like a bunch of Police officers."

Daniel: " We security guards."

Godzilla Jr. " I think you, guys look good."

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Daniel starts talking.

Daniel: " I swear, the first person, that get out of hand I'm gonna beat..."

Diego and Adam: * Diego has his arm out to keep everybody back* " Oh shit."

They then see Damon, he has grown, he is now 16 years old, he had not seen Leeanne and her friends for four years, he smiles as he says.

Damon: " Guys."

Daniel is now nervous,as Damon throw his weights on the ground.

Damon: " Just the ones I need to see."

Diego: " What up, man."

Adam: " What OG, triple, triple."

Daniel: " You got out last night?"

Damon: " I have seen you guys in four years, give a hug, man."

Daniel now is more nervous then he was before as he says.

Daniel: " I'm about to go..."

He try to run, but Laura and Diego shoved him to Damon.

Damon: " It's cool man, just stand there." * he turns to Diego, Adam, and James* " Group hug, guys."

Daniel: " Come on, guys."

With no other choice, Diego, Adam, and James walk to Damon join in a group hug.

Damon: " I want to talk to you for a minute."

Diego: " What's up dog?"

Damon: " It's good to be home, you ever scene prison man, and we got to care for each other."

James: " Yeah, your right."

Damon: " Yeah."

Damon then does a headlock on the guys, as the girls just watch in shock, as Damon says.

Damon: " I heard that you guys, haven't payed your rent this mouth, ducking and dodging my mom, so if you don't come back in the next few day with that rent money, I'm gonna come after you, understand?"

Diego: " I'm feeling you, man."

Adam: " Yeah."

James: " Yes."

Damon: " Good, because I'm only going to say this once."

Damon lets go of the guys.

Diego: * to his friends* " Come on, let's go."

They leave as Damon calls to them.

Damon: " Yeah, you look good, in your tight police uniforms on, Merry Christmas."

Leeanne and her friends exit the place.

Daniel: " Crap man, that's bull shit, he is about to do something strange us, man."

Diego: " I ain't think something."

Daniel: " That' s messed up, man."

Adam: " He may do something strange, but that is not happening."

Leeanne and her friends get into two vehicles, The BMW and the Dodge van, they drive out of L.A. and drive to the lab, they see Scout and Lauren, Leeanne and her friends get out of their vehicles, as Scout says.

Scout: " You guys are late."

Daniel: " We are not in the mood, so back off."

Adam: " For real."

Lauren: " What's the matter?"

Mikayla: " We'll tell you, when we get to the Great Valley."

Lauren: " Okay."

Scout: " Are ready to go?"

Leeanne and her friends: " Yes."

Scout then started the time machine and they drove their vehicles into the time machine, they are now back in the Great Valley, as Leeanne and her friends thought.

Leeanne and her friends: * thinking* ' We're back, back in a world of peace.'

Godzilla Jr.: " So this is the Great Valley, I like it, is so peaceful around here."

Maggie: " It is."

As they heard for Littlefoot and the gangs meeting place.

Leeanne and the other are back in the Great Valley, what will happen next, see chapter 2, to see, thank you, and good night to all.