Fair warning, this story is getting written but it'll be slow updates possibly because I'm really trying to finish Alone, Too Late and Chasing Dreams, but Chapter two is finished and I hope you enjoy! thanks for reading :)

"Where the hell have you been?" Was the greeting he got as soon as he walked into the Chang's house.

"Hey to you too" Matt replied tiredly, as he pushed past Mike to walk to the basement like he'd done a million times as they grew up.

"Dude, seriously, you disappear for like a year and then you blow back in, ask to crash here and all I get is a lousy hey? What the hell?"

"I'm sorry, alright? It's been a long day and I'm processing. Give me a few minutes and let me ask a couple questions then I'll tell you all you want to know"

Mike didn't answer just stared at him, waiting for him to continue.

"What happened to her?"

"You went and saw Rae? That may not have been a good..."

"Idea? Yea it wasn't apparently but...What happened? When I left we were getting together and she was friends with Kurt, you and occasionally Puck. I come back and she is bawling into Satan's shoulder and Puck's lecturing me about not being here."

Mike chewed his lip, wishing he didn't have to repeat this. "Look, when you left, Rae was bad. She was crying over everything, didn't sing at all and barely even talked. Santana stopped making fun of her because she never got a rise anymore and slowly months later, she started talking again a little and eating a little more. She was never quite the same but she was coming back and then about two months ago she stayed after glee to practice for her solo in sectionals. I was going on a date with Tina that night so Puck said he'd pick her up when she called. She never called though so he told Santana they needed to head to the school because she wasn't answering her phone either when he tried calling. They got there and found her on the stage..."

Mike stopped, the look in his eye scary and his breathing was getting heavy. Matt knew better to push and wasn't sure he wanted to hear the rest anyway but after a few moments, Mike went on, "Jacob was still there, talking to her about how good it was and how they were going to be great together and what a wonderful birthday present it was to him to finally be able to show his love for her. Puck lost it, San called me before hurrying to Rachel. I got there in time to get a few kicks in before the police showed up and stopped us from killing him but the damage was done. He went to jail, Rachel ended up broken and pregnant at 17. Some justice huh?"

Matt had tears in his eyes, "I should have been here. I shouldn't have let them...I should have been here. It's my fault."

Mike saw the tears and though he had had many of these same thoughts, he put his hand on his best friend's shoulder and shook his head. "It's not your fault. It's Jacob's. Just Jacob's"

"She blames me, she won't even look at me. She blames me, Mike. I wasn't here. I promised and I wasn't here."

"You're here now. That's what matters."

Matt just shook his head, holding it in his hands, thinking about how he failed her.

Mike sat there, hand on Matt's shoulder, waiting for him to get himself back together. Finally, Matt lifted his head and said, "What do you want to know?"

"Where'd you go? Why? Everything"

Matt shook his head, "Dude that's a long story. We went to live with my grandparents in Florida and it happened so fast that I didn't have time to tell anyone what was going on. I came home and they said we were leaving. Our stuff was packed, they shut off our phones and got us new ones and we just left. I still have no idea why and they have no clue where I am. They didn't give me answers so I didn't tell them I was leaving. I turned 18 and came back that's that. They can't do anything about it and I already registered back at McKinley. I start Monday."

Mike was shocked. He'd known the Rutherfords' for years and that didn't sound like them at all. "That's weird. You're parents were always so... I never would have thought they'd just up and leave with no warning like that."

Matt shrugged, "Don't ask me, I was as confused as you are but there it is. You know most of what I know. Now help me figure out how to get Rachel to let me back in. She wouldn't even talk to me. She just kept saying, 'it's too late' "

"Give her time. She's been through a lot and she never thought she was going to see you again. It's a shock. Let Santana and Puck deal with it tonight and trust that soon she'll be able to start letting you back in." Mike said as he got up and headed for the stairs.

"Where are you going?"

"To check on Rae" Mike called back, "I'll be back soon." and with that Mike was gone and Matt was alone with his thoughts.

Pulling out his phone he text his sister to let her know he was alright and that he wasn't coming back, then he got on Mike's computer and started researching. If he was going to be there for her, he needed to know how to help her. He studied up on everything he might possibly need to know and didn't even look back when Mike came in a couple hours later.

"How is she?" He asked, still reading.

"Calmer. San said after you left she freaked out for a bit but she's calm now."

"Did she..."

Mike shook his head, putting a hand on his shoulder before heading to his room, "Give her time. I'm going to shower and head to bed. Mom's working late and Dad's out of town so don't worry about running into them just yet."

"Alright, good night" Matt called, before going back to his research. It was going to be a long night.

Next will be Matt back in Mckinley and we'll learn more about Rachel and everyone else and what's been going on since Matt left. Thanks for reading.