Here is the next chapter, last time on chapter 5, Scarbeak and his Flyers with some Fast-biters ambushed Leeanne and her friends, then Leeanne and her friends met Sharptooth and escaped from him, then Diego pulled Sharptooth off a cliff with the Semi, Strut and are back in the valley, now we are at where we just last left them, here we go.

Chapter 6: The final bust and marriage

Everybody was partying, Then a knock was heard by the door, Diego looks then laughs, then he opens the door and see's Pinky, the pink feathered Fast-biter, Pinky greets Diego as he says.

Pinky: " Look no hard feeling about what happened at the cave back in Berry Valley."

Diego: * smiling* " Every time I see you, you keeping talking about the shit, were straight man."

Pinky: " Alright man."

Diego: * talking about money* " Scene we are having a kick in party, I'm gonna need you to kick in."

Pinky: " I got something better then that."

Diego: " Something better than money?"

Pinky: " Something better than money, girl come on in."

Then three female Fast-biters came in, they looked like they are looking for a good time, then Diego gets Daniel's attention.

Diego: * yelling across the room* " Hey Daniel, guess whose here."

Daniel see's Pinky, Daniel is happy to see him again after about three years, he greets Pinky, as Daniel says.

Daniel: " Man you looking good man, why did you fire me, Roach, and Violet."

Pinky: " To have more help, everything has been going good scene then, and you, Roach, and Violet are still the best ones I know."

Through out party nothing bad occurred, Leeanne and her friends made a lot of money, but it was still not enough they were a few dollars short and they are broke, Littlefoot and the gang hoped that they get the money, Littlefoot and the gang doesn't want Damon to come after them, then out of nowhere Diego see's the egg stealer with the Santa Claus suit on, Cera see's him too, Littlefoot and the others see the egg stealer too, then Ozzy, Strut, Sierra, and Rinkus joined them, the followed the egg stealer, then they lost him, Diego asks.

Diego: " Does anybody know where he went?"

Ozzy: " I saw him, ran by the thundering falls, right next to does tree's."

Leeanne: " Let's go."

Then Leeanne and the others then found the egg stealer, we was going through his bag, Leeanne recognized the stuff he has it is the stuff he stole from their apartment in the human world, then they egg stealer toke off his mask, Leeanne got a good look at him, the egg stealer almost looks like Ozzy, but is mostly built like Strut, Diego says.

Diego: " Let's get him."

Then they surrounded the egg stealer, as Adam says.

Adam: " Your under arrest, put your hands up."

The egg stealer tried to run, but Hyp, Nod, Mutt, Ozzy, and Strut jumped him, Diego grabbed a small tree that looks like Christmas tree, Diego hits the egg stealer with it several times, then when the egg stealer was on the ground, Diego says.

Diego: " Ho ho ho, freak."

Then the egg stealer got loss and is getting away, Leeanne and others chased after him, as Leeanne and the others yelled at the egg stealer to stop.

Cera: " Come here."

Littlefoot: " Get back here."

Diego: " Get back here right now."

Adam: " Stop Police."

Sierra and Rinkus fly ahead to see where the egg stealer is going, they had a few run ins with some of the residents to didn't come to the party, then after what looked like the egg stealer got away from Littlefoot and the others for good, the egg stealer got punched by Damon, the egg stealer flew in the air and landed on his back, Littlefoot and the others see Damon standing in front of the egg stealer, they realized that Damon got him, as Diego says.

Diego: " Damon, got him."

Leeanne: " Let's go."

They came to the egg stealer, Diego thanked Damon for taking him down, then Cera says.

Cera: " He still awake."

Ali: " We tell him?"

Daniel: " Let's tell him."

Everybody: " You got knocked the freak out."

Diego: " Bitch."

Everybody started laughing as they finally got the egg stealer, they dragged the egg stealer back to place where the pursuit started, then Leeanne got their stuff back, and their rent money, Hyp asks.

Hyp: " What are we gonna do about him?"

Nod: " Yeah, what are we gonna do about him?"

Mutt: " Tell you the truth, I don't care."

Ozzy: " Besides, he looks good where he is."

James: " First time, I have to agree with you."

Ducky: " Oh yes, yep, yep, yep."

Sierra: " I don't care what happens to him, hopefully the residents will get him soon."

Diego: * turns to the egg stealer tied up* " Ho ho ho, freak."

Everybody is laughing as they head to Ms. Parker, they gave Ms. Parker the rent money, now Damon won't have to get after them after all, now Leeanne and her friends can relax.

