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~ Ch. 1 ~

"You know what? How about you shut your damn smart-ass trap on me and listen for once! This is your golden opportunity to show yourself to the adult audiences! You're turning 21 next week for crying out loud!" Ignis growled, slamming the both of his fists to his cherry wood desk.

"How about I fire you and hire a better agent? This script is nothing but bullshit! It's despicable; your tactics!" I retaliated fiercely, chucking the rough draft of the script to the garbage bin besides his desk, which in turn tipped the trash all over the floor.

"Noctis… A little kiss gone wrong won't hurt your reputation… Listen, I know what's best for you on this type of work. I knew from the moment I helped you make your debut on Little Big Cocoon that someday I'll lead you to the top, and I know for a fact that this movie will be the final push you need in order for you to do so. It really won't hurt you to do that scene…" Ignis' unwavering demeanor never failed to shroud his darkest of intentions, but his words said it all – loud and perfectly clear.

"Ignis… You know it would be my first time… I don't want it wasted on camera and then played on big screen in front of hundreds of people!" I cried desperately.

"But look at what you're throwing off the window here! First off, the leading lady won't just be any leading lady; it's the A-list teen sensation Stella Nox Fleuret!" Ignis waved his hand in the air for dramatic emphasis, but instead of the desired effect it only struck the opposite in me.

"I don't give a damn whether the girl is any teen sensation or not I'm not prepared for this type of role!"

Ignis only chuckled and bent over from his leather seat to pick up the wasted script.

I shook my head in disgust when he started flipping through the pages to find the scene that immediately made me decline the role.

"Ahh here it is…" He smoothed the crinkled folds of the paper and started reading it off from the beginning of the scene.

When he was about to get to the part where my character gets drunk I ripped off the script from his grasp and -once again- chucked it to the trash.

"What a pussy…" Ignis hissed.

"That deserves to be in the trash!" I pointed out. I wouldn't dare to admit to Ignis, but the only real obstacle getting on my way is because I had no experience beforehand of -gulp- rough loving, to put it more properly, and Stella probably had lots of "experience" before me.

"Ignis I just can't alright! I don't know how!" I yelled suddenly.

Ignis took off his thin glasses and patiently wiped them clean with his polo shirt.

"Noctis… Think about it." Ignis softly pleaded.

With that he pushed the script across the table -my side of the table- and left his own study with the thud of the door closing.

I propped my right elbow to the table in defeat and ran my hand across my messy blue locks. My left hand toyed around with the script and -without meaning to- my fingers bookmarked on the "intercourse" scene. My left hand suddenly dropped to my crotch, as if reassuring it somehow.

No I won't do it…

Are you freaking gay?

No… But I just can't do it. I want it to be special with someone special to me.

Bullshit! That special someone wouldn't want someone who is inexperienced!

But with all the camera hovering around…

Which makes it even more fun! Don't you see you're the one who's being arrogant and selfish here? Ignis knows what's best for you. Now go to that Stella and get acquainted!

You're right! Maybe if I tell Stella personally that I will not do the role, then I won't be as guilty as much…

No you retard!


I shook my head and cleared all of my thoughts away, since they're obviously not helping me at all.

I mumbled some random lines from my character Evan Collins, to try and memorize it and see how it feels like on my lips.

Evan: What if I somehow prove to you my love?

Scarlett: No! It's too late for that now…

Evan: It's never too late… Even if I say it will be alright, still I hear you say you want to end your life. Now and again we try, to just stay alive with our love, maybe we'll turn it all around, 'cause it's not too late. It's never too late…

Then everything pretty much goes downhill after that, and by downhill I mean like… Wow.

Noctis whispered the last line: "It's never too late…" Maybe just maybe I'll give this role a little bit more consideration; then again, he still had plenty of time to decide because he wasn't done shooting his current movie yet; he still had 6 scenes left to do.

Noctis closed the script, his yet-to-be lines racing around his mind.

To accept or not to accept?


By now my head was laid down in the nest formed by my arms.

"Mr. Caelum? A Miss Stella Nox Fleuret requests for your appearance at the downtown bookstore tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 PM." My assistant, Lightning, inquired from the door.

My head immediately shot upwards and I turn to look around Lightning. "Stella wants me to meet with her tomorrow?" I asked, unbelieving.

Lightning pushed her glasses up to the bridge of her delicate nose, and squinted to her clipboard again. "Yes, and she also added that it was urgent."

Really? Maybe Etro had her ways after all…

"Well tell her I'll indeed come, thank you Lightning, for informing me." I replied.

"It's my job sir, and you're welcome. Do you need a cup of coffee, a bar of Snickers perhaps? That has been your favorite snack recently… Maybe I should buy you one of those king-size packs…" Lightning muttered the last part, her free hand rubbing her chin.

"No need Lightning, thank you though." I went up from Ignis' leather seat and walked towards the door, Lightning exiting herself.

"As you please, I already ordered them though."

"Ordered what?" I asked curiously.

"Why your Snickers! See?" Lightning held out her sleek PDA and I saw her transaction in Wal-Mart for a pack of jumbo Snickers.

"Technologies these days… Even I can't catch up to it anymore." I simply replied, though I was happy for my Snickers.

I just love that chocolate bar! Its nuts, nougat, and caramel… Ahh… My mind is wandering in pure chocolate ecstasy.

"Err, Sir you're drooling." Lightning stated, a slight grin tugging at her lips.

"Really?" I touched the side of my mouth, and sure enough I felt a wet dribble of my saliva seeping out.

Lightning held out a white, silk hanky and handed it to me; I gladly received it and wiped the corners of my mouth clean.

"Guess my fetish for Snickers are too much?"

"Yeah, keep stuffing at em' and you'll gain 10 pounds by the end of the month." Lightning warned, placing a little reminder on her PDA to not buy anymore Snickers to her employer.

~ end for now ~