Concerning a Rewrite

A/N: Alright, so I've decided to axe the idea of a sequel, and instead, will do a rewrite for the entire story. An small change log can be found on my profile. I will probably end up deleting the original Rune Reader for that, given that it will have a very similar title ( The Rune Reader instead), and likely have a different plot by comparison.

That being said, I will give preview words here.

A tattered book sits unattended in a small, enchanted bag. It was easy to reach, but easy to miss.

The portrait of Albus Dumbledore was different from most portraits. Most portraits were simply imprints of the imaged person. But Albus' was different. Just as Albus Dumbledore the living was capable of abstract thinking and manipulation, so too, was the portrait. In fact, Albus had a second portrait done; he had Severus put it in his copy of Beedle the Bard's Tales before his death.

Albus always knew that the power of love and absolute faith would win the day. He could not have accounted for the breaking of faith caused by Ronald Weasley, and exacerbated by Hermione Granger. He decided that it was a good time to change plans, and move Harry to a different quest. Severus wouldn't be pleased.

A curved wand, made of Sphinx's bone, sits in a ruined stone house. It is in the Forest of Dean, but has never been discovered, thanks to ancient Wards of its former owners.

It was common knowledge that the Potters were the purest of the snow, the greatest of the followers of Light. However, history has a tendency to forget parts of the story, and there is much to be remembered here. History has ignored the Blood Barons of Clan Potter, thanks to the efforts of House Peverell. History would do well to remember them again, for the purest of Potters will be spoiled by their dark legacy.

An orb made of clay sits on a pedestal, surrounded by the clockwork of a temple. It is unassuming, but it hides a secret that may be the savior of the magical peoples.

Humans and Goblins haven't always been enemies. There was once a time where they not only coexisted, but lived together peacefully. But, that all ended one day, thanks to the visions of a human seer and the greed of his goblin overseers. Still, his weapon, his creation, waits for revenge to be taken. Yet, even it, is only part of the answer.

A thin blonde rattles around a well kept but old house in Muggle territory. She can't sleep at night, she can't sit still. But, she can still yearn for revenge.

The Greengrass family doesn't exist anymore. It was betrayed by its own scion. However, the eldest survived, thanks to the help of Severus Snape. Daphne Greengrass still lives, unsullied by the Mark, and she will have blood for the crimes committed against her.

Two erstwhile friends turned lovers try to find away to help their ostracized best friend. They might find their help unwanted and unneeded.

Harry Potter is angry at the world, but mostly at his friends. How much of it is true, and how much is Locket based, he does not know. He also does not know, that within his blood, comes a dark rage that will consume all vestiges of passion in his heart, if he cannot control it.

Oft-criticized and spurned, Gawain Robbards has had enough of Voldemort and his Death Eaters. He is rallying Aurors from all corners of the British Isles to his banner, and he will do whatever it takes to see the Dark Lord dead.

Great Britain's Ministry of Magic may have fallen, but its cadet branches in Wales, Scotland and North Ireland have not. Until Voldemort himself marches into their hallowed halls, then they will resist, even if it means total eradication.

A darkened Potions Master sits at the head of a desk he never wanted. He dreams of the old days, days before he became a Death Eater, and dares not look forward, for he knows that the future will not have a place for those like him.

Severus Snape is beset by both sides. The Death Eaters and the Order believe he is a traitor, a black stain on their efforts. Snape is loyal to the Light, but cannot blow his cover. He's already risked enough by helping Greengrass. Now, Dumbledore is asking him to meet Harry Potter and help him with a purging ritual that will destroy the remnants of the Dark Lord's Soul. Is the man insane?

War has come and gone. Now the resistance begins, and rebellion is burning. There are no sides, only differing ideologies. Both sides commit atrocities, both sides kill at will. Who will win?

Harry Potter is the answer to that question. Yet, he only holds more questions, after the dark revelations of the Savior, the wildness of the Quest, and the rage of his Blood, will fight as expected? Or will he do something entirely different, something his ancestors would be proud of?

He is the Rune Reader, the Savior in the Clock, the Chosen One, and the Boy-Who-Lived. His choices are the choices that will shape the world. He is the crux, the fulcrum, of the war. It will go as he wants, but perhaps he wants something the others do not expect? There may even be a greater consequence, for there is always the locked room of the Department of Mysteries.