They now partied until it was late everybody was heading for there nest, then everybody was looking up in the sky, Leeanne and her friends eye widen when they saw who it was, it is Scarbeak and he his hear to finish the kids off for good, Leeanne and the others tried to run, but their way of escape was cut off by Scarbeak, now Scarbeak's got them all surrounded, as he pulls out dinosaur version of a machine gun aim it at the kids.

Scarbeak: " Say hello to my little friend."

Then Sierra jumped Scarbeak from out of nowhere, that made Scarbeak drop his weapon, Sierra turns to the kids and tells them.

Sierra: " Run."

Then Littlefoot and the others ran into the bunker, Nick and Pterano told Tory, Savannah, Suga, and Elroy to protect the kids, as they flew off to help Sierra, Rinkus and Tyrone came along with them, Sierra and Scarbeak are fighting against each other but on the ground, Sierra is going good against Scarbeak, Sierra had good much better at fighting, scene he fought against Diego twice, he learned a lot of moves from Diego scene then, then Scarbeak then does a move that Sierra did not expect to happen, Scarbeak then clawed Sierra in stomach bad, he is wounded badly, he is now laying on the ground, then Sierra see's Scarbeak is about to finish him off.

Scarbeak: " So long, brother."

Pterano: " I don't think so."

Pterano lands and jumps in front of Sierra, Sierra is shocked to see Pterano, his once rival came to help him, Sierra then see's Pterano and Scarbeak five feet away, both reared up on their full height growling, grunting, and fighting with their wingclaws, then they saw a branch that looks good for beating someone with, Pterano and Scarbeak grab it, then they start a tug a war for the branch, then after a while Pterano won, toke the branch and hit Scarbeak with it, Scarbeak punched him, he fell to the ground, then Nick surprised attacked Scarbeak along with Rinkus and Tyrone, Then Nick and Pterano fought against Scarbeak, then Rinkus fought against Scarbeak, now Scarbeak is growing weak, then Tyrone strong and faster then Sierra and Scarbeak, toke Scarbeak down, Sierra then fought against Scarbeak again but this time Sierra have enough straight to fight back, after Sierra fought Scarbeak again, Scarbeak is now on the ground, then Sierra lifted his brother with his talons, very high in the air with his brother in his talons, Sierra says.

Sierra: " This is the end of you, brother."

Scarbeak: " Don't do it, I'm your brother."

Sierra: " Too late, a few years, too late."

As Sierra drops Sierra as Scarbeak regain his flight, to only get serious injuries, instead of death, Sierra and the others thinking that he is dead, Sierra and the other head back to where the kids are and tell them that it is safe for them to get out, then when everybody got out of the bunker, Littlefoot and the gang went to bed with their loves, but they couldn't sleep, because they were excited there are going to be married in a week, during the next few days, Tyrone proposed to Lauren and asks her to marry him, Lauren excepted now Tyrone has a future mate, then two days before the wedding, Nick and Elroy got the Grabatron out, Nick asks.

Nick: * Leeanne and her friends* " Are you kids ready?"

Leeanne and her friends: " We are ready."

Leeanne is the first one to test the machine, when Leeanne was inside, Nick started it up and then later the stopped it, Leeanne came out but not as a human, but as a Longneck like Littlefoot, she now has red roan skin and her eyes are still the same blue eyes, then the others toke turns going thru the Grabatron, Diego is now a Threehorn as Cera, with deep brown skin, also with pearl white horn, and his eyes are still the same brown eyes, James is now a Swimmer, he has brown skin, his entire back is light blue going down, a male sized crest, with the same blue eyes, Mikayla is now a flyer as Petrie, she was black skin, same brown eyes, she now muscular but slim built, Nick toke human right robotic arm off and replaced it with a new robotic right wing for her, Tammy is now a Spiketail like Spike, her skin is now black with gray spots on her back, she is still can't talk, but also still have the same green eyes, Maggie is now a Sharptooth like Chomper, he skin color is the same blue as Chomper, she has amber eyes with a hint of gold in them, Adam is now a Fast Runner like Ruby, he has brown skin with his spinal area being a dark brown, with the same brown eyes, Daniel is now a Longneck as well, he was black skin with green skin going down his spinal cord and the same blue eyes, Alyssa and Miranda are also Longneck's, Alyssa has light brown skin, darker brown skin going down her spinal cord, and the same forest green eyes, while Miranda has cerulean blue skin and amber eyes with a bit of yellow, Laura is now a Runner like Hyp, she is slim built, her skin is brown, and blue eyes, Shannon is now a Shieldback like Nod, her skin is light brown with a hint of green and tan, and brown eyes, Leah is a Bignose like Mutt, she has black skin, the same molten brown eyes, she is slim built like Mutt, but is more slimmer, Nick was about to turn the Grabatron, but Lauren started it up and went inside it, Nick try's to stop it, but it was too late, when the machine stopped, Lauren is now a Flyer, that is the same size as Tyrone, she has dark brown that almost look black, she is slim built like her sister, she still have her blue eyes, Nick asked why she turn herself into a Flyer, she said that she want to be with her sister and be with Tyrone forever, Nick agreed to let her stay as a Flyer, then Nick turned the machine off and put up and locked it away so that no one would get their hands on it, then the wedding came, Littlefoot and the gang with their love and also Tyrone and Lauren are standing in front of each other looking at each other with love in their eyes, Elroy is the minster of the wedding instead of Grandpa Longneck doing it, as He, Grandma Longneck, Bron, Mr. Threehorn, Tria, Tricia, Lisa aka. Ms. Swimmer, Nick, Tory, Pterano, Savannah, Chomper's Parents, Red Claw, Screech, Thud, Doc, Dara, The Old One and her herd, Ali's Mother, Sierra, Rinkus, Ozzy, Strut, Lilly, Godzilla Jr., and the residents of the Great Valley, including Ms. Parker and her son Damon are watching the wedding happening right in front of them, then Elroy began the wedding.

