This fic's inspiration came from the bunch of 16 balloons my mom brought home, for my birthday. (it's actually this Sunday, but early balloons? :D )
Of course it would make more sense to do a fanfic about Kyoko, because her birthday is two days before mine... but nope~ Sho-chan is today's 'victim'.


Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I only own my plot, and those balloons.

"Sho-kun. How about you go to the park for a while. You could use some fresh air." Mom called up the stairs. I sighed, closing my laptop, and opening my door.

"Besides, I'm having a friend over, and I can't have them see how lame my little brother is, now can I?" my sister poked me in the side.

Seeing no choice in the matter, I walked down the stairs, and over to the coat rack. I pulled on white sweatshirt over my light blue t-shirt, and zipped it up. After that, I wrapped a dark blue scarf around my neck, and laced up my shoes.

Glancing at the calendar, I sighed again.

It was December third, my birthday. Neither my mother, nor my sister, had even remembered. Instead of celebrating like a normal teenage boy, I was basically kicked out, because I was 'uncool'. Fantastic...

Pulling mt headphones over my ears, I walked out the door.

It was lightly snowing, making it look magical. The beauty of the snowflake's dance mesmerized me, distracting me from the bitter cold.

The park was empty. The equipment was laced with a thin layer of ice, like frosting on a cake. I brushed off one of the swings, then sat down. Gently swinging back and forth in the breeze, I forgot about my troubles. I climbed higher, and higher.

My mind left thoughts of never being loved, or never having anyone remember my birthday. Things like being forgotten by my family, if I don't make my presence known whenever I enter the house.

The swing came to an abrupt halt, jolting me forward slightly.

"Shoichi. What are you doing here?" I cranked my head up, so I could see who had stopped me from behind. I was greeted with familiar lazy, aqua eyes.

"Hello Spanner." I smiled grimly "I was told to go to the park. I apparently don't get enough fresh air, and am too uncool to be seen around my sister's friends."

The younger, yet taller boy ruffled my hair.

"So nobody remembered, did they." he rummaged around in one of his coat pockets, searching for something.

"Ah! Found it." He pulled out a small box with red wrapping paper, held together by a white bow.

I simply stared at him, as he held the box out for me to take. He nodded for me to open it up, so I gingerly took the package into my hands, and proceeded to untie the bow. Inside was a picture of the two of us at the last robotics competition, and a smaller box. Inside the little black box, was a silver chain, with a gear shaped charm.

"Happy Birthday, Shoichi."

Spanner took the necklace from the box, and clasped it around my neck, lightly brushing his fingers against my skin as he did so.

I blushed. "Thank you..."

I stood up, and walked up to him, circling my arms around his waist.

His narrow eyes widened in surprise. Spanner smiled, his expression softening as he held me closer to his body. Leaning down slightly, his lips brushed against my forehead.

"I love you."

My face felt hot, and I buried my face in his chest, trying to hide my embarrassment. I looked up into his kind eyes, and got up on the tips of my toes, to gently kiss him.

"I-I love you too, Spanner."

His face took on an uncharacteristic grin, and he chuckled.

"I was worried you might run away, but it looks like my feelings aren't completely hopeless. Isn't that right Shoichi."

He held out a hand for me, and I took it. The warmth I felt was more than enough to forget about the chilly weather outside. Both my heart, and my hand were no longer empty. I had Spanner.