Elroy: " We are gathered here today, to marry these young couples we have in front of us, do you, Leeanne, Cera, Ducky, Mikayla, Tammy, Maggie, Ruby, Ali, Alyssa, Miranda, Laura, Shannon, Leah and Lauren take Littlefoot, Diego, James, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Adam, Daniel, Shorty, Rhett, Hyp, Nod, Mutt and Tyrone, to be your husbands?"

James did sign language to Tammy, scene she can't hear and talk.

Leeanne: " I do."

Cera: " I do."

Ducky: " Yep, yep, yep."

Mikayla: " I do."

Tammy groans as she nods her head.

Maggie: " I do."

Ruby: " I do."

Ali: " I do."

Alyssa: " I do."

Miranda: " I do."

Laura: " I do."

Shannon: " I do."

Leah: " I do."

Lauren: " I do."

Elroy: " Do you Littlefoot, Diego, James, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Adam, Daniel, Shorty, Rhett, Hyp, Nod, Mutt and Tyrone take Leeanne, Cera, Ducky, Mikayla, Tammy, Maggie, Ruby, Ali, Alyssa, Miranda, Laura, Shannon, Leah, and Lauren to be your wife's?"

Littlefoot: " I do."

Diego: " I do."

James: " I do."

Petrie: " Me do."

Spike also groaned as he nods.

Chomper: " I do."

Adam: " I do."

Daniel: " I do."

Shorty: " I do."

Rhett: " I do."

Hyp: " I do."

Nod: " I do."

Mutt: " I do."

Tyrone: " I do."

Elroy: " I pronounce these young couples, husbands and wife's, you may kiss your wife's."

Then for the first time scene Leeanne and her friends kissed Littlefoot and the gang in the mouth and it felt good, then the residents cheered as Littlefoot and the others then began dancing as a song started.

The song begins

Why don't we just dance- by John Turner

James: Baby why don't we just turn that TV off?

Three hundred fifteen channels of nothing but bad news on.

Chorus: Well, it might be me, but the way I see it, the whole wide world has gone crazy, so baby, why don't we just dance.

Rhett: Guess the little bitty living room ain't gonna look like much.

When the lights go down and we move the couch, it gonna be more than enough.

Chorus: For my two left feet and our two hearts beatin' nobody's gonna see us go crazy, so baby, why don't we just dance? Down the hall, maybe straight up the stairs bouncin' off the wall, floatin' on air baby, why don't we just dance?

Littlefoot: Baby, why don't you go put your best dress on?

Those high heeled shoes you love to lose, as soon as the tunes come on.

Chorus: On second thought, just the way you are is already drivin' me crazy so baby, why don't we just dance? Down the hall, maybe straight up the stairs bouncin' off the wall, floatin' on air baby, why don't we just dance?

Ozzy: I'll cut a rug.

Chorus: Well it might be me but the way I see it, the whole world has gone crazy so baby, why don't we just dance? Oh baby, why don't we just dance?

The song ends.

Littlefoot and the gang with their mates to have their private time, individually, then when night came, Littlefoot and the gang are with their loves having some quality time alone, then a few days later, Scout, Ms. Parker, and Damon went back into the future, as Leeanne and her friends new incredible life begins.

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